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18/07/2018I had a really enjoyable 2 days. I got to practice my skills, got updated on new first aid practices, spent time inside and outside the classroom and got to talk through, and ask questions about, any aspect of first aid. Couldn't be happier with a first aid course really.

Testimonial from James Saxon
18/07/2018Thank you for a really accessible and down to earth approach to first aid training. Pete's knowledge and practical expertise in the field really helped us to learn how to use and apply the techniques taught. The course also clarified the role of the first aider and I feel more confident to provide first aid in a serious incident until the professional medics arrive. Thank you!

Testimonial from Linda Valenti, Forest School Leader, Frith Forest School
18/07/2018Peter skilfully covered every aspect of first aid for forest school providers, in a way that was memorable and highly accessible, with a down-to-earth approach that demystified the role! His own experience as a first aider in a range of contexts really enhanced the course. Thank you!

Testimonial from Linda Valenti, Forest School Leader, Frith Forest School
18/07/2018I loved how passionate you were about first aid. I also loved how current everything was. The bit about lymes disease was great. I would have ignored the symptoms if I hadn't attended your course, not because I didn't know them but because I didn't know how common and serious the disease can be. Ironically I ended up receiving antibiotic treatment for a tick bite today, just one day after the course because I followed the advise you gave.

Testimonial from Stephanie Bond, Learning Support Assistant
12/07/2018Pete was brilliant through out the course. Really knowledgeable and clearly has an interest and wealth of experience in first aid. An excellent course. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jamie Magee
03/07/2018An excellent course overall. Thank you Peter. I can highly recommend it.

Testimonial from Jim Crookes, Welbeck DSFC
30/06/2018I love the simplified, common-sense approach. I've done over a dozen First Aid training courses and this is the third time I have renewed my qualification with Pete and Active Aid. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Testimonial from Sue Cox
28/06/2018I wouldn't look to use any other provider, Pete is experienced and knowledgeable and keeps things memorable with simple foci and high impact strategies.

Testimonial from Ruth Nelson
27/06/2018Thank you -great venue & bunch of people to learn with

Testimonial from Bel Burn
25/06/2018The course was delivered in a thoroughly professional but informal way.

Testimonial from Rob Fraser, co-director - photographer and land artist., somewhere nowhere
19/06/2018Refreshing approach to delivery and lots of engagement with learners

Testimonial from Geoff Norman, Headteacher, Wigton Infant School
19/06/2018Effective delivery and good engagement with attendees made for an enjoyable and effective learning experience

Testimonial from Geoff Norman, Headteacher, Wigton Infant School
15/06/2018Pete Cunningham has a wealth and depth of knowledge and translates it into easy to understand essentials. The course is delivered in a friendly environment enabling the group to ask questions, no matter how 'daft' we think they may be. I have been on many first aid courses and most have made 2 days seem like 5, but these 2 days flew by. Most importantly, though, is the lemon drizzle cake is the best I have ever had!

Thank you Pete

Testimonial from Al Westle
14/06/2018Another really excellent course from Pete Cunningham.
After the last one were I learnt so much more than the average first aid course I already knew I would be updating with this course.
It didn't disappoint!
As before, it was based on the latest facts and figures, and it was linked to the real world of the first aiders interface with paramedics and A & E.
However Pete's real ability is to send you away knowing whats important, and whats not, and standing some chance of remembering that for most of the next 3 years!

Testimonial from Louise Haffenden, Occupational Therapist and Outdoor Instructor
10/06/2018Pete is a skilled and interesting teacher. The course is clear and not unnecessarily complex.

Testimonial from Stuart Pickford

Testimonial from Dylan Jugroop, Teacher, NHGS
07/06/2018Peter was absolutely fantastic in his teaching style. A great course

Testimonial from Paula Haworth
23/05/2018Pete's style and attitude towards first aid were refreshing and instilled confidence that you can't go wrong if you apply commonsense. He said he was going to keep it simple and pragmatic and he most certainly did! I loved every minute of the course and learned so much in such a short space of time. Thank you.

Testimonial from Sam Carey, General Manager, Impact
12/05/2018Thank you Pete. Another informative, enjoyable and useful first aid revalidation workshop. See you in 2021 for the next one. Many thanks, Iain Gallagher. Lakes Outdoor Experience,

Testimonial from Iain Gallagher, Owner/Operator, Lakes Outdoor Experience
11/05/2018I have been an Outdoor Instructor for over 30 years and therefore I have attended a great number of First Aid courses. I found this course to be the most informative, well structured, flexible, relevent, sensible, understandable, practical course I have ever attended. So much more has sunk in and has stayed with me, so far! We covered all of the important issues and topics with sufficient detail to ensure understanding at the appropriate level. The course was fun, light hearted,up to date and held our attention unlike so many of those I have attended before. I am already looking forward to my refresher with you and not fearing the dreaded First Aid Refresher as I have done soooo many times before.
A great many thanks I learned and have retained so much more.

Testimonial from Simon Burgess