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Course Type Requested: Outdoor First Aid (1 day)
Certificate issued by: Active Aid (FAIB)
Duration: 1.00 day

Please note that the minimum number of students for a private booking request is 12.


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If you are attending the course please include your own details. You can enter as many attendees as you like by clicking 'Add another'.

Please note: if the attendees names are known in advance we can issue certificates on the day of the course. The name on the certificate will be the same as entered below so please enter the student's correct name e.g., David rather than Dave. Also, if we have the email addresses we will be able to email pre-course info.

If you don't know the names of the attendees please tick the box to confirm that you will send them to us later. The names can be sent later using a spreadsheet with the columns 'Firstname', 'Surname', 'Dob', 'Email', 'EmailCc' and 'LastFawExpiryDate'.

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& Categories
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