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14/01/2018The Head Injury card was excellent. Having suffered a head injury last year I wish I could have had one of these then

Testimonial from Margaret Ann Drummond, Office Administrator, Equal Adventure
04/01/2018Thank you very much - I feel a lot more confident about handling a first aid situation now.

Testimonial from Sarah Graves, Music Teacher, Windermere School

Testimonial from Mel Sugden, outdoor teacher, oneeducation ghyll head
13/12/2017A relaxed course, geared to the individual group. Excellent facilities and food. Pete is really passionate about both first aid and the outdoors and is very knowledgeable. Definitely a worthwhile course to get booked on!

Testimonial from Claire Holmes, Teacher, Windermere School
13/12/2017Enjoyable course. Worth doing every three years to remind myself how much I have forgotten! ????

Testimonial from Richard Gerrish
07/12/2017The 2-day outdoor first aid course was excellent. Pete's totally practical, no-nonsense approach made it ideal for those working in the outdoors. The cake was great too!

Testimonial from Alan Lloyd, Vice Principal, The Blackpool Sixth Form College
07/12/2017A relaxed hands on course with student scenarios to re enforce the thoery

Testimonial from Terry Moore, Artist and mountaineer
07/12/2017Thanks for another good course, see you again in 3 years.

Testimonial from Nigel Hooker
07/12/2017Great Course & Tutor

Testimonial from Nigel Hooker
05/12/2017Really enjoyed this course. It was delivered in a simple to understand and practical manner. Good course notes were provided to compliment the practical 2 day learning.

Testimonial from Liane Shaw
30/11/2017To anyone with any feelings on not being confident enough to complete this course should have no fears. The skills learnt could be life changing.

Testimonial from Ron Eadington
26/11/2017Excellent course delivered by an excellent instructor who was sympathetic to the requirements and needs of the students. The course was interactive, relevant, engaging and most enjoyable. I feel far more confident in dealing with an emergency as a First Aider as a result. Thank you.

Testimonial from Cecilia Flint
13/11/2017Great course, thank you for all the valuable information.

Testimonial from Leah Blewitt, Teacher, Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust
13/11/2017Fantastic course - really informative and enjoyable with a knowledgeable leader who clearly had a wealth of experience.

Testimonial from Jessica Miller, Teacher of Geography, Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust
12/11/2017Top man, good course. You will answer any questions you have.

Testimonial from John Samuels
09/11/2017Pete was brilliant.

Testimonial from Connor Gildert
08/11/2017I never cease to be impressed with the way Pete can create a progressive flow, it is a gift. He constantly updates the material, although the fundamental messages are there all the time. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Owner, Extol People Development
08/11/2017Pete is the master of keeping things simple and pragmatic. The focus is on what can and cannot be achieved in an outdoor setting, his experience and knowledge second to none. Brilliant, again.

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Owner, Extol People Development
08/11/2017Enjoyable and very interesting course. Great instruction.

Testimonial from Alison Noble, Chief Instructor, Happy Hooves Riding Centre
08/11/2017This was an excellent course. I learned a huge amount and felt the multiple learning approaches--spoken, active, video, problem-solving--brought home the information in multiple ways. Also the excellent tea and coffee, home-made cake and cookies, and delicious pub food all gave us the feeling we were valued and being looked after very well.

Testimonial from Jennifer Lauruol, Garden designer and trainer, Carpe Diem Gardens