Please note: During the coronavirus outbreak we are only taking provisional bookings. Payment will not be taken now.

You will be advised at a later date whether or not the course you have booked is going ahead or is going to be rescheduled.

If the course goes ahead you can choose to pay by card for an 8% discount or to pay on invoice. If the course is rescheduled you can choose to attend the rescheduled date, to attend another course or to cancel.


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18/03/2020Even though there where restrictions due to the coronavirus, Pete and Tanya did a fantastic job still delivering a quality course.

Testimonial from Stephanie Atkinson, School Medical Assistant/ First Aid Instructor., N/A
18/03/2020Great course, really knowledgable instructor will definitely go on the course again in 3 years

Testimonial from Scott Cameron
17/03/2020Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the leaders made it really interesting.

Testimonial from Joanne Rice, Assistant Progress Leader
16/03/2020Peter had relaxed style which put everyone at ease, and his skill, knowledge and experience was brilliant.

Testimonial from Chris Hale, D of E Manager, Ripley St. Thomas School
16/03/2020Excellent two day first aid course, very interactive and informative.

Paul Marshall

Testimonial from Paul Marshall
15/03/2020Pete and Tania are excellent course providers. Very interesting, patient and with extremely clear guidance and teaching. Totally recommend.

15/03/2020Great course, lots of info and great resources. Really loved the CPR app really upped my skills

11/03/2020Great as always!

Testimonial from Sam Sykes, Director, Sam Sykes H Q
10/03/2020Please keep on going as you're doing a great job. You make everything seem so accessible and have left us feeling capable enough to make all the right decisions when the time comes!

Testimonial from Andrew Casey, Director, WalkWise UK Ltd
10/03/2020the course is first class and has built confidence in responding to a critical condition and given a desire to learn more

01/03/2020Just wanted to say that I was impressed with the tutors. Debs and Trish both had a very good style and were very good at clearly explaining what they knew and what we needed without adding excessive detail. They clearly knew more but were careful to keep things clear and simple. This was further emphasised by Debs as she kept referring back to the key points whenever we had problems to solve.

Testimonial from Gareth Thomas
28/02/2020Thanks for a great course which featured active participation and clear information from knowledgeable trainers. It was easy to learn in a friendly but focused atmosphere and the delicious lunch at the pub was a bonus.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
28/02/2020This was my first time doing blended learning and it was a very effective way to retain the detailed information.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
28/02/2020Plenty of information on paediatric first aid and relevant training using child and infant CPR dummies.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
26/02/2020I thought everything about the course was excellent. The scenario based approach was well thought out and the knowledge and experience of the tutors was at a very high level. Anyone considering attending a First Aid course should look no further than Active Aid.

Testimonial from Andy Hope
25/02/2020Trish and Deb delivered an excellent course in a friendly and confidence building manner. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Catherine Sinclair, Freelance Outdoor Instructor
25/02/2020Debs Park was really good, all broken down into easy to understand language.

Testimonial from Stephen Sutcliffe, owner, yorkshire in style
22/02/2020Was very good, couldn't of asked for a better tutor

Testimonial from Rhys Wadsworth
18/02/2020Trisha is an excellent asset to the company; knowledgeable and professional and easy to listen to.

Testimonial from  Hilary Pezet, Head of Arts & Media, Kendal College
18/02/2020Fantastic trainer, reassuring and didn't make anyone feel stupid.

Testimonial from Georgina Boswell, Wellbeing officer, Kendal College