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22/05/2019An excellent course. A wealth of information and practical examples. Great range of teaching strategies. I have learnt so much. Thank you

Testimonial from Helen Ward
21/05/2019excellent it was my first course, and I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge

Testimonial from Thomas Stephenson, fitter
17/05/2019You just can't fault simons actually look forward to going!

Testimonial from Cam Fowler
17/05/2019I decided to do this course for 14 hours towards my driver CPC, extremely glad I did, the course was delivered excellently and I learnt a lot from the 2 days, nice setting to do an outdoor course and value for money.

Testimonial from Barry Taylor
16/05/2019This course really ticked all the boxes: location, vegan lunch options, content, delivery. I loved the free gifts and the topics that deviated slightly away from first aid, to me, were very relevant for awareness and possible symptoms we may come across. Definitely, the best first aid course I've been on whereby I think I'll remember much of what to do in the event of a scenario. Excellent!!!

Testimonial from Shaun Machin
02/05/2019excellent, I will come back for my next course

Testimonial from Chris Rhodes, Office Manager, Handelsbanken
02/05/2019A very practical approach to first aid which is useful for outdoor instructors. Pete has an extensive knowledge of the subject and uses examples from his experience to good effect.

Testimonial from Rob Coles
29/04/2019I found the course to be really detailed but also easy to learn off and a fun way to learn all of the specification. I came into the course not really knowing a lot about first aid even though I had done scouts and come from an outdoor adventure family. This course was great as I was able to find out how to deal with all the situations that would happen in an outdoor environment. Doing and reciting it outdoors also helped as it added a sense of reality to the course. Can't really complain about anything else and I'd definitely recommend it to people if they were thinking about doing this sort course.

Testimonial from Luke Ferrier
29/04/2019I really enjoyed this course, Pete was very passionate and great to learn from and hear him speak from experience. This course has definitely given me confidence that should I ever need to do first aid, I will be able to then do something

Testimonial from Nathan Ashley
29/04/2019I really enjoyed this course, it was an absolute eye opener. Pete was fantastic and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Hannah

Testimonial from Hannah Warren, Marketing , Penrith Farmers & Kidds plc
29/04/2019A fantastic course, definitely the best training course I've ever attendee. Very knowledgable and likeable instructor. Applied all scenarios to real life situations and made everything as easy as possible to understand and grasp. Confident I would be some help should my first aid skills ever be required.

Testimonial from Thomas Howarth
29/04/2019Pete delivered an exceptional course that catered equally well for our new young leaders with limited experience and our older leaders who have done numerous other First Aid courses over the years.

Testimonial from Michael Evans
29/04/2019I would definately recommend a First Aid course with Pete as a better way of completing CPC Periodic Training than the usual powerpoint heavy classroom courses

Testimonial from Michael Evans
29/04/2019The Blended learning First Aid at Work course is a good way to get qualified. There is a good mix of practical and face to face learning with the online element allowing you to go over the material again at your own pace.

Testimonial from Michael Evans
28/04/2019Very happy with everything. Thought the course was very relevant and useful.

Testimonial from Adam Whitmore
27/04/2019I thought the pace and clarity of the teaching was fantastic. It was an interesting and informative 2 days including a broad range of subjects aswell as the classic first aid scenarios. I feel more confident as a first aider and will definitely be back in touch to renew my qualification in the future.

Testimonial from Rosemary Thomas, Woodmatters
26/04/2019Course teacher was very friendly and relatable.

Testimonial from Charlie Shaw
26/04/2019This was my 3rd First Aid Course, best I've been to, very practical and realistic. The procedures seemed less systematic and more automatic

Testimonial from James Harrison, Sales Negotiator, PFK Estate Agents
26/04/2019Peter made all the potential issues a first aider would have to deal with very real and made us feel confident that we would be able to be useful even if we were not confident or experienced. This was also because he didn't overload us with excessive information but used tools to help us retain the important details. He was interesting, engaging and topical. He listened to and answered all our questions.

Testimonial from Angie Sheridan, Planning Administrator, Penrith Farmers & Kidds plc
26/04/2019A great course covering the things you really need to know as a first aider.
Pete provides facts, removes myths and attempts to help trainees "unlearn" some of the stuff from other course providers that really doesn't help in first aid scenarios. Highly recommended course provider...don't hesitate book now!

Testimonial from Paul Chapman