Private Booking Request - choose who issues your certificate

Course: 2 day 16 hr Outdoor (optional FAW /+F) / Paed / CPC hours).

Please click below to choose who you wish to issue your certificate:

Both certificate types above are equally accepted by HSE and NGB's (MLT, BCU, RYA, BASI etc.) and both have equal status.

Certificates issued by Active Aid are approved by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB). The certificate will normally be issued at the end of the course and a duplicate can be downloaded at any time from the Active Aid website.

QNUK is an external awarding body regulated by Ofqual which is why their certificates cost an additional £15.00 per person. A QNUK course also involves an exam at the end and the certificate is issued by QNUK shortly after the course. Any replacement certificate will incur an additional cost of £4.75.

More information about first aid qualifications and regulation is available from the Health and Safety Executive.

Approved by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) Approval No. 40/07(157).
The Quality Management system at FAIB holds 3rd Party Certification via a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Accredited Certification Body.

Qualifications Network (QNUK), an approved Ofqual awarding organisation for First Aid Training. Centre No.: 15332.