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07/09/2017Awesome course for any outdoor professional. Covers all the important elements with realistic, practical First Aid. Thanks very much!

Testimonial from David Sharpe
31/07/2017After attending the 2 day Outdoor First Aid Course with Pete, I feel I've learned a lot. Rather than leaving the course feeling as though there is lots to remember, and then forgetting most of it, the practical approach of the course means there is plenty of time to practice various First Aid responses in a range of scenarios relevant to working with children outdoors in Forest School.

Pete's common sense, practical approach means there are many opportunities to practice the core skills and to really get them cemented in your head. This gives a sense of understanding and confidence that you could use such skills if necessary.

The way the course is delivered means that there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions relevant to your setting, and as a student, you learn as much by listening to the questions and experiences of others as from asking about scenarios from your own setting.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a hands on, practical approach to first aid.

Testimonial from Clare Cooper, Forest School Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, Beautiful Beginnings
19/07/2017A brilliant first aid course, led in a clear and concise way. Pete was a great instructor and made it simple and easy to remember.

Testimonial from Samuel Morrison, Nicepond Creative
12/07/2017It was good to update, definitely worth while, not just a tick box and has made me reconsider what I carry for activities.

Testimonial from David O'Dowd
07/07/2017Useful course delivered in an interesting and dynamic fashion.

Testimonial from David Slinger, Slinger Forestry
06/07/2017I thought the course was brilliant and I learned a lot over the 2 day course. Pete was brilliant, really engaged the class and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Testimonial from Joe Dickson, Business Development Executive
06/07/2017Through a combination of indoor and outdoor group work and discussion, practical demonstrations and a spoken presentation featuring videos and photos, the course provided a thorough and engaging education on First Aid. This was my first First Aid course and has taken me from knowing very little to feeling much more confident to administer First Aid. The take-home resources provided include a detailed book on all aspects covered on the course which will serve as a great revision resource. Overall, I would highly recommend this Outdoor First Aid course.

Testimonial from Isabel Walker
05/07/2017Clear, commonsense, informative and enjoyable.

Testimonial from Sue Brighouse
05/07/2017A great first aid course and I will certainly be back in 3 years time!

Testimonial from Matt Rushton, Assistant Headteacher, Dowdales School
05/07/2017This was by far the best First Aid course I've been on - Pete presented the information in an enjoyable, interesting and hopefully easy to remember way! I found the practical scenarios really helpful. The cakes and pub lunch were great - very inclusive and the vegan food was amazing. Thanks Pete, hopefully see you again in three years!

Testimonial from Sarah Lenehan, Forest School leader
30/06/2017Style was very inclusive and worked with the knowledge in the room for those with different levels of experience.

Testimonial from Mark Magas, Senior Lecturer: Pharmacology, University of Cumbria
23/06/2017An enjoyable course with a practical, realistic and common sense approach to what a first aider can do. Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging teacher. Thank you.

Testimonial from Stuart Jones, Cycle Adventure
22/06/2017This is very useful, practical training, I would advise all to go on this before heading to the hills.

Testimonial from David Rowe, Assistant Headmaster, lrgs
20/06/2017I very well spent 2 days in Staveley with First Aid Cumbria.
Peters delivery of the course was first class in his knowledge of all things First Aid.
If any body is looking to refresh their First Aid qualification or gain a new one then this is were to book.

Testimonial from Stephen Figg, Outdoor Activities Officer, Blackpool Council
16/06/2017Pete did an amazing job at covering a wide range of topics in great detail. The course is run in an engaging manner not death by power-point like some courses with other providers. Cant recommend enough.

Testimonial from Edward Swindley, Freelance Outdoor Instructor
15/06/2017What I would like to say is I have attended first aid courses in the double figures and I have always clock watched and needed match sticks to keep my eyes open. A second day was more of a punishment.
Yesterday I felt, not only could I have completed a third day, but I am now considering whether I should seek out more information on becoming a first responder.
Why the change? Put simply, the teacher makes all the difference. Pete clearly has experience and talks to colleagues with lots more experience about what really happens in the field. In doing so he doesn't "deliver" content, he walks you through it with useful pragmatic pointers, often from relevant real life scenarios. With humility, gentle humour and a genuine personal passion for getting healthcare right, you feel like you're in good hands.
This is more than a first aid course, this is also a course in critical thinking and adapting to situations using what you have. Is that not what first aid SHOULD be about? After all we can't take that textbook with us and casualties don't always fall on their back in a nice position.
A colleague said to me if you do a first aid course you have to go to this one - I will reiterate that, you should do this course.

Testimonial from Nathan Moorby, Head of Geography, Central Lancaster High School
15/06/2017I have just spent the last two days doing a first aid course with Active Aid, run by Pete Cunningham. On a practical level, it was a very friendly, well run and full 2 days. You get hands on with scenarios to work through as a team or on your own. Very informative short videos that put things into perspective with lots of opputunity to ask questions if unsure about anything. A valuable and vital thing to do if dealing with the public on any level. Great lunch and scrummy cakes at coffee time.
Debbie Henderson

Testimonial from Debbie Henderson, Owner.
14/06/2017Overall a great course with a brilliant teacher. Lunch and cake is a nice touch.

Testimonial from Ben Hester
12/06/2017If you have the opportunity I would recommend attending the two day course, covering outdoor first aid to extend over and above the first aid at work qualification. This will allow you the opportunity of discussing and working through a variety of contextualised situations in groups, that a first aider may be confronted with. The course keeps it real and explores the depths as well as the limitations of first aid.

Testimonial from Richard Tanner-Smith, Head of Science, St John Fisher Catholic High School
09/06/2017I have been doing First Aid for 30 years and on Pete's course I always have to think and always learn something new. His personal experience and anecdotes really give worthwhile context to a fascinating 2 days.

Testimonial from Roger Haworth, Vice Principal, The North Halifax Grammar School