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24/05/2024Pete, it was a great course, thank you. Even though I'd done your course before, I still learned new things as well as consolidated and improved knowledge I already had. Also, some of the kit recommendations were helpful. Thank you.

Testimonial from Paul Law, Milnthorpe Primary School
23/05/2024First Aid Cumbria delivered exceptional training covering pre-learning, two full days in person with role-playing and many real-life teaching examples to embed the learning.

Testimonial from Kirsty Mawhinney, Volunteer , Rookhow
09/05/2024A really good Course given by a very informed and knowledgeable trainer. We did the right amount of sitting and then practical. Always interesting and on the ball. Learned a lot.a balance of interactive and good old fashioned hands on teaching and learning.

Testimonial from Jeffrey Fozzard
08/05/2024I recommend Peter's courses very highly: he is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher, who provides first aid training in a very accessible and understandable format. Thank you

Testimonial from Sarah Elton, Teesdale Holistics / Yad Moss ski slope
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24/04/2024As ever a very good course. Pete Cunningham has excellent knowledge and experience of First Aid which is evident in his delivery of the course.

Testimonial from David Channing, Mountain Leader and Army Cadet Force Officer
23/04/2024Great first aid course, not once did I feel nothing wasn't explained clearly. I think this was due to Petes personal stories and experiences of the outdoors or just general experience that he or someone he knows has had to apply first aid. From a personal experience, its always better to have a trainer who has genuinely experienced the implementation of first aid first or any course they are delivering first hand and the fact that Pete has had many of these situations, made me feel reassured that, yes it will be stressful. But, taking that breathe and understanding that you can apply first aid to the best of your abilities, even when in the outdoor surroundings, that it is always better to do something, than nothing.

Testimonial from Louise Makin, Trainee, Bendrigg Lodge
12/04/2024The use of technology with the CPR equipment and seeing actual incidents on video. This made incidents more relatable and help appreciated the responsibility to be able to do something.

Testimonial from Alison (Margaret) Wood, Governor
25/03/2024This course course provided a comprehensive theoretical knowledge base to outdoor first aid. This was linked to practical demonstrations and practice. Video content of actual incidents reinforced the knowledge base. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and interesting. A course i would recommend to anyone.

Testimonial from William Duncan
22/03/2024A well paced course, lots of information delivered in a way that made it easy to understand without feeling like we were being overloaded.

Testimonial from Chris Mawby, Reserve Warden, Natural England
19/03/2024great and realistic course

Testimonial from Douglas Walker
15/03/2024Really enjoyed this course I arranged for our staff at Park Cliffe. Peter was a great trainer and delivered the course in a friendly, relaxed and informative manner. Found it useful to complete the online training prior to the course leaving you time to concentrate on the more practical elements of the course.

Testimonial from Susan Dickson, Owner, Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate
22/02/2024A great course delivered well, targeted specifically for the audience attending. Lots of differentiation in learning styles and incorporation of previous learning. Pete really brought first aid back to the basics to encourage and promote practical help in an outdoor environment is simple, and made it relevant to everyday life. A real confidence builder for all!! Thank you

Testimonial from Laura Patrick
22/02/2024An extremely good and well-organised course, taught by Pete with loads of practical experience and common sense, which really helps

Testimonial from Diane McGuinness, self-employed International Mountain Leader
17/02/2024I really enjoyed your delivery Pete, it was engaging and focussed, and used a wide variety of props, media and interactive quizes to reinforce our learning.

Testimonial from Claire Wickham
07/02/2024Peter is a brilliant instructor. He enabled me to understand what he was teaching and to embed previous learning.

Testimonial from Helen Brigham, N/A
06/02/2024Car parking was just about ok but if I had a problem that would be my only criticism.

Testimonial from Simon Blundell, Preston wall deputy manager , Lakeland climbing centre
http://Lakeland climbing
01/02/2024Pete is an excellent trainer and makes the course engaging and interesting. All the material is really relevant to the outdoors.

Testimonial from Lucy Scrase, Chief Operations Officer , Ourea Events
25/01/2024Thank you for such an engaging and informative training, filled with hands on aspects, real life examples, and fun activities. It had exceptionally accurate CPR training with the aid of the direct electrical feed from the CPR dolls to your mobile device, to examine your skills. The training was interactive throughout, with a hint of competitiveness thrown into aspects, which really helped gel the participants of the course together. It was really beneficial to look at some great first aid products available on the market and test them on ourselves. Pete was approachable and extremely knowledgable. The tea/coffee/biscuit facilities and location for the training was also great. I Would highly recommend the course and provider and I look forward to participating in future training with Pete.

Testimonial from Heather Williams, Secondary school teacher , Education
15/01/2024Really enjoyed doing the course, and hope my contributions enriched, rather than presenting a problem... i hope not!

Testimonial from Matthew Burke, Technical Festivals and Events Production
13/01/2024Pete attracts a wide variety of skilled participants on his course. This is good as they bring other ideas, Pete uses them along with his own extremely wide knowledge.

Testimonial from David Yardley