Coronavirus Outbreak

16th March 2020.

We have taken the decision to cancel our courses. I have a duty of care to you and need to ensure your health and safety. I also have a social responsibility to reduce the likelihood of viral spread and feel that facilitating groups of people to come together and work in close proximity is unnecessary in the current climate for the purposes of first aid training.

From a training point of view, while I can mitigate the risk by ensuring we have excellent infection prevention techniques in place for our equipment, I can't get away from the fact that first aid is a practical skill. This isn't very easy to demonstrate and practice while keeping a safe distance from each other. Furthermore, I do not want to deplete stocks of infection prevention supplies for training purposes.

From a venue point of view, I need to ensure there is enough room for everyone to spread out and keep at a safe distance. I would also need assurance that after previous use and before us arriving cleaning has been thorough. All surfaces, handles, switches etc. cleaned thorough and that there is appropriate facilities for a high standard of kitchen and bathroom hygiene.

After much consideration, I have decided not to run first aid courses during the coronavirus pandemic. I will refund all parties in full over the next few days.

I trust that you understand this difficult decision and hope that you will rebook with me when I am rerunning courses in the future.

Thanks for your support.

Pete Cunningham.