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17/01/2020Overall one of the best FA courses I have done. A nice informal delivery style with plenty of time to discuss ideas and thoughts. Also very good value for money compared to many FA courses. And a pub lunch included, what's not to like!

Testimonial from Robert Richardson, Outdoor Instructor
15/01/2020Trish and Deb complemented each other well with their different backgrounds. There was a good balance between practical sessions, instruction and discussion. Trish and Deb created opportunities for us as students to learn from each other. There was no unsatisfactory rushing through the syllabus to get it "covered".

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
09/01/2020Peter presented the course very well, with humour and knowledgeable enthusiasm. Considering the amount of information which could be covered, the content was very sensible and helpful.

Testimonial from Margaret Watson, Museum Assistant, Kendal Museum, Kendal College
13/12/2019Excellent course, as always.

Testimonial from Anne Platt
13/12/2019A great course and delivered at the right level

Testimonial from Martin Kenyon, Director of Training
12/12/2019This course is a practical one which looks at covering the fundamentals of first aid extremely well. The course delivery is excellent, and the trainers have a breadth of knowledge and experience to match the training to your (often niche) circumstances.

Testimonial from Robert Bowyer, Senior Surveyor, Carter Jonas LLP
12/12/2019I've been on 4-5 other First aid courses over the years, with a range of providers, but this was the best. The approach was effective and a good learning environment, with lots of practical elements. The use of technology with the resuscitation dummies gave a lot of confidence that you were doing it sufficiently well to be effective.

Testimonial from Tony Jolly, Coach Education Consultant, Head First Coaching Ltd.
05/12/2019This course was ran in a professional manner, with the tutor clearly able to adapt and tailor i to suit the class. The Venue was great and the views well worth taking this course just to see.If anyone is seeking a similar course i would heartily recommend this one.

Testimonial from Scott Edmondson, Lead Auditor & Quality Management System Lead, TIS Cumbria Ltd
05/12/2019Useful mix of practical first aid and theory to back it up. Pete's knowledge and experience from a wide variety of settings is great. Good interaction and use of particular strengths from participants too to put the course into context. Thanks for another very useful course.

Testimonial from John Douglas, Senior Instructor, University of Birmingham
05/12/2019This was a refreshing approach to first aid, direct and informative without being overwhelming in its content. It was easy to see the wood for the trees and know what is really important in any given scenario. The use of resuscie annies, one to each participant and the ability to get instant feedback via my android phone was so useful in improving my technique in giving CPR and seeing the workings of the defibrillator was really helpful. An enjoyable day.

Testimonial from Betina Mitchell
30/11/2019Cumbria First Aid provided a one day course for our volunteers from the Fairfield Association Nature Reserve. Twelve of us attended and the cost gave our Charity very good value. From previous training we knew that we would receive top quality training from a man who knows his stuff and how to present it.

Testimonial from Ian Procter, Volunteer Organiser, The Fairfield Association, Lancaster
19/11/2019There were aspects of this course which were new and challenge perceptions. It was welcoming and well catered with some very good interactive resources.

Testimonial from Sarah Smith
18/11/2019Pete delivers an engaging and inspiring First Aid course.
His simple yet detailed delivery helps to reinforce previous knowledge and increase confidence in First Aid situations.
His knowledge and resources are current and interactive.

Testimonial from Beth Swait, Head of Outdoor Education, Bredon School
14/11/2019Pete provided a good mix of practical and theory. He is knowledgeable and passed that knowledge on well taking on board the skills and attributes of the course participants.

Testimonial from Kerry Stafford-Roberts, Headteacher, Hornby St Margaret's Primary School
13/11/2019I am fully retired and have no legal requirement for a certificate. I do this course purely because competency in First Aid is a priority for me. That this is the third course I have done with Peter should speak for itself.

Testimonial from Gus MORTON
06/11/2019Excellent, informative course that has a lot of elements that relate to working in the outdoor industry and many other aspects of working and first aid for general living.

Testimonial from Keith McGregor, Lecturer and coach in Outdoor and adventure sports, Keith McGregor Leadership & Coaching
03/11/2019Great course. Practical and appropriate.

Testimonial from Stephen Banks
03/11/2019Great course thank you.

Testimonial from Stephen Banks
01/11/2019This was the first formal first aid course I've ever attended, and I feel much more confident after it to step up and try to help someone in need of first aid. Advice was detailed but digestible and useable, even in an outdoor situation. Pete was friendly, helpful and created a great learning dynamic with a lot of dialogue, active engagement and opportunity to use and practice techniques. Even after lunch, we were all engaged and the session was never dull and always useful. I would definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Christopher Witter
01/11/2019A thorough and enjoyable course with a mix of classroom and practical aspects that meant everyone from first-time first aiders through to experienced mountaineers learnt something new.

Testimonial from Andrew Williams, Lancaster Royal Grammar School CCF