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23/05/2018Pete's style and attitude towards first aid were refreshing and instilled confidence that you can't go wrong if you apply commonsense. He said he was going to keep it simple and pragmatic and he most certainly did! I loved every minute of the course and learned so much in such a short space of time. Thank you.

Testimonial from Sam Carey, General Manager, Impact
12/05/2018Thank you Pete. Another informative, enjoyable and useful first aid revalidation workshop. See you in 2021 for the next one. Many thanks, Iain Gallagher. Lakes Outdoor Experience,

Testimonial from Iain Gallagher, Owner/Operator, Lakes Outdoor Experience
11/05/2018I have been an Outdoor Instructor for over 30 years and therefore I have attended a great number of First Aid courses. I found this course to be the most informative, well structured, flexible, relevent, sensible, understandable, practical course I have ever attended. So much more has sunk in and has stayed with me, so far! We covered all of the important issues and topics with sufficient detail to ensure understanding at the appropriate level. The course was fun, light hearted,up to date and held our attention unlike so many of those I have attended before. I am already looking forward to my refresher with you and not fearing the dreaded First Aid Refresher as I have done soooo many times before.
A great many thanks I learned and have retained so much more.

Testimonial from Simon Burgess
03/05/2018Active Aid's no nonsense approach is excellent. By stripping away most of the frills which accompany many first aid courses Pete Cunningham keeps the focus on the essentials of casualty care. The approach is practical and realistic for those working in the outdoors and Pete is a very skilled trainer.

Testimonial from Peter Cheung
02/05/2018Although there was a lot of items covered during the 2 days, the 'keep it simple approach' and the practical activities helped to ensure that the key information was maintained. The trainer was exceptional creating a great learning environment and encouraging everybody to participate. I now have the confidence to try to help someone in trouble..

Testimonial from Jane Pink
29/04/2018This is the third time I have completed a course with Pete Cunningham at First Aid Cumbria travelling from the North East of England. This is testimonial in itself for the high regard I have for Pete, and the quality of course that he delivers.

Testimonial from Peter Sheen
26/04/2018Pete is ahead of the curve when it comes to the future concerns of first aiders.

Testimonial from Eric Murphy
26/04/2018Excellent course ran by Pete - couldn't recommend highly enough.

Testimonial from Naomi Taylor
25/04/2018I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone working with groups in the outdoor environment. It is presented in simple straightforward language by a very knowledgeable trainer who is obviously passionate about the subject areas. Pete's delivery is supportive of individuals prior knowledge, and encouraging of those who may be taking their first course. His sense of humour and stories also lighten what may seem to be otherwise quite dry subjects. It was a pleasure to attend the course and will be booking again next time. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Garry Cook, Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, Experience Coaching
17/04/2018A great course with a focus on the practical application of the learning

Testimonial from Alexander Ladds, Chaplain, Giggleswick School
28/03/2018As ever Pete ran an excellent course. Having done a number of courses with Pete before and having attended other 1st aid courses and medical courses in the past, I can say with certainty Pete is by far the best course instructor I have had the privileged of being tutored by.

His approach is calm, concise, informative, and appropriately humorous.

This particular course was a mix of people from different backgrounds (mainly students and staff at UOC) As such there were students for whom this was their 1st First Aid course, as well as tutors from different fields of expertise who have attended many 1st Aid courses over the years. Pete was able to effortlessly make the course suit all members and make everyone interested and informed.

His approach to 1st Aid is one of straightforwardness and no nonsense. Many other providers delve into somewhat ancient and outdated techniques - Pete deals with 1st Aid as it should be; providing people with the ability to save lives.

From conversations with others within the industry and other members of the course, Pete is held in extremely high regard.

Most Outdoor Professionals see their re-validation of 1st Aid as a bit of a tick boxing exercise, I for one do not, and have found Pete's courses to be something to look forward to.

Roll on 3 years time!

Testimonial from Mark Walker, Outdoor Instructor/ Expedition Leader, New Routes Adventure
16/03/2018This was an excellent course, tailored to our needs and presented in an interesting and knowledgeable way, so much better than other first aid courses I have attended

Testimonial from John Murphy
08/03/2018I would would thoroughly recommend this course. Peter uses a variety of teaching styles including talking, films, pictures, real and demo kit, and practical work inside and out. There were lots of discussions and Peter kept the mood light yet handled difficult issues sensitively. We covered a lot of material but it never felt like an overload because it was delivered in a clear and simple to follow manner.

The venue was ideal for the course but not 'fancy'. Catering was excellent with abundant tea, fresh coffee, great cakes and lunch across the road in the lovely pub was great too.

Testimonial from Mick Loftus
08/03/2018Training days, CPD days are essential and are where we get the chance to play and learn plus develop skill and gain new experiences, which makes us and turns us into the people we are today. First Aid Cumbria's two day outdoor first aid course does all the above and helps build the confidence to deal with all sorts of problems that might occur, in and out of our regular working days.

Testimonial from Simon Blundell, multiple outdoor activites instructor, Blackpool Sports Centre
07/03/2018Peter led a great 2 day course. Really engaging presentation style with good use of humour to keep everyone switched on.
Wide range of content with a pragmatic and realistic approach to first aid. Very useful and valuable two days.

Testimonial from Chris Hillidge
05/03/2018The course is delivered by an active practitioner who is clearly an expert in his field. It is well structured and uses an excellent range of teaching techniques. The breaks are also well timed and the lunch is excellent.

Testimonial from Tony McKenzie, Owner/Manager, iGuide Adventure
02/03/2018a fantastic course, very engaging and superbly delivered

Testimonial from Michaela Irving, Director, See Events Ltd
21/02/2018This course has made me feel much more confident in my ability to deal with first aid emergencies when out and about with students.

Testimonial from Rachel Carr, Teacher
21/02/2018This was my first outdoor first aid course that I have attended . Great course very informative and practical. Would highly recommend.

Testimonial from Josi Szlapko
10/02/2018This was by far the best First Aid course I have ever attended.

Testimonial from Dave Cartwright, Night Porter, Merewood Country House Hotel