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11/09/2019Peter is an excellent communicator and judged his audience very well. The course was very well organised and presented.

Testimonial from Peter Stevens, Retired lecturer and conservation volunteer
30/07/2019I would recommend Peter as a First Aid trainer, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I gained a lot of practical advice and feel confident in being able to practice first aid after completing the course.

Testimonial from Christoph Raisbeck, Box Office, Brewery Arts Centre
22/07/2019There was a broad range of experience in the group and hearing other people's stories and incidents is a really useful way of being prepared for what might happen. I think its great when an instructor always space for that to happen and offers some insight/advice on different scenarios they themselves have had. Thanks again for being accommodating of me feeding the baby!

Testimonial from Hannah Reynolds
22/07/2019I have enjoyed it, although I have not understood everything that has been said

Testimonial from Julia Staravoitava, Cleaner, Brewery Arts Centre
22/07/2019I have enjoyed it, although I have not understood everything that has been said

Testimonial from Julia Staravoitava, Cleaner, Brewery Arts Centre
17/07/2019Pete was very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience and real-life stories to relate the course content too.

Testimonial from Kirsty Bauckham, House Manager, Brewery Arts Centre
17/07/2019Very friendly and straight forward first aid, easy to understand and interesting...

Testimonial from Peter Kirk, Duty manager, Brewery Arts Centre
11/07/2019This was my first ever First Aid Course, I was concerned that I would be overloaded with technical information. The instructor was marvellous, so knowledgeable and very approachable which makes learning a pleasure. The course content was great and I came away feeling confident that I will be able to use what I have learned with confidence.

Testimonial from Judith Knowles, Business Support Officer, Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre
11/07/2019This course was really well delivered in an honest and simple way.

I feel enriched with knowledge I did not have before and am confident that if I am ever faced with a situation where someone needs First Aid, I know that I could do it!

Everyone should do this course!

Testimonial from Richard Berry , Filmmaker, Richard Berry Film & Photography and Impact
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11/07/2019Kept it simple, practical and to the point. Great stories and Interaction. An enjoyable and informative refresher.

Testimonial from David McCarthy, Director of Outdoor Education, Village Camps
03/07/2019Its really great to get outside when appropriate to get hands on experience and have role play opportunities. It makes it 'real' and it really helps to practice in a realistic setting.

Testimonial from Verity Bellouere, Programme Manager, Impact UK ltd
13/06/2019Thought the course was very relevant and useful, made even more interesting by Peter's experiences as a responder.

Testimonial from Tim Wade, The North Halifax Grammar School
11/06/2019Found the course really intersting

Testimonial from Jane Wood
11/06/2019This is without a doubt, the best First Aid Course I have ever done!

Testimonial from Jack Todd, Area Officer
28/05/2019The course was refreshingly simple. So much of the pedantry I've experienced previously was eliminated (though I have worked at various levels), and the bare bones of first-on-the-scene, keep-the-bugger-alive-until-help-comes was very refreshing. It was pitched at exactly the right level for purpose: First Aid.
The trainer was deeply knowledgeable and experienced and clearly enjoyed input and questions from candidates.
It's always good to be in the hands of an excellent outdoor professional plying their trade.
Said as if I know anything, but there you go.

Testimonial from Mike Simpson, Journeyman Outdoor Practitioner -stifles laughter-
25/05/2019Really informative and enjoyable course - great for ML/outdoor use. Very hands on and practical - covered normal first aid topics plus also other useful info such as lyme's disease and use of location devices etc for calling out mountain rescue.

Testimonial from Joanna Mitchell
22/05/2019An excellent course. A wealth of information and practical examples. Great range of teaching strategies. I have learnt so much. Thank you

Testimonial from Helen Ward
21/05/2019excellent it was my first course, and I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge

Testimonial from Thomas Stephenson, fitter
17/05/2019You just can't fault simons actually look forward to going!

Testimonial from Cam Fowler
17/05/2019I decided to do this course for 14 hours towards my driver CPC, extremely glad I did, the course was delivered excellently and I learnt a lot from the 2 days, nice setting to do an outdoor course and value for money.

Testimonial from Barry Taylor