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13/11/2017Great course, thank you for all the valuable information.

Testimonial from Leah Blewitt, Teacher, Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust
13/11/2017Fantastic course - really informative and enjoyable with a knowledgeable leader who clearly had a wealth of experience.

Testimonial from Jessica Miller, Teacher of Geography, Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust
12/11/2017Top man, good course. You will answer any questions you have.

Testimonial from John Samuels
09/11/2017Pete was brilliant.

Testimonial from Connor Gildert
08/11/2017I never cease to be impressed with the way Pete can create a progressive flow, it is a gift. He constantly updates the material, although the fundamental messages are there all the time. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Owner, Extol People Development
08/11/2017Pete is the master of keeping things simple and pragmatic. The focus is on what can and cannot be achieved in an outdoor setting, his experience and knowledge second to none. Brilliant, again.

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Owner, Extol People Development
08/11/2017Enjoyable and very interesting course. Great instruction.

Testimonial from Alison Noble, Chief Instructor, Happy Hooves Riding Centre
08/11/2017This was an excellent course. I learned a huge amount and felt the multiple learning approaches--spoken, active, video, problem-solving--brought home the information in multiple ways. Also the excellent tea and coffee, home-made cake and cookies, and delicious pub food all gave us the feeling we were valued and being looked after very well.

Testimonial from Jennifer Lauruol, Garden designer and trainer, Carpe Diem Gardens
02/11/2017No matter what your background (and mine is from many years in mountain rescue) you'll benefit from Pete's common sense approach to what the lone first aider could and should be doing in the outdoor environment to stabilise a casualty and provide a prompt and appropriate hand over to medical care.

Testimonial from Andrew Dell
02/11/2017Best first aid course I have ever attended. I am now confident that I will be able to make a positive difference if my first aid skills need to be put into action. I am also passing on some of what I have learned to other family members.

Testimonial from Helen Ockelford, Barnardos
23/10/2017An excellent course with fresh ideas which challenged traditional first aid methods.

Testimonial from Steve Anthony
06/10/2017A good pragmatic way of delivering first aid, really great course and learnt alot!

Testimonial from Nicholas Kimber, Medical student
02/10/2017A great first aid course

Testimonial from Dave Horn, LDCC
01/10/2017Many thanks for Peter's coaching and guidance, he made the course fun and a valuable tool for the future.

Testimonial from Anna Louise Worthington-Bramhall
01/10/2017Pete delivered a fantastic course in a way that is practical and direct. I appreciate his clarity and ability to keep focused on what matters most.

Testimonial from Chris Bowler
29/09/2017thanks Pete great course, great company, fun and informative , what more can you ask?

Testimonial from Lynn Johnston
29/09/2017Pete Cunningham always delivers a comprehensive and interesting course. Always come away refreshed and with new information.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
28/09/2017Brilliant course, very practical and hands on with lots of exercises and varied learning methodologies. Extremely knowledgable tutor with great energy. I learned a lot of life skills that I'll never forget.

Testimonial from Holly Higham, Marketing Campaigns Manager, Impact
07/09/2017Awesome course for any outdoor professional. Covers all the important elements with realistic, practical First Aid. Thanks very much!

Testimonial from David Sharpe
31/07/2017After attending the 2 day Outdoor First Aid Course with Pete, I feel I've learned a lot. Rather than leaving the course feeling as though there is lots to remember, and then forgetting most of it, the practical approach of the course means there is plenty of time to practice various First Aid responses in a range of scenarios relevant to working with children outdoors in Forest School.

Pete's common sense, practical approach means there are many opportunities to practice the core skills and to really get them cemented in your head. This gives a sense of understanding and confidence that you could use such skills if necessary.

The way the course is delivered means that there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions relevant to your setting, and as a student, you learn as much by listening to the questions and experiences of others as from asking about scenarios from your own setting.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a hands on, practical approach to first aid.

Testimonial from Clare Cooper, Forest School Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, Beautiful Beginnings