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29/06/2022Pete was knowledgeable, relevant and enthusiastic about first aid; he also provided up-to-date information and implementation of guidelines with anecdotal evidence. Thank you

Testimonial from Deyna Hirst
28/06/2022You have great stories to illustrate the course content, that kept me engaged. You gave lots of opportunity for us to contribute or ask questions, you are good at identifying skills and experiences in the learners that help to enhance the point you are making too. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Alison Lehane
22/06/2022Great 1 day course with for me had just the right amount of content, delivered at a good pace & pitch and the provider seemed well kitted out with training aids and equipment etc.

Testimonial from Tom Slater
20/06/2022The course was very interesting and allowed me to apply my knowledge of first aid to everyday situations. The way the course was delivered made it very applicable and relevant.

Testimonial from Gillian Winters, Teacher, Cairn Education
17/06/2022Excellent course with great content and enthusiasm from Pete. I really enjoyed it!

Testimonial from Claire Bibby, Trainee Mountain Leader
14/06/2022Pete is a great communicator and is very knowledgeable. He encourages you to think about what is really important and not to faff about!

Testimonial from Charlie Shufflebottom
09/06/2022Spot on! I will definitely return and recommend to others.

Testimonial from Christopher Maycock
09/06/2022Really great course,I have learnt a lot of practical skills and I was engaged in the course for the full 2days thanks for all your help!

Testimonial from Samuel Ketchen
24/05/2022I've been on several first aid courses over the years in a previous profession- this course was refreshingly different as it was full of real life examples, the chance to share and learn from the other student examples and role plays carried out in an informal but friendly way- very much recommended to anyone who wishes to learn practical outdoor first aid

Testimonial from Graham Marshall
17/05/2022A very organised first aid course delivered smoothly be an experienced trainer. A variety of different activities kept focus and helped learning. Lots of discussion. Would highly recommend.

Testimonial from Catherine Benson
04/05/2022Thank you for the web site resource issued after the event. It helps refresh the memory. Perhaps an agenda for what is going to be covered on the course with section headings that match the resource material on the web site will help me refer back to what I learned.

Testimonial from Julian Rayner
25/04/2022Keep doing what you are doing, great courses, great coach. Thanks for slipping me in at the last minute, saved my bacon and I'll get the online learning done this week

Testimonial from Charles Sproson, Owner, Mountain Run
22/04/2022Personally I prefer the indoor sessions. I find that the outdoor scenarios are useful but they are so hard to make real that I find them more of a game to figure out what i should be spotting and so miss things easily. I do not dislike these but i get more from the discussions. I wonder if you should do a share your first aid incidents type of session and what did you learn or what did you not do, what surprised you etc. I know that you pick up on some people's when they share these but inviting all the participants to share their experiences would be both interesting to learn from and listen to.

Testimonial from Nigel Dykes, Nigel Dykes, BSc Outdoor Adventure & Environment, University of Cumbria
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22/04/2022The course is extremely practical with loads of great real life examples. Pete was brilliant at making the group feel at ease and able to ask loads of questions and share any knowledge that they had.

Testimonial from Roy White
09/04/2022A friendly and experienced trainer - it's nice to be on a First Aid course where the trainer has worked in the outdoors in the Lake District so understands the context. Recommended.

Testimonial from Chris Bone, Founder, Adventure Solos
05/04/2022A really well devised and delivered first aid course. Pete always explains the course material and key points in an effective way that can be easily understood and applied in real life first aid situations.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
01/04/2022I would definitely recommend this course to anyone requiring a first aid course.
It is well delivered with lots of visual material and principles that are easy to understand.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
01/04/2022I would definately recommend this course.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
01/04/2022All good thanks.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
31/03/2022Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Des Bagshaw, St. Aloysius College