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20/03/2019I like the fact that Pete is friendly and knowledgeable and keeps things simple. This is something like the 5th course I've been on with Pete which speaks volumes.

Testimonial from Fiona Eastham
20/03/2019Always a very worthwhile course

Testimonial from Andrew Talks
20/03/2019A great, easy to understand course that really focuses on the basic things that you might actually need to use.

Testimonial from John Groom, Tour guide, Go Hebrides
20/03/2019A great course with all the basic skills covered.

Testimonial from John Groom, Tour guide, Go Hebrides
16/03/2019Pete ran an informative and useful first aid course. It covered all relevant topics, and you got homemade cake and a pub lunch, what more could you want ?

Testimonial from Harry Pymont
14/03/2019Pete was great

Testimonial from Kevin Teasdale, Teacher , Hilbre high school humanities college
http://Hilbre high school
13/03/2019I really enjoyed my first first aid course. I have took a lot of information back with me. Especially the 'not causing more hurts' makes a lot of sense to me. Easy enough to remember.

Testimonial from Katherine Bailey
13/03/2019Great 2 days! Done loads of first aid courses before, but still Pete manages to keep it interesting, and dare I say it, fun!

Testimonial from Ingrid Matthews
11/03/2019Very suitable for anyone who works with groups in their outdoors, particularly if they can find themselves dealing with the unexpected and may be far from help.

Testimonial from Shery Holdsworth, Activities Manager, Action For Blind People
10/03/2019It was fantastic

Testimonial from Kris Parkinson, Teacher
08/03/2019Excellent trainer knowledge delivered in a easy to take in/ remember able way. Provision of catering great.

Testimonial from Frances Watkins
08/03/2019This is the most interesting First Aid course I've ever been on - they're normally so dull!

Testimonial from Stephen Ranger, Director, Trekking Co Ltd
07/03/2019A no-nonsense pragmatic approach to First Aid skills that can be applied in all situations.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
03/03/2019Pete was friendly, welcoming and allowed chance for a relevant dialogue about each topic.

Testimonial from Madeleine Parsons
28/02/2019Pete is excellent as a trainer and gives confidence in knowing how to deal with situations and injuries making sure the person gets the very best of care. The days go very quickly with changing content and practice situations as well as learning form others on the course. All I have to do is remember it all...

Testimonial from Jonathan Barton, Birmingham University
26/02/2019Excellent 1 day course - great teaching. Thanks

Testimonial from Juliet Burd, UK director, CRMI - Children of Hope charity
13/02/2019This was excellent, as always. Pete is a brilliant instructor, all the material is extremely well presented using a variety of formats. It's all highly relevant and the scenarios are particularly useful. Overall, the course is super-practical and thoroughly recommended.

Testimonial from Kate Rawles, Freelance, Outdoor Philosophy
07/02/2019Great course, very dynamic and a fun learning environment.

Testimonial from Caroline Elliott, Ski patrol / SAR dog handler, Fjordsar
07/02/2019An excellent course that covered everything that was needed but also adapted to requests and suggestions from the attendees.

Testimonial from Jonathan Whitwell
06/02/2019most of the clips were very interesting and worth a second look - if you were able to provide a list of www links addresses for them it would be most welcome (where copyright permits)

Testimonial from John Sherwen, Head coach