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You will be advised at a later date whether or not the course you have booked is going ahead or is going to be rescheduled.

If the course goes ahead you can choose to pay by card for an 8% discount or to pay on invoice. If the course is rescheduled you can choose to attend the rescheduled date, to attend another course or to cancel.


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15/09/2020I really well run course. The depth of information and real world experience is second to none. The adaptions to the course to make it Covid safe have been really well thought out and created a very relaxing and safe learning environment. See you in another 3 years!

Testimonial from Steve Hudson
26/08/2020great course, the trainer was very knowledgable, the course was very interactive and was presented in a simple, understandable way, the resources and the hands on element was excellent

Testimonial from Kristopher Wilkinson, Rehab Coach, Calvert Reconnections
25/08/2020Petes course and knowledge of the different areas is amazing. He did everything Covid compliant and it was still so much fun and so informative. I loved the use of "hands on" equipment along side the powerpoint with the intermittent moments of practicing skills throughout, "The cube is bleeding again!"

Testimonial from Stephanie McGowan, Rehabilitation Coach, Calvert Reconnections
25/08/2020Thanks Pete for creating a great first aid course, with a good mix of practical and theory, improvising to keep things interesting and still very safe during Covid
Your friendly approach to the subject created a learning environment where we felt interested, at ease and I think everyone contributed to the course and felt comfortable , even during the CPR bits, I didn't feel under pressure or put on the spot, but able to practice in my own time and now feel much more confident

Testimonial from Henri Carew, stables manager
23/08/2020Great course really enjoyed it, practical and useful for personal and professional use.

Testimonial from Matthew Bradley, Neuro rehab coach , Calvert reconnections
16/08/2020I have been attending Pete Cunningham's first aid courses for years. He always delivers well, his courses are informative, interesting and a pleasure to attend.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
12/08/2020Our learning had to operate within the restrictions of Covid. Peter was very conscious of our safety and social distancing and still successfully delivered a practical course.

Testimonial from Barbara Clifford
06/08/2020Thanks to Pete of First Aid Cumbria for a great course this week. Working around COVID restrictions can't have been easy, but I felt very safe and learnt a lot. It was a bonus to also get certificates for Forest School and Forestry as well as Outdoor First Aid - ideal to cover both my jobs.

Testimonial from John Hodgson, Project Officer, Restoring Hardknott Forest & Fore
05/08/2020This was Pete Cunningham's first course for about 9 months, and also the first course run under full COVID-19 arrangements. Despite this, it went very well. It was well managed and very well resourced

Testimonial from Peter Nelson
28/07/2020Thank you- awesome as ever.

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
28/07/2020Brilliant delivery and well organised practicals alongside fun and engaging resources. Top first aid course thanks

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
28/07/2020A great well designed practical course Thanks.

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
18/03/2020Even though there where restrictions due to the coronavirus, Pete and Tanya did a fantastic job still delivering a quality course.

Testimonial from Stephanie Atkinson, School Medical Assistant/ First Aid Instructor., N/A
18/03/2020Great course, really knowledgable instructor will definitely go on the course again in 3 years

Testimonial from Scott Cameron
17/03/2020Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the leaders made it really interesting.

Testimonial from Joanne Rice, Assistant Progress Leader
16/03/2020Peter had relaxed style which put everyone at ease, and his skill, knowledge and experience was brilliant.

Testimonial from Chris Hale, D of E Manager, Ripley St. Thomas School
16/03/2020Excellent two day first aid course, very interactive and informative.

Paul Marshall

Testimonial from Paul Marshall
15/03/2020Pete and Tania are excellent course providers. Very interesting, patient and with extremely clear guidance and teaching. Totally recommend.

15/03/2020Great course, lots of info and great resources. Really loved the CPR app really upped my skills

11/03/2020Great as always!

Testimonial from Sam Sykes, Director, Sam Sykes H Q