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19/07/2024A Great course, with great content for the outdoor environment. With a realistic and sensible approach to delivering first aid in the outdoors. Delivered professionally by a highly knowledgeable and experienced instructor. I would highly recommend this course.

Testimonial from Craig Jones, Professional and Commercial Sales Manager, Palm Equipment
19/07/2024Good course. Pete used lots of real life examples, and explained everything with reasoning and logic rather than reciting the handbook. I think this helps the information sink in a bit better.

Testimonial from Christopher Hemsley
19/07/2024I thoroughly enjoyed the course - it was really interesting. I like the balance of practical, videos, information and scenarios. I felt like I learnt an awful lot over the two days and will definitely re-book next time.

Testimonial from Nicky Edwards, Headteacher
10/07/2024Thanks for making the whole process so low pressure but high quality.

Testimonial from Andrew Warren, Teacher, The Queen Katherine School
10/07/2024Really appreciated the trainer/ teacher's helpfulness as well as their knowledge about first aid in an outdoor setting.

Testimonial from Andrew Richardson, teacher, RRMA
09/07/2024Another fantastic course by Pete. I really like the real life experience and ongoing learning Pete brings to his delivery. An incredibly useful and no nonsense first aid course.

Testimonial from Jamie Magee
27/06/2024A fabulously informative and practical course, delivered with a great blend of appropriate, seriousness, humour and humanity. Pete held everyone's attention for the full two days and I'm sure we all left, knowing much more than when we arrived.

Testimonial from Richard Usher, Director, Elm Court Energy Services Ltd
26/06/2024Really liked the visuals used and real life situations this makes it more real applying first aid . Key points emphasised and the importance of engaging .

Testimonial from Laura Couper
25/06/2024Brilliant course, and Pete is an excellent engaging teacher and keeps things interesting. I felt the key thing that I hadn't got on previous courses was the how/why we need to do things, rather than just what the process is, to enable thorough understanding of the cause-effect (for example CPR and why going too fast/slow is problematic) and to help to properly remember the information.

Testimonial from Niamh Lewis
06/06/2024Not all learning is fun! This course, however, has a perfect blend of classroom based, experiential learning and a bit of humour.

Testimonial from LEE IRVING
06/06/2024This is a course I always look forward to. I flew back from NZ to attend this course! Incredibly informative. Everyone should do this course and more lives would be saved. Pete is a great speaker with lots of exciting, funny anecdotes and genuinely cares about helping other people.

Thanks again, see you next time.

Joe Flanagan

Testimonial from Joe Flanagan, Flowstate Bike
29/05/2024The outdoor first aid course provided a great refresher of my first aid skills and was such an improvement on the previous outdoor course I took three years ago in terms of relevance.

Pete made the course interesting by providing multiple very relevant examples of different outdoor situations and how these were dealt with which. The equipment supporting the course was fantastic, with smart dummies for CPR practice, vests to practice the Heimlich manoeuvre, examples of outdoor shelters, protection and wound packing.

Testimonial from Alexander Grove
24/05/2024Pete, it was a great course, thank you. Even though I'd done your course before, I still learned new things as well as consolidated and improved knowledge I already had. Also, some of the kit recommendations were helpful. Thank you.

Testimonial from Paul Law, Milnthorpe Primary School
23/05/2024First Aid Cumbria delivered exceptional training covering pre-learning, two full days in person with role-playing and many real-life teaching examples to embed the learning.

Testimonial from Kirsty Mawhinney, Volunteer , Rookhow
09/05/2024A really good Course given by a very informed and knowledgeable trainer. We did the right amount of sitting and then practical. Always interesting and on the ball. Learned a lot.a balance of interactive and good old fashioned hands on teaching and learning.

Testimonial from Jeffrey Fozzard
08/05/2024I recommend Peter's courses very highly: he is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher, who provides first aid training in a very accessible and understandable format. Thank you

Testimonial from Sarah Elton, Teesdale Holistics / Yad Moss ski slope
Link to student's website
24/04/2024As ever a very good course. Pete Cunningham has excellent knowledge and experience of First Aid which is evident in his delivery of the course.

Testimonial from David Channing, Mountain Leader and Army Cadet Force Officer
23/04/2024Great first aid course, not once did I feel nothing wasn't explained clearly. I think this was due to Petes personal stories and experiences of the outdoors or just general experience that he or someone he knows has had to apply first aid. From a personal experience, its always better to have a trainer who has genuinely experienced the implementation of first aid first or any course they are delivering first hand and the fact that Pete has had many of these situations, made me feel reassured that, yes it will be stressful. But, taking that breathe and understanding that you can apply first aid to the best of your abilities, even when in the outdoor surroundings, that it is always better to do something, than nothing.

Testimonial from Louise Makin, Trainee, Bendrigg Lodge
12/04/2024The use of technology with the CPR equipment and seeing actual incidents on video. This made incidents more relatable and help appreciated the responsibility to be able to do something.

Testimonial from Alison (Margaret) Wood, Governor
25/03/2024This course course provided a comprehensive theoretical knowledge base to outdoor first aid. This was linked to practical demonstrations and practice. Video content of actual incidents reinforced the knowledge base. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and interesting. A course i would recommend to anyone.

Testimonial from William Duncan
22/03/2024A well paced course, lots of information delivered in a way that made it easy to understand without feeling like we were being overloaded.

Testimonial from Chris Mawby, Reserve Warden, Natural England
19/03/2024great and realistic course

Testimonial from Douglas Walker
15/03/2024Really enjoyed this course I arranged for our staff at Park Cliffe. Peter was a great trainer and delivered the course in a friendly, relaxed and informative manner. Found it useful to complete the online training prior to the course leaving you time to concentrate on the more practical elements of the course.

Testimonial from Susan Dickson, Owner, Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate
22/02/2024A great course delivered well, targeted specifically for the audience attending. Lots of differentiation in learning styles and incorporation of previous learning. Pete really brought first aid back to the basics to encourage and promote practical help in an outdoor environment is simple, and made it relevant to everyday life. A real confidence builder for all!! Thank you

Testimonial from Laura Patrick
22/02/2024An extremely good and well-organised course, taught by Pete with loads of practical experience and common sense, which really helps

Testimonial from Diane McGuinness, self-employed International Mountain Leader
17/02/2024I really enjoyed your delivery Pete, it was engaging and focussed, and used a wide variety of props, media and interactive quizes to reinforce our learning.

Testimonial from Claire Wickham
07/02/2024Peter is a brilliant instructor. He enabled me to understand what he was teaching and to embed previous learning.

Testimonial from Helen Brigham, N/A
06/02/2024Car parking was just about ok but if I had a problem that would be my only criticism.

Testimonial from Simon Blundell, Preston wall deputy manager , Lakeland climbing centre
http://Lakeland climbing
01/02/2024Pete is an excellent trainer and makes the course engaging and interesting. All the material is really relevant to the outdoors.

Testimonial from Lucy Scrase, Chief Operations Officer , Ourea Events
25/01/2024Thank you for such an engaging and informative training, filled with hands on aspects, real life examples, and fun activities. It had exceptionally accurate CPR training with the aid of the direct electrical feed from the CPR dolls to your mobile device, to examine your skills. The training was interactive throughout, with a hint of competitiveness thrown into aspects, which really helped gel the participants of the course together. It was really beneficial to look at some great first aid products available on the market and test them on ourselves. Pete was approachable and extremely knowledgable. The tea/coffee/biscuit facilities and location for the training was also great. I Would highly recommend the course and provider and I look forward to participating in future training with Pete.

Testimonial from Heather Williams, Secondary school teacher , Education
15/01/2024Really enjoyed doing the course, and hope my contributions enriched, rather than presenting a problem... i hope not!

Testimonial from Matthew Burke, Technical Festivals and Events Production
13/01/2024Pete attracts a wide variety of skilled participants on his course. This is good as they bring other ideas, Pete uses them along with his own extremely wide knowledge.

Testimonial from David Yardley
12/01/2024Good delivery of First Aid in a friendly and relaxed environment. The Course is well resourced with all in attendance able to practice skills.
This Training places First Aid into a realistic Outdoor agenda.
Would definitely recommend to others.

Testimonial from David Meredith, Forestry and Arboriculture Instructor/ Assessor , David Meredith
09/12/2023Thanks Pete for a great (as always) course - really appreciated the variety of teaching methods and training props.

Testimonial from Stuart Halford
07/12/2023I did my first First Aid Course as a student nurse nearly 50 years ago and then much more first aid training in a TA Field Hospital over many years
This is the best course I have attended
The content was presented in lots of different ways in order to ensure our understanding - there was plenty of kit to practice on to gain confidence but best of all was our teacher Pete's absolute commitment to ensuring that we learned
The whole day was great fun but more importantly I now feel confident that I have gained enough skills to be a competent First Aider - thank you

Testimonial from Barbara Osborne, Trustee, Oxen Park Cinema Club
07/12/2023A very valuable one day course, well delivered with clear information and time for questions.

Testimonial from Amanda Lane
07/12/2023A very well run and comprehensive course. Trainer Pete has a easy, relaxed style and paced the day very well.

Testimonial from David Hamer
06/12/2023A very well paced 2 day course that covered key points / areas of outdoor first aid. Delivery was engaging and varied. Pete was extremely knowledgable and kept all participants focussed and engaged in learning. There was an excellent mix of factual information, interactive quizzes, role play, practical examples, video clips. This combination maintained my attention and therefore increased my learning of the subject areas.

Testimonial from Karen Greenall, M&T Adventures
29/11/2023Very informative day, I've learnt lots of new skills that I am able to apply in real life situations!!

Testimonial from Lola Armitstead
18/11/2023Fantastic, informative, and engaging 1st aid course, run by Pete Cunningham.
I learned a lot and gained confidence in doing things like CPR after practicing on the interactive dummies that gave feedback to assess the quality of our CPR.

Testimonial from Hannah Clarkson Webb, instructor trainee, ROCK UK
15/11/2023Thank you for an excellent course and dare I say making first aid fun, I just wish all courses were as good as this.

Testimonial from Anna Garstang, Teaching assistant
08/11/2023I've been doing first aid courses since I began in the outdoor industry 27 years ago, and this was certainly the best. The focus was in all the right areas, to make me feel confident giving first aid in both outdoor and indoor environments.

I really appreciated Pete's passion for the subject. His curiosity to find the latest research really added to the experience. Brilliant - I'll certainly come back.

Testimonial from David Haygarth, Mountaineering Instructor (WMCI), and coach. , David Haygarth
08/11/2023Pete has a pragmatic approach to first aid and covers the subject in enough depth to make participants feel confident they can use it confidently and appropriately. A great course.

Testimonial from Christopher Conley, CHRIS CONLEY COACHING
01/11/2023The course was spot on and very professionally delivered by Peter. Top guy full of enthusiasm and very knowledgeable. Hit the nail on the head really with the contents of the course.

Testimonial from Gavin Parker, Retired from full time work. Im a ML.
31/10/2023First class training

Testimonial from David Armstrong
14/10/2023I've lost count of how many first-aid courses I've done in the past.

Typically they are geared around helping you pass a test at the end in order to have the qualification required. Pete had a confidently and transparently different approach to equipping us as first-aiders. The emphasis on principles, and fundamentals, with a realistic dose of common sense and sound rationale for stepping in and taking the initiative was empowering and refreshing. Bearing in mind that the world is complex and unpredictable and therefore traumatic incidences tend not to happen in ways that fit a standard cookie-cutter response I feel much more certain I'd be a useful person to have around if things got serious and lives were at stake.

Testimonial from Ian Woods
14/10/2023I've lost count of how many first-aid courses I've done in the past.

Typically they are geared around helping you pass a test at the end in order to have the qualification required. Pete had a confidently and transparently different approach to equipping us as first-aiders. The emphasis on principles, and fundamentals, with a realistic dose of common sense and sound rationale for stepping in and taking the initiative was empowering and refreshing. Bearing in mind that the world is complex and unpredictable and therefore traumatic incidences tend not to happen in ways that fit a standard cookie-cutter response I feel much more certain I'd be a useful person to have around if things got serious and lives were at stake.

Testimonial from Ian Woods
12/10/2023As expected really enjoyable and informative.

Testimonial from Tim Lofthouse, Support, Impact international
11/10/2023Excellent course from a very experienced and knowledgeable Trainer.

Testimonial from Matthew Ellis, Director, Derwent Hill
10/10/2023A well delivered course which provided a good mixture of teaching, practical sessions and realistic videos. As a mountain leader the course certainly met my needs. Only hope I don't need it!

Testimonial from Raymond Lathan Ball, Mountain Leader, Mountain Explorer
08/10/2023This was my seventh first aid course with Pete. He always manages to deliver all the information keeping it up to date and relevant and he always finds new ways of presentation keeping the course interesting and engaging.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
06/10/2023well presented and informative course. Pete is really knowledgeable and his reflective stories are fascinating and informative. I will be using Pete for all my future training needs.

Testimonial from Fiona Woodward
02/10/2023After completing first aid courses in the past, I have never left feeling confident to put these potentially life saving skills into practice. However, after completing this first aid course I absolutely do! A very informative, hands on course delivered with an excellent level of knowledge. Thank you so much!

Testimonial from Stephanie Townson
06/07/2023Hi Pete,

Just to say I enjoyed attending this 2 day first aid course. It was good doing role play telling us the casualty had a different problem than what you said.
Top marks. I'll come back.

Testimonial from Javier Simon
06/07/2023Superbly organised and aimed at the level of the attendees. I learnt about several new products to add to my first aid kit.

Testimonial from Carol Margaret McNeill, Coach, Lakeland Orienteering Club
29/06/2023Great course delivered enthusiastically with real insight from the trainers' personal experiences.

Testimonial from Paul Littlechild, Retired
29/06/2023I've done a lot of first aid courses. This is the best one I've done. It maintains my interest throughout and teaches me without embarrassment.

Testimonial from David Rowe , Assistsnt Headteacher
27/06/2023Thank you for a very useful and very useable course.

Testimonial from Claire Rushton, Teacher, LRGS
22/06/2023A fantastic two day course that focuses on the needs of the learners. Pete is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers content with empathy, humour and no nonsense.

Testimonial from Rebecca Coldwell, Learning Assistant at Carnforth High
25/05/2023It was a shame the technology wasn't working correctly, as it would have been great to get the learners all on the same page and able to see their compression rates etc. Having said that, the session was interactive for the learners, which suited the class.

Pete was extremely knowledgeable and could put a scenario to everything, making it real life for the learners. It was also nice that he took into account the sector the learners were working in and could resonate with them to an extent.

I feel the learners got a lot out of it, even those who I thought wouldn't engage as well, engaged really well, and answered questions when asked.

Testimonial from Nicola Hullock, Apprenticeship Facilitator - Agriculture , Kendal College
04/05/2023Another really useful two days refreshing knowledge for first aid in an outdoor setting. Pete is a fountain of knowledge and brings a wealth of anecdotes and real life examples which bring the whole thing to life and really helps in the understanding of what to do. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Charlotte Somers Cocks, Retired, Impact Development Training - now retired
04/05/2023Another really useful two days refreshing knowledge for first aid in an outdoor setting. Pete is a fountain of knowledge and brings a wealth of anecdotes and real life examples which bring the whole thing to life and really helps in the understanding of what to do. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Charlotte Somers Cocks, Retired, Impact Development Training - now retired
23/04/2023Great first aid course lots of knowledge from Pete..

Testimonial from Rachel Buckle, Nanny
23/04/2023Well delivered course very informative

Testimonial from Lisa Swift
28/03/2023it was a good course. instructor was very knowledgeable

Testimonial from Kim Elder
22/03/2023It was a great course. I feel like I'm more prepared to face the realities of a first-aid emergency should one ever occur around me. I left a lot more confident and knowledgeable than I arrived. It was definitely a worthwhile session.

Testimonial from Jack McPhillips
01/03/2023The course was very well delivered. Did exactly what I needed and everything was made very clear

Testimonial from Richard Rothwell, Cycling Coach, Rich Rothwell Cycling Ltd
14/02/2023Very enjoyable course delivered in a refreshing way, covering loads of content in an engaging way. Great effort Pete.

Testimonial from Edmund Taylor
08/02/2023A great Trainer who delivered the course at the right level for the audience.

Testimonial from Martin Kenyon, Director of Training
31/01/2023The course run by Pete was wonderful. It was very informative and enjoyable- I came away feeling confident to perform first aid and well-informed. Pete was very experienced and this came across through his delivery.

Testimonial from Emma Farrell, Primary School Teacher , St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Ulverston
26/01/2023I have been attending this course every 3 years for my whole career and each time I come away having not only refreshed my knowledge but learned something new or a new method of doing things I already knew.

Testimonial from Robert Bond
25/01/2023I have now done at least five of Pete's courses. He keeps updating the content to provide relevant and engaging learning for First Aiders. The courses really focus on what you need to know to preserve, promote and prevent. Extra faff is removed. The content is always evolving and key learning points are shared by a variety of presentations and styles. The practical sessions are particularly valuable. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from James Bumby, Head of Centre / WCMI, High Borrans Outdoor Education Centre
25/01/2023This is my third course with Pete from First Aid Cumbria and I have done several courses with other providers over the years. First Aid Cumbria are by far the best and we send all our staff to them. I would urge anyone considering an "Outdoor First aid" course to take it with them

Testimonial from Pat McGucken, Manager, Leisure Lakes Bikes Ulverston
15/01/2023This was a very enjoyable and informative day. Pete was an excellent trainer, covered all the material in depth and kept our attention throughout the day. The exercises we performed for CPR were really good and should be lodged in my memory now. I came away from the course feeling confident that I could provide First Aid if it is required in future.

Testimonial from Alastair Tholen, Director, EOA Systems
15/01/2023This is an exceptional course and presented by a truly knowledgable and professional trainer, I can't recommend attending this course highly enough.

Testimonial from Donald McWilliam
02/01/2023Many courses now with Pete: this one great as always

Testimonial from Nicholas Russell
21/12/2022Well done Pete you could see you were struggling and had merciless peers in the room but delivered excellently

Testimonial from Christopher Binks, Partner and all other roles , Anyone Can LLP
19/12/2022I have attended numerous first aid training courses with Pete over the years. They have always been excellent, with a good balance of theory and practical advice. Pete continues to update his training with the latest research alongside his considerable experience in managing first aid situations, providing a course which is relevant, engaging and full of helpful practical tips.

Testimonial from Rob White, Activity Lead, Calvert Reconnections
14/12/2022I think the curse was tailored to the delegates knowledge and ability, and we covered the big, scary things in depth. Pete made things seem simple which gives me confidence to go away and feel competent to tackle a situation when someone is in serious tru0ble and needs help

Testimonial from Henri Carew, Stables Manager, Lake District Calvert Trust
14/12/2022Excellent training overall from an obviously very experienced practitioner and trainer. Equipment such as mannequins for CPR were high class with good technology (bluetooth feedback to our phones - excellent) which enabled all candidates to practice skills at their own pace.

Testimonial from Chris Higgins
13/12/2022An excellent course that happens to give a certificate that other people will use to tick a box. Real world advice from practical application to back up the theory and a non judgemental opportunity to put the learning into simulated situation - role play for those that don't like role play but are curious how they would react in an incident.

Testimonial from Anthony David Pearce, Estate Manager, Impact International
12/12/2022An excellent course.Particularly impressed with the app to check CPR. Despite my career in medicine and remote area trauma care, I learned new information, and refreshing of skills is always important.Pete was not "fazed"by the presence of two doctors in the audience.

Testimonial from Robin Jackson
08/12/2022The course was enjoyable and very informative. In nearly 40 years of working in the Outdoors I have done over 25 first Aid courses and this one has been one of the best I have done. It was great that Pete tailored the content to what we all wanted / needed to know and didn't just plough through a set syllabus. An excellent course and I will be thoughly recommending it to anyone who needs a first aid course.

Testimonial from Chris Harvey, Freelance Instructor
08/12/2022The resources were extensive and allowed each participant time to operate each type of manakin, AED, bandages etc first hand to conduct active and practical learning. It was clear to see that Peter had a natural passion to deliver a 1st class first aid course.
Peter spoke a lot about different scenarios and asked for audience feedback and participation. Not one situation will be the same as the next and it was paramount that Peter showed us how to asses and think "outside the box".
I have been on many First Aid courses throughout my career and consider this the best yet.

Thank you again Peter.

Testimonial from Carys Grady, SEN nursery nurse practitioner , Blossom Trees Nursery
08/12/2022Really knowledgeable trainer who kept things simple, clear and emphasised just what we needed to know.
This is how first aid should be and great to get such clarity. Many thanks.

Testimonial from Alex Stothert
08/12/2022Absolutely fantastic course run by Pete, his enthusiasm for First Aid shines through and it results in a very informative and hands on course. Perfect blend of theory and practical elements and all the resources you get to use were super helpful in adding to the learning process. Would strongly recommend to anyone considering and has made me feel a lot more confident in my ability to administer First Aid!

Testimonial from Matthew Walker
04/12/2022I felt our trainer was realistic in the acceptance that most first aiders will feel unsure and awkward, but he gave us the confidence to try and do the best we can.

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
30/11/2022Really well presented first aid course. Pete knows his stuff and keeps up to date. I would recommend this course to others, and I will aim to do this again in three years myself.

Testimonial from Laura Bath
28/11/2022I thought the course was very well organised and very well delivered. Pete created a relaxed atmosphere allowing learning to take place. Pete is very knowledgeable and has some good real life examples to illustrate the course detail with. Excellent training.....

Testimonial from Sally Hempsell, Conservation Grazing Manager/ Forest School Teache, Grazing Matters
27/11/2022Great course. This is the fifth time I've renewed my qualification with Pete.

Testimonial from Ian Rodham

Testimonial from Arlen Messam
10/11/2022Pete delivered a course which ticked all the boxes! It was informative and suitable for the group of students.
I particularly liked his style of delivery, combining slides, video and practical scenarios to meet a range of different learning styles.

Testimonial from Kerry Stafford-Roberts
05/11/2022Excellent course, very thorough with a wide range of teaching methods and teaching aids used to keep interest. Lots of hands on repetition of the important bits will help me retain the information going forward.

Testimonial from Kath Finn, owner, Karma Cycling
21/10/2022I have attended many first aid course by different providers. I also happen to come from a health care back ground and have worked in trauma teams and on intensive care units. I have often found on first aid courses that participants are taught information and skills that go beyond first aid, and while may provide them with information about a casualty it is often information they can do nothing with. Pete teaches in a refreshing and more appropriate way. He focuses on real first aid, with the importance of protecting, preservation and prevention being pivotal. He provides a straightforward and clear approach that is true first aid, and has avoided the pitfall a lot of first aiders fall into, which is showing off more advanced skills that go beyond immediate first aid. This course will leave you with a solid realistic base of first aid skills that can actually be applied in the real world as well as a clear understanding of when you need more than first aid.

Testimonial from Emma Hamilton
20/10/2022This was one of the most useful First Aid courses I have done. I learned a lot about the rationale behind certain actions which helps a lot in terms of decision making

Testimonial from Stephanie Green, Head of Modern Languages, ASCL for ski trips, Austin Friars
20/10/2022I feel Pete went above and beyond any first aid course I had attended in the past. Pete didnt just cover the essentials, he explained why and added real life experience. It is this experience that is valuable, whilst I have had some use of first aid it is not on the scale that Pete has. The combination of well paced teaching style, a mixture of practical and theory, plus real life experience made for a very good course.

Testimonial from Mark Williams, IT Manager and Silver DofE coordinator., Austin Friars
03/10/2022Deftly delivered by Pete. Engaging, pragmatic and clear. Good pace and responsive to questions.

Testimonial from John Matthews
02/10/2022Thank you so much Peter, you were an excellent trainer and were very easy to learn from. The course was never boring and was very informative with many "hands on" elements.

Testimonial from Matthew Primmer, Senior Residential Support Worker, AWW
30/09/2022Excellent course

Testimonial from Philip Poole, Safety Advisor, Impact International
30/09/2022The course made what can be a quite dry subject interesting, with a good mix of practical activities and talks/videos about real life examples. The Covid protocols were good.

Testimonial from Alan Grace
28/07/2022Take care and I'll be recommend people to you and see you in 3 years!

Testimonial from GARRY PEASLAND
17/07/2022Thanks. A very practical, excellent course.

Testimonial from David Davenport
14/07/2022I enjoyed the course. Everything that was talked about was explained well. I understood everything easily. The room was bright and open and tea coffee and biscuits were available throughout the day.

Testimonial from Ellie Stephenson
29/06/2022Pete was knowledgeable, relevant and enthusiastic about first aid; he also provided up-to-date information and implementation of guidelines with anecdotal evidence. Thank you

Testimonial from Deyna Hirst
28/06/2022You have great stories to illustrate the course content, that kept me engaged. You gave lots of opportunity for us to contribute or ask questions, you are good at identifying skills and experiences in the learners that help to enhance the point you are making too. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Alison Lehane
22/06/2022Great 1 day course with for me had just the right amount of content, delivered at a good pace & pitch and the provider seemed well kitted out with training aids and equipment etc.

Testimonial from Tom Slater
20/06/2022The course was very interesting and allowed me to apply my knowledge of first aid to everyday situations. The way the course was delivered made it very applicable and relevant.

Testimonial from Gillian Winters, Teacher, Cairn Education
17/06/2022Excellent course with great content and enthusiasm from Pete. I really enjoyed it!

Testimonial from Claire Bibby, Trainee Mountain Leader
14/06/2022Pete is a great communicator and is very knowledgeable. He encourages you to think about what is really important and not to faff about!

Testimonial from Charlie Shufflebottom
09/06/2022Spot on! I will definitely return and recommend to others.

Testimonial from Christopher Maycock
09/06/2022Really great course,I have learnt a lot of practical skills and I was engaged in the course for the full 2days thanks for all your help!

Testimonial from Samuel Ketchen
24/05/2022I've been on several first aid courses over the years in a previous profession- this course was refreshingly different as it was full of real life examples, the chance to share and learn from the other student examples and role plays carried out in an informal but friendly way- very much recommended to anyone who wishes to learn practical outdoor first aid

Testimonial from Graham Marshall
17/05/2022A very organised first aid course delivered smoothly be an experienced trainer. A variety of different activities kept focus and helped learning. Lots of discussion. Would highly recommend.

Testimonial from Catherine Benson
04/05/2022Thank you for the web site resource issued after the event. It helps refresh the memory. Perhaps an agenda for what is going to be covered on the course with section headings that match the resource material on the web site will help me refer back to what I learned.

Testimonial from Julian Rayner
25/04/2022Keep doing what you are doing, great courses, great coach. Thanks for slipping me in at the last minute, saved my bacon and I'll get the online learning done this week

Testimonial from Charles Sproson, Owner, Mountain Run
22/04/2022Personally I prefer the indoor sessions. I find that the outdoor scenarios are useful but they are so hard to make real that I find them more of a game to figure out what i should be spotting and so miss things easily. I do not dislike these but i get more from the discussions. I wonder if you should do a share your first aid incidents type of session and what did you learn or what did you not do, what surprised you etc. I know that you pick up on some people's when they share these but inviting all the participants to share their experiences would be both interesting to learn from and listen to.

Testimonial from Nigel Dykes, Nigel Dykes, BSc Outdoor Adventure & Environment, University of Cumbria
Link to student's website
22/04/2022The course is extremely practical with loads of great real life examples. Pete was brilliant at making the group feel at ease and able to ask loads of questions and share any knowledge that they had.

Testimonial from Roy White
09/04/2022A friendly and experienced trainer - it's nice to be on a First Aid course where the trainer has worked in the outdoors in the Lake District so understands the context. Recommended.

Testimonial from Christopher Bone
05/04/2022A really well devised and delivered first aid course. Pete always explains the course material and key points in an effective way that can be easily understood and applied in real life first aid situations.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
01/04/2022I would definitely recommend this course to anyone requiring a first aid course.
It is well delivered with lots of visual material and principles that are easy to understand.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
01/04/2022I would definately recommend this course.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
01/04/2022All good thanks.

Testimonial from Paul Trott, L3 Elec Tech, Access & Electrical LTD
31/03/2022Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Des Bagshaw, St. Aloysius College
28/03/2022Pete Cunningham delivers the course with very high quality content, detail and engaging presentation style. There was a really good mix of tutor explanation, video, powerpoint and real life footage to support the learning. The reduced amount of practical scenarios (due to covid limitations) allowed for a greater amount of time to be dedicated to the depth of information into different subject areas. Each section was very well though out and expertly delivered by Pete. Having the inclusion of the many different sources of video learning (from a wide variety of organisations) and also footage and images of real life scenarios is so valuable in preparing the first aider for possible encounters. The knowledge and experience of Pete shone throughout the course.

Testimonial from Rosemary Thomas, Woodmatters
28/03/2022Any of my comments can be used, for what they're worth.

Testimonial from Mike Simpson, Journeyman Outdoor Practitioner -stifles laughter-, Mike Simpson Mountaineering
25/03/2022This was a good course presented by a very knowledgeable man and I would recommend it to others. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jane Callow, 1-2-1 Listening Service Manager, NISCU
22/03/2022Pete knows his stuff and puts it across in a simple and understandable way with lots of useful 'toys' and videos to reinforce it. Great 2 days. Thanks.

Testimonial from Ingrid Matthews
11/03/2022Very useful and enjoyable day thanks Peter and Paul

Testimonial from Amanda Roberts, Senior Visitors Facilities Assistant, Ryedale Folk Museum
01/03/2022Thanks Peter for an enjoyable and challenging day.

Testimonial from Peter Deaville
01/03/2022An excellent course which clearly and simply has equipped with the essentials for First Aid in the work place.

Testimonial from Andrea Taylor, Schools Worker, NISCU
01/03/2022The course was interesting, up to date and Pete was knowledgeable.

Testimonial from Kris Bentham
27/02/2022A good balance of practical and theory, excellent resources used.

Testimonial from Sarah Collison, Class Teacher, Bassenthwaite School
27/02/2022Great course, refreshed my memory on what to do when it matters. Recommend everyone does this.

Testimonial from Peter Morris, Paragliding Instructor
21/02/2022Great course practical information and technique. As always a great course from Pete

Testimonial from Alyn Griffiths, owner, high points
13/02/2022Brilliant course. Pete's relaxed attitude combined with his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject area, make for a highly successful product. Good stuff! Thank you.

Testimonial from Liam Walsh
10/02/2022It was really nice being in a warm venue with coffees and snacks. The equipment and resources were modern and relevant and we didn't need to share. Dave was really friendly and very knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. It was nice to be around other friendly outdoors people learning.

Testimonial from April Whiteley
10/02/2022I thought the course was incredibly interesting and well delivered. It can't be easy to keep everyone's attention for 2 days straight, but I heard every word and felt the constant links back to real life experience made it very relatable and engaging.
David was friendly, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour.
I've already recommended this course to colleagues.

Testimonial from Madeleine Parsons, Primary teacher
03/02/2022I would recommend this course to any of my friends and colleagues.

Testimonial from Barry Heslop, Freelance; educational & outdoors
02/02/2022A fantastic course with a great trainer. Pete's knowledge and experience really add to this course and mean you get the most learning possible from the day. Well worth booking onto, 6 course later I am still learning new things!

02/02/2022I have attended numerous First Aid courses over the years. This is the second course I have attended with First Aid Cumbria. It is by far the best in terms of approach, with the extensive knowledge and experience of the presenter coming through in the sessions and providing a realistic and practical approach to situations where first aid may be required.

Testimonial from Peter Terry
02/02/2022Staveley Village hall is a better venue than the Pavillion. More spacious and more comfortable

Testimonial from John Roelich, Retired Teacher
22/01/2022Thank you Pete for a really good course.

Testimonial from Callum Berry
19/01/2022Deb was very approachable, knowledgable and made the information and practical application easy to understand and remember. She also has a great sense of humour which made the course engaging.

Testimonial from Sian Irvine, Crossbank Dental Care
18/01/2022As ever a practical insight into first aid.

Testimonial from Ray Goodwin
10/01/2022Great course. Thanks

Testimonial from Neil Mathews
07/01/2022Well done. Good course. Years of working in outdoors it's good now that first aid feels realistic rather than teaching us to do things that seem ludicrous, or more importantly we'll forget, especially over time Ava when stressed

Testimonial from Paul Platt
06/01/2022Thanks Pete! Great course from which I learnt a lot of practical information. In the event that I am faced with situations where first aid is required, I will feel more prepared. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on hypothermia and mountain related first aid given where we live.

Testimonial from Victoria Thompson
06/01/2022As ever Pete delivered a fantastic 2-day session. Lots of practical learning backed up with the latest developments, anecdotes from medical professionals and adapted to real-world outdoor situations.

Testimonial from Richard Talbot, Director, Mountain Equipment
01/12/2021A really engaging, practical course that focused on 'being able to make a difference'. Thank you

Testimonial from Colin Hodgson, Leadership Consultant, Dove Nest Group
19/11/2021The best bit about this course is the opportunity to learn practical skills using the manikin. I have been taught CPR before, but it was so much easier to know if the technique was correct with the phone app and my own individual manikin. Thank you.

Testimonial from Pauline Kaye
12/11/2021Was a brilliant experience, I am so glad I got the chance to do this - the instructor made the course interesting and fun and ultimately gave me very useful skills!

Testimonial from Tyler Millington, Graduate Intern Outreach Office, Hello Future
10/11/2021I found the course very informative and useful far better than previous courses as it gives you more in depth knowledge

Testimonial from Ian Frost, Head gardener , Sedbergh school
10/11/2021Fantastic 2 day course. Excellent course content. Great teacher in pete. Who presented the information with great personnal knowledge. Never felt text book which related well with me.

Testimonial from Sam Moore
07/11/2021Thanks for a great course Pete. Covered a lot in a day but all explained very clearly. Plenty opportunities for us to have a go whilst keeping covid safe. Great how the Annie's app works now, really helped getting a feel for the force needed.

Testimonial from Kim Foster, Teaching Assistant
03/11/2021I feel much more confident to have a go if I find myself in need of applying first aid. It is the sort of knowledge I hope I will never have to use but you never know.

Testimonial from Chris Helliwell, Green woodwork tutor, Clervaux, Ruskin Mill
25/10/2021Pete delivers first aid courses in a very participant-centric way, tapping in to the knowledge "in the room" and building on that - which is great for involvement and confidence. He covers a lot a content in an accessible way and is always available for individual's questions that pop up. First aid courses can seem daunting as there is always a lot to take in but Pete gets the input level just right so that participants can leave with belief in their abilities as confident and effective first aiders.

Testimonial from Tim Morris, Facilitator and Coach
22/10/2021Employee enjoyed the course, thought it covered more than the usual 1 day first aid training, enjoyed all of it.

Testimonial from Gordon Harker, HSEQ Advsior, Stobbarts Ltd
21/10/2021Pete delivered an interesting and interactive course to what can be, after many first-aid updates, a dry and repetitive subject. The materials and teaching were innovative and effective, especially in these covid safety-compliant times. Pete's professionalism, client care and understanding, underpinned the quality and realism of this first-aid course. A testimony to his outdoor experience and knowledge base.

Testimonial from David Larkin, David Larkin - 40yrs of Outdoor Education and fun
20/10/2021Highly recommended, having completed many first aid courses this was by far the best

Testimonial from Michael Waplington
20/10/2021Really well communicated/taught with various methods leading to me taking much more of the course content in than on previous courses - was less overwhelming

Testimonial from Kay-Louise Andrews
19/10/2021This is a great course, good fun and it left me feeling inspired.

Testimonial from Josie Rabone
18/10/2021Thanks for another great course Pete!

Testimonial from Clare Dyson
04/10/2021An excellent course - well delivered, helpful and interesting - thank you, Pete

Testimonial from Alison Riley, Network Youth Church Minister, Diocese of Carlisle, Church of England
30/09/2021Another great 2 days - Thank you For some reason I come away feeling more confident in thinking how I will manage an incident

Testimonial from Richard Dutton
24/09/2021Pete was very knowledgeable, flexible and professional

Testimonial from Stephen Mitchell
23/09/2021Pete was an excellent instructor and made sure I was confident in my skills before I left

Testimonial from Michael Budd
22/09/2021A really well run course, thanks again Pete! I especially appreciated all the efforts you made to ensure the course was 'Covid Safe'. See you again for the next one!

Testimonial from Michael Palk
22/09/2021This is a practical knowledgeable course and is delivered in a personable manner. Hearing of real events and situations helps to relate it to your own life.

Testimonial from Susan Cartwright-Smith
17/09/2021Thanks Pete, great course as always. Driver CPC and First Aid combined in one is excellent. The practical skills and opportunities to consolidate the basics really sink the skill deep into the mind ready for (hopefully not) when you need it.

Testimonial from Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure
03/09/2021An excellent course with tons of theoretical and practical information!

Testimonial from Sophie Smith, Assistant Warden, Cumbria Wildlife Trust
02/09/2021Excellent course with lots of useful information. Would definitely take again.

Testimonial from Rebecca Dalley
15/08/2021Fantastic 2-day course, clear and concise with easy to understand content. A must for everyone to do.

Testimonial from Paul Stafford
21/07/2021An excellent and informative course, perfect for those who work in the outdoors.

Testimonial from Sophie Hall, Business Manager, Calvert Lakes
21/07/2021Petes courses are always brilliant - will book again definately

Testimonial from Vicky Wilkinson
20/07/2021An excellent course delivered by an experienced and engaging trainer.

Testimonial from Sam Barrett
19/07/2021The course was excellent and the instructor very knowledgeable and friendly. It was my first time on a first aid course and I came away from it with newfound confidence and awareness of what to do in emergency situations. Would use again for refresher training.

Testimonial from Niamh Sheppard
17/07/2021Excellent course, well presented

Testimonial from Keith Byers
30/06/2021Pete is approachable and pragmatic in his approach to outdoor First Aid. Tells you everything you need and nothing you don't need. Thanks. Chris

Testimonial from Chris Hillidge
30/06/2021Always good to top up and revisit the different techniques but Pete always varies and updates the info so it isn't exactly the same each time. Worth travelling up to the Lakes for!

Testimonial from Jane Stubbs, Head of Biology, Loughborough High School
28/06/2021In liked studying the basics on line first and then spending more time on things like CPR and hypothermia

Testimonial from Jim Akrill, n/a, n/a
28/06/2021Our trainer was friendly, helpful and informative. Information was clear and repeated just enough times to sink in without being boring. Conversations were relevant and informative but lighthearted enough to stop outcomes and procedures becoming 'scary'. Great course. Will definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Kirsty Turner
24/06/2021Pete pitches his courses very well. An enjoyable learning experience conducted in a very covid safe manner.

Testimonial from Jason Waters, Giggleswick School
21/06/2021As ever, a really good and comprehensive course for outdoor activity instructors. Very full and all topics well explained by Pete. Very professional, very competent and an excellent and very valuable refresher course. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Nick Gaskell, Director, Ski Nordic -'XC Ski Coaching Courses in Norway'
21/06/2021The outdoor first aid course was delivered using high quality kit, current 1st aid knowledge, and with great enthusiasm. Great value of money.

Testimonial from Ben McNutt, Wild Human
17/06/2021This was an excellent course that gave us everything we needed to ensure we can assist our members (and anyone else) when we are required to deliver first aid.

Testimonial from Liam Bibby
16/06/2021It is a pleasure to attend this course. Relaxed environment to refresh first aid knowledge and to be confident you will be informed of any updates. Pete's knowledge never fails to impress

Testimonial from Simon Mumford, teacher, clitheroe royal grammar school
15/06/2021Excellent course, really enjoyed the mixed learning approach and feel up to date in my first aid knowledge.

Testimonial from Gemma Prescott
13/06/2021A really informative course with a very knowledgable presenter. Recommended!

Testimonial from Peter Graham

Testimonial from Rob Saint – Humphries, Outdoor Activities Teacher, Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre
28/05/2021Thanks for such an engaging & interactive course Pete. Covid times have challenged us all - but through it you have stepped up and created some great adaptions. The individual boxes and tables gave me a safe & interesting space - and the smart Annies are amazing.

I've done multiple courses with you. This felt fresh & new. And the chocolate biscuits were appreciated too.

Testimonial from Joanna Roberts
27/05/2021Taught by an excellent, emotionally literate trainer, this outdoor and paediatric first aid course provided coherent information about everything one would need to know to be able to render first aid effectively. Peter focussed on getting us to use all the information available when assessing a casualty, thinking about why we were carrying out a particular course of actions and knowing when we had to act really quickly. Even though I have completed several first aid trainings over the years, I learned an incredible amount and, more importantly, understand how to use this.

Testimonial from Helen Brigham, N/A
26/05/2021Good to get the course done. As seems to be the case with Active Aid I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Testimonial from Winkelle ONeale
24/05/2021Just to say, all was as good as I expected based on previous courses with the same trainer.

Testimonial from Nicholas Russell
24/05/2021Very professional Trainer, good background knowledge on all topics covered. A great set up, lots of thought had gone in to making participants feel they were in a safe environment. Thanks Pete, great course.

Testimonial from Anne Platt
22/05/2021Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I highly recommend to others.

Testimonial from Margaret Whiteley
19/05/2021Very well presented.

Testimonial from Andrew Nicholson
15/05/2021Course content and delivery by Pete were as good as ever. His experiences in the hills results in a course which is relevant to the outdoors as well as to the work place environment.

Testimonial from David Channing, Mountain Leader and Army Cadet Force Officer
13/05/2021Thank you Pete

Testimonial from Lee Holmes, Course Director Leeds Beckett University
13/05/2021Pete obviously knew his stuff, answered questions well and gave consideration to comments made by attendees.

Testimonial from Christopher Roberts
03/05/2021A hands-on and very thorough course, came away feeling I'd really grasped the principles of First Aid

Testimonial from Lucy Baird
29/04/2021Overall an enjoyable and informative course, with a good mix of learning methods. Loved the CPR manikins and I would have liked to spend more time on the baby as I had trouble getting things to work. I found it useful doing more on children and babies than I have on past courses.

Testimonial from Amanda Halliwell
29/04/2021Pete is great at conveying first aid information and embedding confidence to stick to priorities, keep things simple and deliver meaningful first aid - which is exactly what any first aider needs. Relaxed, knowledgeable and with lots of hands-on/"been there" experience. Tony Halliwell, WMCI.

Testimonial from Anthony Halliwell
27/04/2021A well presented course and given by a good to understand tutor.

Testimonial from Harry Nelson, Facilities Co-ordinator, National Trust
22/04/2021A great course very effectively adjusted to meet all the demands of social distancing and a Covid safe environment.

Testimonial from Paul Bate, Brathay Associate Consultant/Trainer/Tech, Brathay Trust
21/04/2021Another Good Course

Testimonial from Allan Prickett, Director, Ambleside Tree Services Ltd
21/04/2021Peter was great. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jessica Daniel
21/04/2021Pete is a fantastic teacher, who always make the course a memorable and incredibly valuable experience. Hence why I have been coming back for the past 9 years.

Testimonial from Joe Flanagan, Flowstate Bike
19/04/2021Knowlegdeable staff made the course interesting

Testimonial from Andrew Galley
15/04/2021Great course delivered in difficult circumstances of social distancing, masks etc. Simon paced the content well for the group, kept us engaged throughout. Thanks.

Testimonial from Andy Gill, Head of Consulting, Brathay
15/04/2021Enjoyable and comprehensive

Testimonial from Andy Gill, Head of Consulting, Brathay
15/04/2021great course great teacher, i feel confident i could use what i learnt if needed affectively

Testimonial from Kerry Gossio, catering manager, the brewery arts centre
08/04/2021A great course and exactly what we needed for our roles and activities

Testimonial from Marion Brown, Trustee
06/04/2021Excellent course. The instructor was superb. I was extremely impressed (and surprised) by the technology in the "dummies", we got instant feedback on our smart phones on how we were doing when performing CPR on infants, children and adults. FAC's dummies "tell" you when you get it right! When performing First Aid it is critical that one can perform good CPR and the kit and instruction ensured we did. Superb teaching.

Testimonial from Roger Chaldecott
01/04/2021I like Peter's laid back, no nonsense approach to teaching. His medical knowledge is outstanding and he is an excellent communicator. I was also impressed by the amount of thought and preparation that had been done regarding the current pandemic.

Testimonial from Steve Anthony
30/03/2021I wasnt looking forward to the course, however i enjoyed and learnt a lot from Peter our trainer. He was thorough in his explaination's and answered any questions. I am more confident and more knowledgeable about the first aid tasks covered and explained in this course that are undertaken in everyday life.

Testimonial from Michelle Finnigan, Catering Supervisor, Lancashre county council
29/03/2021Due to Covid this was an unusually hands off course, but with individual equipment this course was kept friendly and safe. Peter has a great knowledge built up over the years and imparted some of this to us in a friendly and informative manner. Nothing was rushed and any question answered. A great course well run.

Testimonial from Andrew Jones-Barnes
29/03/2021Pete did a great job by using a range of videos, discussions, and scenarios to make the learning points memorable. Despite the Pandemic, Pete was able to offer an interesting course where everybody felt safe taking part.

Testimonial from Rebecca Richards
29/03/2021I enjoyed course very much at first I was apprehensive as I
have never done a first aid course but once I got into it I really enjoyed it

Testimonial from Andrew Johnson, Cleaner for Lancashire County Council
27/03/2021This will be the fourth course I have done with Pete, as always he makes the course interesting and fun. He never over complicates things like other courses I have been on. I feel this gives me the confidence to use first aid.

Thanks again, see you next time.

Testimonial from Clare Wooff, Outdoor instructor
26/03/2021The calm and positive learning environment created by the trainer supported learning for all and I came away feeling confident in the skills I had learnt.

Testimonial from Rachael Thompson, Head of Therapy, Cairn Education
25/03/2021Pete was a friendly, thoughtful and competent trainer, often able to relate the information presented to his own real life experiences. This helped interpret how the info found in training manuals could actually be applied most effectively in situations you may find yourself in when you need to call on this knowledge (hopefully never!). Best and most valuable two days training I have ever done. Wholeheartedly recommend Pete at First Aid Cumbria.

Testimonial from James Cowan
25/03/2021The most practical and comprehensive first aid course I have done. Peter is knowledgeable and the resources available to help you practice are relevant and up to date. I would certainly recommend this course and will use again in the future when it is time to renew my First Aid Certificate.

Testimonial from Lucie Kelly, Head of Education, Cairn Education CIC
25/03/2021Excellent Course. Carefully and safely adapted for Covid times. Henry Farrar

Testimonial from Henry Farrar
11/03/2021I'd highly recommend. This was my first time doing a course with Pete. The course content was fantastic, the days were very enjoyable and they covered a wide range of learning. It was delivered by Pete incredibly well and during Covid, I felt safe on the course in the venue and the course covered plenty of self-led practicals too. This mixed course approach should be considered in future. Areas I have not covered before on other courses such as heavy bleeds was something particularly useful to learn about.

Testimonial from Eve Mulholland, Engagement Officer, Cumbria Wildlife Trust
11/03/2021Great course. The information on paediatric first aid, although not in my area of work and activity was very helpful and informative.

Testimonial from David Meredith, Forestry and Arboriculture Instructor/ Assessor , David Meredith
03/03/2021A great few days. The online is excellent.

Testimonial from David Yardley
02/03/2021Very COVID safe and appropriate - thank you

Testimonial from Malcolm Wade, Owner, Lakeland Mountain Experience Ltd
08/01/2021I thoroughly enjoyed the course and even with covid restrictions, I was able to learn a huge amount.

Testimonial from Will Davies, Outdoor Instructor
21/12/2020I think Pete did a stellar job of delivering the course, especially with respect to having to mitigate the risks of Coronavirus transmission.
Even though it was not possible to perform first aid procedures on each other, I think he managed the situation excellently. I also felt extremely safe with the Covid measures he had put in place: for example, desks 2 metres apart from each other, sanitising material constantly available for personal use and for the cleaning of first aid equipment, having good ventilation in the room and gentle reminders on applying Covid safe practice.
I would highly recommend First Aid Cumbria to others. Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Tracy Cumberbatch, Reserve Warden, Natural England
16/12/2020Pete Cunningham delivered another excellent First Aid at Course. The blend of elearning, discussion time, videos and the level of knowledge shown ensured the course was relevant, and well paced. The practical element of the course covered all the key areas, was well resourced and even used new digital tools that made learning interesting and more enjoyable. It is always refreshing to see that the course is constantly being updated and I would recommend it to others. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Fergus Ogilvie, Teacher, Giggleswick School
06/12/2020Thank you for providing a course in such uncertain times. It means that I can continue working and earning. The teaching was practical and applicable to the wide range of people in the room. Everything was clear and precise.

Testimonial from Alice Phillips, Outdoor Swim Guide, Always Swimming Wild
http://Coming Soon....
04/12/2020Covid precautions were managed very well - I felt safe and comfortable and I liked having my box of goodies and ResusiAnnes all to myself! Perhaps continue with this after Covid?

Testimonial from Clara Fleming, Mountain leader and walking guide, self employed
30/11/2020Best first aid course I have yet attended. What I learnt will 'stick' better than ever.

Testimonial from Simon Kirkwood, Grower, Growing Well
29/11/2020It was very well organised and thought through .With Covid in mind , the venue was a very safe place and it was good that we all had our own space and equipment.Thank you

Testimonial from Sally Ineson
27/11/2020Pete was absolutely superb and the provision (COVID-appropriate) was so thoughtful. Definitely the best First Aid course I have been on.

Testimonial from Mary Smith, CEO, Growing Well
24/11/2020Hope Pete is still running it in 3 years time if I need to refresh.

Testimonial from Richard Storton
21/11/2020Pete delivered the training In a very professional manner,as always, whilst ensuring it was fun, which is important, especially when covering such important and potentially life saving training. Thanks for a great course!

Testimonial from Louise Smith, Nursery practitioner , Blossom Trees Nursery
19/11/2020I really enjoyed this course. The blended learning meant that I began the two practical days feeling like my knowledge was already refreshed. The two days then allowed us to discuss things further and try the skills and techniques that we were learning about. Pete is a great trainer who explains things clearly, with an appropriate sense of humour and at a good pace. I would very much recommend this first aid course.

Testimonial from Sarah Norton, Wray With Botton Endowed School
06/11/2020This is the best first aid course I have done. Pete is so well informed and passionate about first aid and this really came across in his delivery. I really enjoyed how practical the course felt. Having our own adult, child and baby mannequin to practise CPR on alongside use of an app to self assess, really helped me to gain confidence in this skill. I also found the catastrophic bleed section incredibly useful and loved practising direct digit pressure and packing on the squidgy wound cubes. The videos Pete used over the course of the 2 days were all very engaging and helped to cement my learning. The content and Pete's delivery both really helped to simplify all aspects of first aid and I definitely feel like I won't be forgetting the basics as quickly as I normally would. Also, I felt utterly reassured by the Covid risk assessment and policy that Pete had put in place.

Testimonial from Beth Griffith, Trainee Tutor , Bendrigg Trust
05/11/2020A really enjoyable course and extremely well delivered given the limitations of covid-19. It was really valuable being able to practice the practical and contemporary aspects of First Aid using the training equipment. Pete went to significant effort in creating a safe learning environment with every attendee working with their own training equipment at an individual work station in a spacious venue.

Testimonial from Darren Axe, Sustainability Manager, MLS, MLW, IML , Freelance International Mountain Leader
04/11/2020I have done many first aid courses before and Pete is always very good at delivering a worth wile course for outdoor professionals. It also felt very covid safe.

Testimonial from Nigel Edwards
24/10/2020Thanks Peter, After completing 15 or so first aid courses they can become a bit tedious, yours was not! The relaxed atmosphere, flexible approach and use of different media made learning interesting and stimulating, a very enjoyable course. I will not hesitate to book again in 3 years time.

Testimonial from Ben Reinsch
23/10/2020Thanks for a great course! It was a very thorough overview of First Aid - especially as it included an e-learning module - and was delivered in an enjoyable, interactive and pragmatic way.

Testimonial from Amy Boud, Playful Nature
15/10/2020Good day and learned about things I didn't know about (haemostatic) dressing

Testimonial from Libby Thompson, Head Cook, Bendrigg Trust
15/10/2020 thankyou I learnt a lot . u managed to create an engaging relevant course while creating a very safe sociality distanced environment

Testimonial from Thomas Marvan
13/10/2020Pete's attention to detail is second-to-none. Even during a pandemic, he delivered a richly rewarding course which left me brimming with confidence to deliver First Aid as soon as I walked out of the door.

Testimonial from Jonathan Wolfendale
11/10/2020A very informative, thorough and practical course.

Testimonial from Fiona Roberts, Teacher of Outdoor Education, Windermere School
09/10/2020The blended learning approach allowed me to prepare and focus ready for the course itself, which I thought was really helpful. I also thought the bluetooth resuss manakins combined with the QCPR app gave really useful feedback on how well we were performing CPR.

Testimonial from Stuart Peacock, Expedition Manager, Adventure Peaks Ltd
08/10/2020Thanks for making the course enjoyable. It really helped going through the sections and putting them into practice rather than just completing it online.

Testimonial from Charlotte Graham
08/10/2020Pete made every effort to ensure that the course was tailored to the learners needs. The adaptations made in light of Covid were appropriate. Pete found a fantastic balance of reminding us of these adaptations without allowing the course to be overshadowed by them. I'll be back in 3 years!

Testimonial from Robert Kendrew
06/10/2020Great course and content. Pete is brilliant and delivers an engaging and informative course. Recommend highly!

Testimonial from Cara Parker
05/10/2020Pete is an expert communicator with an wide ranging experience of teaching and using First Aid. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to know more about first aid in the outdoors.

Testimonial from Steve Bell
04/10/2020Excellent course. Really useful and I feel confident that I would be able to tackle the scenarios I am most likely to encounter.

Testimonial from David Yates, Lancaster Royal Grammar School
03/10/2020Pete delivered a fantastic course; totally up to date, engaging and delivered clearly and with a very human touch. Every course I have attended with Pete have managed to bring in new elements and increase my first aid knowledge, whilst covering all the basics thoroughly. The covid-secure measures he has in place this year are second to none - I felt extremely safe throughout the day. He has employed good alternatives to the hands-on close contact elements of the course. In summary a fantastic course with a good balance of activity, visual aids and direct teaching. Thank you Pete!

Testimonial from Kate Phillips, Finance Director, The Lakeland Climbing Centre Ltd
30/09/2020Pete is an excellent Trainer and he always manages to bring something new and fresh to the course. His protocols for Covid-19 secure were very well thought through.
> New emphasis on Lyme's disease
> New manikin app
> Mobile phone Emergency Information
> Defibrillator Cardiac Smart
> Tourniquets

Testimonial from Matthew Ellis, Director, Derwent Hill
30/09/2020This was my third Outdoor First Aid course with First Aid Cumbria. I was really impressed with the modifications for COVID security and the new CPR training app, which provided instant feedback and fun competitiveness within the group!

Testimonial from Heather Ohly, International Mountain Leader
30/09/2020I think this is the 6th course(?) I have done with Active Aid. I keep returning because the quality and content of the courses I have attended have never been matched by other providers I have used.

Testimonial from Huw Davies, Head Teacher , Ghyllside School
30/09/2020I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking practical knowledge and a foundation in outdoor first aid. Peter has a great delivery style, personable and interactive, and coupled with his wealth of practical experience meant that this was a highly informative, relevant and engaging course. Thank you!

Testimonial from Louise Yates, Director and Coach, Clear Perspectives Ltd
30/09/2020I was a little apprehensive about attending a First Aid course with Covid restrictions. I felt safe throughout and the course was much more engaging than I anticipated - even without as many practical sessions as usual. There was plenty of individual equipment to practice with which ensured I felt I learned and recapped as much as I needed

Testimonial from Rebekah Beadle
30/09/2020I have done lots of first aid courses and this is easily the best due to its practical nature and the detailed knowledge of the instructor.

Testimonial from David Rowe , Assistsnt Headteacher
27/09/2020A great 2 days well spent. Thank you.

Testimonial from Phil Irwin
17/09/2020Great job in tricky circumstances! Really good management of the course and ensuring nothing was missed due to Covid measures. I can't imagine that was easy to achieve as the instructor, so thankyou.

Testimonial from Jade BIELSKI
15/09/2020I really well run course. The depth of information and real world experience is second to none. The adaptions to the course to make it Covid safe have been really well thought out and created a very relaxing and safe learning environment. See you in another 3 years!

Testimonial from Steve Hudson, Logistics Coordinator,
02/09/2020Thank you Pete for providing a great Covid-secure course under difficult circumstances.

Testimonial from Matt Rushton, Assistant Headteacher, Dowdales School
02/09/2020Peters depth of knowledge and teaching style made this the most informative and confidence building first aid course I have attended.
The advances in tech which allows you to monitor your CPR performance was a real eye opener.

Testimonial from John Martin
02/09/2020Pre course I was prepared to be disappointed due to problems caused by Covid. Post and during the course I was very impressed with the way Pete ran the course. It was kept professional, enjoyable and relevant despite the restrictions imposed by Covid.

Testimonial from Joseph Robson, chainsaw/ forestry trainer/ assessor etc., Roebuck Forestry Services
01/09/2020A great course, well delivered by very knowledgeable trainer. Pete was great!

Testimonial from Alexander Ladds, Chaplain, Giggleswick School
01/09/2020Thank you for a enjoyable and informative course. Your hard work and investment in resources to make it work as well as it does under the current situation is very much appreciated.

Testimonial from David Fisher
26/08/2020great course, the trainer was very knowledgable, the course was very interactive and was presented in a simple, understandable way, the resources and the hands on element was excellent

Testimonial from Kristopher Wilkinson, Rehab Coach, Calvert Reconnections
25/08/2020Petes course and knowledge of the different areas is amazing. He did everything Covid compliant and it was still so much fun and so informative. I loved the use of "hands on" equipment along side the powerpoint with the intermittent moments of practicing skills throughout, "The cube is bleeding again!"

Testimonial from Stephanie McGowan, Rehabilitation Coach, Calvert Reconnections
25/08/2020Thanks Pete for creating a great first aid course, with a good mix of practical and theory, improvising to keep things interesting and still very safe during Covid
Your friendly approach to the subject created a learning environment where we felt interested, at ease and I think everyone contributed to the course and felt comfortable , even during the CPR bits, I didn't feel under pressure or put on the spot, but able to practice in my own time and now feel much more confident

Testimonial from Henri Carew, Stables Manager, Lake District Calvert Trust
23/08/2020Great course really enjoyed it, practical and useful for personal and professional use.

Testimonial from Matthew Bradley, Neuro rehab coach , Calvert reconnections
16/08/2020I have been attending Pete Cunningham's first aid courses for years. He always delivers well, his courses are informative, interesting and a pleasure to attend.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
12/08/2020Our learning had to operate within the restrictions of Covid. Peter was very conscious of our safety and social distancing and still successfully delivered a practical course.

Testimonial from Barbara Clifford
06/08/2020Thanks to Pete of First Aid Cumbria for a great course this week. Working around COVID restrictions can't have been easy, but I felt very safe and learnt a lot. It was a bonus to also get certificates for Forest School and Forestry as well as Outdoor First Aid - ideal to cover both my jobs.

Testimonial from John Hodgson, Project Officer, Restoring Hardknott Forest & Fore
05/08/2020This was Pete Cunningham's first course for about 9 months, and also the first course run under full COVID-19 arrangements. Despite this, it went very well. It was well managed and very well resourced

Testimonial from Peter Nelson
28/07/2020Thank you- awesome as ever.

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
28/07/2020Brilliant delivery and well organised practicals alongside fun and engaging resources. Top first aid course thanks

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
28/07/2020A great well designed practical course Thanks.

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
18/03/2020Even though there where restrictions due to the coronavirus, Pete and Tanya did a fantastic job still delivering a quality course.

Testimonial from Stephanie Atkinson, School Medical Assistant/ First Aid Instructor., N/A
18/03/2020Great course, really knowledgable instructor will definitely go on the course again in 3 years

Testimonial from Scott Cameron
17/03/2020Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the leaders made it really interesting.

Testimonial from Joanne Rice, Assistant Progress Leader
16/03/2020Peter had relaxed style which put everyone at ease, and his skill, knowledge and experience was brilliant.

Testimonial from Chris Hale, D of E Manager, Ripley St. Thomas School
16/03/2020Excellent two day first aid course, very interactive and informative.

Paul Marshall

Testimonial from Paul Marshall
15/03/2020Pete and Tania are excellent course providers. Very interesting, patient and with extremely clear guidance and teaching. Totally recommend.

15/03/2020Great course, lots of info and great resources. Really loved the CPR app really upped my skills

11/03/2020Great as always!

Testimonial from Sam Sykes, Director, Sam Sykes H Q
10/03/2020Please keep on going as you're doing a great job. You make everything seem so accessible and have left us feeling capable enough to make all the right decisions when the time comes!

Testimonial from Andrew Casey, Director, WalkWise UK Ltd
10/03/2020the course is first class and has built confidence in responding to a critical condition and given a desire to learn more

01/03/2020Just wanted to say that I was impressed with the tutors. Debs and Trish both had a very good style and were very good at clearly explaining what they knew and what we needed without adding excessive detail. They clearly knew more but were careful to keep things clear and simple. This was further emphasised by Debs as she kept referring back to the key points whenever we had problems to solve.

Testimonial from Gareth Thomas
28/02/2020Thanks for a great course which featured active participation and clear information from knowledgeable trainers. It was easy to learn in a friendly but focused atmosphere and the delicious lunch at the pub was a bonus.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
28/02/2020This was my first time doing blended learning and it was a very effective way to retain the detailed information.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
28/02/2020Plenty of information on paediatric first aid and relevant training using child and infant CPR dummies.

Testimonial from Tania Lemmey
26/02/2020I thought everything about the course was excellent. The scenario based approach was well thought out and the knowledge and experience of the tutors was at a very high level. Anyone considering attending a First Aid course should look no further than Active Aid.

Testimonial from Andy Hope
25/02/2020Trish and Deb delivered an excellent course in a friendly and confidence building manner. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Catherine Sinclair, Freelance Outdoor Instructor
25/02/2020Debs Park was really good, all broken down into easy to understand language.

Testimonial from Steve Sutcliffe, Director, Yorkshire in style
22/02/2020Was very good, couldn't of asked for a better tutor

Testimonial from Rhys Wadsworth
18/02/2020Trisha is an excellent asset to the company; knowledgeable and professional and easy to listen to.

Testimonial from  Hilary Pezet, Head of Arts & Media, Kendal College
18/02/2020Fantastic trainer, reassuring and didn't make anyone feel stupid.

Testimonial from Georgina Boswell, Wellbeing officer, Kendal College
15/02/2020Great first aid course, good variety of learning styles and and time to practice. Lunch included is of course a bonus and great to be doing the course with lots of friendly outdoor people.

Testimonial from Maria Hearn, Primary School Teacher , Appleby Primary School
15/02/2020Good to have instructors with different backgrounds.

Testimonial from Maria Hearn, Primary School Teacher , Appleby Primary School
15/02/2020Great to be able to do this course alongside other course and use the online learning as a refresher from the day.

Testimonial from Maria Hearn, Primary School Teacher , Appleby Primary School
12/02/2020thank you for a great 2 days of good informative realistic training with such great trainers who took the time for everyone to ask questions and gain a full understanding of the course content

Testimonial from Krista Johnston, Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator, teacher and Instruct, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
11/02/2020Delivered by very experienced and knowledgeable folk who understand the challenges of outdoor and remote locations -but give you the confidence and skills to do the very best you can to enable survival and recovery.

Testimonial from Sally Hempsell, Conservation Grazing Manager/ Forest School Teache, Grazing Matters
09/02/2020See above.

Testimonial from Julie Harpham
04/02/2020Trish was knowledgeable, likeable and pitched the content at just the right level. She was obviously a total natural in her field of expertise with a wealth of knowledge and a really personable way of teaching, making the course 'fun' when appropriate but also emphasising the serious nature of the content. Her experience as a nurse shone through but wasn't intimidating and didn't try and scare us with gory stories which I have had in the past from previous trainers, she just shared good examples when appropriate.
From a practical point of view, all equipment was of a high standard and in good working order and the schedule was well organised and thought through with enough variety to keep us all engaged.
Most importantly, I have been left feeling really confident in my first aid knowledge and feel I would deal with a situation to the best of my ability should one arise.
I have been on a lot of first aid courses and Trish was by far the best trainer I have ever had. I would never have guessed she had been only teaching to 'non-medical' students for a few months (I think this is what she said!)

Testimonial from Laura White, Collections Officer, National Trust
01/02/2020We arranged an in house one day first aid for our therapists at Mountain Massage Company. The course was easy to arrange, and covered everything we need to be safe and able to help others. The course provider was knowledgeable and fun. I would definitely use your company again. Thank you.

Testimonial from Hazel Clark, Mountain Massage Co
01/02/2020We need to have a valid first aid certificate for our practice and this was fun and informative. Debbie was a great instructor.

Testimonial from James Clark, Owner and Therapist, Mountain Massage Co.
31/01/2020Trish was highly knowledgeable and made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the course. The day was timed well giving a break at a good time, and breaking up sitting and reading/ listening with getting up and 'doing' and putting knowledge into practice. Fantastic course, I feel a lot more confident I would know what to do if an incident occurred.

Testimonial from Anna Butler, Business Support Coordinatior
30/01/2020I have attended First Aid courses in the past but the course with Trish was by far the best. I felt incredibly engaged and there was the right balance of presentations and practical assessments.

Testimonial from Stephanie Coxon
30/01/2020Well delivered by friendly knowledgeable people, with enough up to date equipment to cater for large groups well.

Testimonial from Danielle Chalmers
17/01/2020Overall one of the best FA courses I have done. A nice informal delivery style with plenty of time to discuss ideas and thoughts. Also very good value for money compared to many FA courses. And a pub lunch included, what's not to like!

Testimonial from Robert Richardson, Outdoor Instructor
15/01/2020Trish and Deb complemented each other well with their different backgrounds. There was a good balance between practical sessions, instruction and discussion. Trish and Deb created opportunities for us as students to learn from each other. There was no unsatisfactory rushing through the syllabus to get it "covered".

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
09/01/2020Peter presented the course very well, with humour and knowledgeable enthusiasm. Considering the amount of information which could be covered, the content was very sensible and helpful.

Testimonial from Margaret Watson, Museum Assistant, Kendal Museum, Kendal College
13/12/2019Excellent course, as always.

Testimonial from Anne Platt
13/12/2019A great course and delivered at the right level

Testimonial from Martin Kenyon, Director of Training
12/12/2019This course is a practical one which looks at covering the fundamentals of first aid extremely well. The course delivery is excellent, and the trainers have a breadth of knowledge and experience to match the training to your (often niche) circumstances.

Testimonial from Robert Bowyer, Senior Surveyor, Carter Jonas LLP
12/12/2019I've been on 4-5 other First aid courses over the years, with a range of providers, but this was the best. The approach was effective and a good learning environment, with lots of practical elements. The use of technology with the resuscitation dummies gave a lot of confidence that you were doing it sufficiently well to be effective.

Testimonial from Tony Jolly, Landscape Gardener
05/12/2019This course was ran in a professional manner, with the tutor clearly able to adapt and tailor i to suit the class. The Venue was great and the views well worth taking this course just to see.If anyone is seeking a similar course i would heartily recommend this one.

Testimonial from Scott Edmondson, Lead Auditor & Quality Management System Lead, TIS Cumbria Ltd
05/12/2019Useful mix of practical first aid and theory to back it up. Pete's knowledge and experience from a wide variety of settings is great. Good interaction and use of particular strengths from participants too to put the course into context. Thanks for another very useful course.

Testimonial from John Douglas, Senior Instructor
05/12/2019This was a refreshing approach to first aid, direct and informative without being overwhelming in its content. It was easy to see the wood for the trees and know what is really important in any given scenario. The use of resuscie annies, one to each participant and the ability to get instant feedback via my android phone was so useful in improving my technique in giving CPR and seeing the workings of the defibrillator was really helpful. An enjoyable day.

Testimonial from Betina Mitchell
30/11/2019Cumbria First Aid provided a one day course for our volunteers from the Fairfield Association Nature Reserve. Twelve of us attended and the cost gave our Charity very good value. From previous training we knew that we would receive top quality training from a man who knows his stuff and how to present it.

Testimonial from Ian Procter, Volunteer Organiser, The Fairfield Association, Lancaster
19/11/2019There were aspects of this course which were new and challenge perceptions. It was welcoming and well catered with some very good interactive resources.

Testimonial from Sarah Smith
18/11/2019Pete delivers an engaging and inspiring First Aid course.
His simple yet detailed delivery helps to reinforce previous knowledge and increase confidence in First Aid situations.
His knowledge and resources are current and interactive.

Testimonial from Beth Swait, Head of Outdoor Education, Bredon School
14/11/2019Pete provided a good mix of practical and theory. He is knowledgeable and passed that knowledge on well taking on board the skills and attributes of the course participants.

Testimonial from Kerry Stafford-Roberts
13/11/2019I am fully retired and have no legal requirement for a certificate. I do this course purely because competency in First Aid is a priority for me. That this is the third course I have done with Peter should speak for itself.

Testimonial from Gus MORTON
06/11/2019Excellent, informative course that has a lot of elements that relate to working in the outdoor industry and many other aspects of working and first aid for general living.

Testimonial from Keith McGregor
03/11/2019Great course. Practical and appropriate.

Testimonial from Stephen Banks
03/11/2019Great course thank you.

Testimonial from Stephen Banks
01/11/2019This was the first formal first aid course I've ever attended, and I feel much more confident after it to step up and try to help someone in need of first aid. Advice was detailed but digestible and useable, even in an outdoor situation. Pete was friendly, helpful and created a great learning dynamic with a lot of dialogue, active engagement and opportunity to use and practice techniques. Even after lunch, we were all engaged and the session was never dull and always useful. I would definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Christopher Witter
01/11/2019A thorough and enjoyable course with a mix of classroom and practical aspects that meant everyone from first-time first aiders through to experienced mountaineers learnt something new.

Testimonial from Andrew Williams, Lancaster Royal Grammar School CCF
01/11/2019Very worthwhile. Hours added to CPC plus the first aid qualification needed for Fell leadership

Testimonial from Geoff Osborne, Tour Guide, MountainGoat
31/10/2019Am indebted to Pete Cunningham for the way he led this Ist Aid course using both personal experience and his extensive knowledge of real life situations I would likely come across. We had time to practice and repeat key elements both in the classroom and in the outdoors. Pete kept the information simple but relevant and balanced humour with concern for the vital information I needed to hopefully be an effective 1st aider. A pub lunch, copious tea and biscuits and some useful equipment takeaways were very welcome bonuses. This is my 2nd course with Pete and would have no hesitation in booking again

Testimonial from Paul Harris, Photographer, Paul Harris Photography
31/10/2019Peter our instructor for the 2 day outdoor first aid course. Made learning easy with his manner and knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Many Thanks


Testimonial from John Aktinson, OC ARMY SECTION, LRGS CCF , LRGS CCF
18/10/2019Pete Cunnigham is an outstanding course director. He makes all aspects of first aid relevant to the outdoors, using his vast experience as examples.
I finished the course with a much clearer understanding of all aspects of first aid which I am responsible for.

Testimonial from Robert Bond
18/10/2019Great in all respects. Very many thanks.

Testimonial from Cathryn Lee, Owner/Manager/Walking Guide
16/10/2019Have been on many first aid courses over the years and this was definitely the best so far!

Testimonial from Edmund Taylor
10/10/2019Great course, lots of detail when needed, Pete explained everything really well and had great coffee too ???? thank you

Testimonial from Stephanie Jackson
08/10/2019Great Course, Great Trainer.

Testimonial from Rupert Bunday, PE TEacher, Giggleswick School
02/10/2019A very enjoyable and practical day. The resuscitation practice with the smartphone app was something I had never done in 30 years of first aid courses and probably the most useful practical guide.

Testimonial from Sarah Winter, Education Officer, Ryedale Folk Museum
02/10/2019Pete in an excellent teacher. His knowledge is extensive and is presented in an clear and interactive manner. Procedures are taught in a simple and memorable way with great use of verbal images to give understanding and confidence. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Philip Poole, Safety Advisor, Impact International
02/10/2019Thank you for another refresher first aid course with plenty of time to learn both practical skills and theory.

Testimonial from Mike Sunderland
29/09/2019a realy interesting day would recommend to everybody

Testimonial from Peter Dale , Mr.
29/09/2019The paid staff enjoyed themselves and it seemed good team building for them.

Testimonial from Susan Hall, Volunteer librarian, guide, demonstrator,, Ryedale Folk Museum
22/09/2019This was a really good two days of essential first aid. Taught with a good balance of discussion and practice covering the most important conditions that anyone might face. I would strongly recommend this to others.

Testimonial from Nick Wharton
11/09/2019Peter is an excellent communicator and judged his audience very well. The course was very well organised and presented.

Testimonial from Peter Stevens, Retired lecturer and conservation volunteer
30/07/2019I would recommend Peter as a First Aid trainer, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I gained a lot of practical advice and feel confident in being able to practice first aid after completing the course.

Testimonial from Christoph Raisbeck, Box Office, Brewery Arts Centre
22/07/2019There was a broad range of experience in the group and hearing other people's stories and incidents is a really useful way of being prepared for what might happen. I think its great when an instructor always space for that to happen and offers some insight/advice on different scenarios they themselves have had. Thanks again for being accommodating of me feeding the baby!

Testimonial from Hannah Reynolds
22/07/2019I have enjoyed it, although I have not understood everything that has been said

Testimonial from Julia Staravoitava, Cleaner, Brewery Arts Centre
22/07/2019I have enjoyed it, although I have not understood everything that has been said

Testimonial from Julia Staravoitava, Cleaner, Brewery Arts Centre
17/07/2019Pete was very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience and real-life stories to relate the course content too.

Testimonial from Kirsty Bauckham, House Manager, Brewery Arts Centre
17/07/2019Very friendly and straight forward first aid, easy to understand and interesting...

Testimonial from Peter Kirk, Duty manager, Brewery Arts Centre
11/07/2019This was my first ever First Aid Course, I was concerned that I would be overloaded with technical information. The instructor was marvellous, so knowledgeable and very approachable which makes learning a pleasure. The course content was great and I came away feeling confident that I will be able to use what I have learned with confidence.

Testimonial from Judith Knowles, Business Support Officer, Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre
11/07/2019This course was really well delivered in an honest and simple way.

I feel enriched with knowledge I did not have before and am confident that if I am ever faced with a situation where someone needs First Aid, I know that I could do it!

Everyone should do this course!

Testimonial from Richard Berry , Filmmaker, Richard Berry Film & Photography and Impact
Link to student's website
11/07/2019Kept it simple, practical and to the point. Great stories and Interaction. An enjoyable and informative refresher.

Testimonial from David McCarthy, Director of Outdoor Education, Village Camps
03/07/2019Its really great to get outside when appropriate to get hands on experience and have role play opportunities. It makes it 'real' and it really helps to practice in a realistic setting.

Testimonial from Verity Bellouere, Programme Manager, Impact UK ltd
13/06/2019Thought the course was very relevant and useful, made even more interesting by Peter's experiences as a responder.

Testimonial from Tim Wade, The North Halifax Grammar School
11/06/2019Found the course really intersting

Testimonial from Jane Wood
11/06/2019This is without a doubt, the best First Aid Course I have ever done!

Testimonial from Jack Todd, Area Officer
09/06/2019Pete was a really great speaker/presenter on this subject.
The time went very quickly.
The equipment used was really useful in terms of being able to monitor your CPR technique
Thoroughly recommend booking him for CPR/first aid training

Testimonial from Kerry Singleton, Senior Physiotherapist , Kendal Physio Centre
28/05/2019The course was refreshingly simple. So much of the pedantry I've experienced previously was eliminated (though I have worked at various levels), and the bare bones of first-on-the-scene, keep-the-bugger-alive-until-help-comes was very refreshing. It was pitched at exactly the right level for purpose: First Aid.
The trainer was deeply knowledgeable and experienced and clearly enjoyed input and questions from candidates.
It's always good to be in the hands of an excellent outdoor professional plying their trade.
Said as if I know anything, but there you go.

Testimonial from Mike Simpson, Journeyman Outdoor Practitioner -stifles laughter-, Mike Simpson Mountaineering
25/05/2019Really informative and enjoyable course - great for ML/outdoor use. Very hands on and practical - covered normal first aid topics plus also other useful info such as lyme's disease and use of location devices etc for calling out mountain rescue.

Testimonial from Joanna Mitchell
22/05/2019An excellent course. A wealth of information and practical examples. Great range of teaching strategies. I have learnt so much. Thank you

Testimonial from Helen Ward
21/05/2019excellent it was my first course, and I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge

Testimonial from Thomas Stephenson, fitter
17/05/2019You just can't fault simons actually look forward to going!

Testimonial from Cam Fowler
17/05/2019I decided to do this course for 14 hours towards my driver CPC, extremely glad I did, the course was delivered excellently and I learnt a lot from the 2 days, nice setting to do an outdoor course and value for money.

Testimonial from Barry Taylor
16/05/2019This course really ticked all the boxes: location, vegan lunch options, content, delivery. I loved the free gifts and the topics that deviated slightly away from first aid, to me, were very relevant for awareness and possible symptoms we may come across. Definitely, the best first aid course I've been on whereby I think I'll remember much of what to do in the event of a scenario. Excellent!!!

Testimonial from Shaun Machin
02/05/2019excellent, I will come back for my next course

Testimonial from Christopher Rhodes
02/05/2019A very practical approach to first aid which is useful for outdoor instructors. Pete has an extensive knowledge of the subject and uses examples from his experience to good effect.

Testimonial from Rob Coles
29/04/2019I found the course to be really detailed but also easy to learn off and a fun way to learn all of the specification. I came into the course not really knowing a lot about first aid even though I had done scouts and come from an outdoor adventure family. This course was great as I was able to find out how to deal with all the situations that would happen in an outdoor environment. Doing and reciting it outdoors also helped as it added a sense of reality to the course. Can't really complain about anything else and I'd definitely recommend it to people if they were thinking about doing this sort course.

Testimonial from Luke Ferrier
29/04/2019I really enjoyed this course, Pete was very passionate and great to learn from and hear him speak from experience. This course has definitely given me confidence that should I ever need to do first aid, I will be able to then do something

Testimonial from Nathan Ashley
29/04/2019I really enjoyed this course, it was an absolute eye opener. Pete was fantastic and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Hannah

Testimonial from Hannah Warren, Marketing , Penrith Farmers & Kidds plc
29/04/2019A fantastic course, definitely the best training course I've ever attendee. Very knowledgable and likeable instructor. Applied all scenarios to real life situations and made everything as easy as possible to understand and grasp. Confident I would be some help should my first aid skills ever be required.

Testimonial from Thomas Howarth
29/04/2019Pete delivered an exceptional course that catered equally well for our new young leaders with limited experience and our older leaders who have done numerous other First Aid courses over the years.

Testimonial from Michael Evans
29/04/2019I would definately recommend a First Aid course with Pete as a better way of completing CPC Periodic Training than the usual powerpoint heavy classroom courses

Testimonial from Michael Evans
29/04/2019The Blended learning First Aid at Work course is a good way to get qualified. There is a good mix of practical and face to face learning with the online element allowing you to go over the material again at your own pace.

Testimonial from Michael Evans
28/04/2019Very happy with everything. Thought the course was very relevant and useful.

Testimonial from Adam Whitmore
27/04/2019I thought the pace and clarity of the teaching was fantastic. It was an interesting and informative 2 days including a broad range of subjects aswell as the classic first aid scenarios. I feel more confident as a first aider and will definitely be back in touch to renew my qualification in the future.

Testimonial from Rosemary Thomas, Woodmatters
26/04/2019Course teacher was very friendly and relatable.

Testimonial from Charlie Shaw
26/04/2019This was my 3rd First Aid Course, best I've been to, very practical and realistic. The procedures seemed less systematic and more automatic

Testimonial from James Harrison, Sales Negotiator, PFK Estate Agents
26/04/2019Peter made all the potential issues a first aider would have to deal with very real and made us feel confident that we would be able to be useful even if we were not confident or experienced. This was also because he didn't overload us with excessive information but used tools to help us retain the important details. He was interesting, engaging and topical. He listened to and answered all our questions.

Testimonial from Angie Sheridan, Planning Administrator, Penrith Farmers & Kidds plc
26/04/2019A great course covering the things you really need to know as a first aider.
Pete provides facts, removes myths and attempts to help trainees "unlearn" some of the stuff from other course providers that really doesn't help in first aid scenarios. Highly recommended course provider...don't hesitate book now!

Testimonial from Paul Chapman, Project Manager, Ryedale Folk Museum
26/04/2019Great all round course.

Testimonial from Lynne Lancaster, Head of Estate Agency, PFK
25/04/2019I really appreciated the examples given by Pete and the other course attendees

Testimonial from Roy White
25/04/2019I would never do any other first aid course...Pete is brilliant and the course is delivered in such a way as it is easy to remember, practical and fun.

Testimonial from Louise Hinton, Head of Inclusion at Chetwynde School
25/04/2019Pete is a very knowledgeable trainer who recognises that he doesn't have to tell me everything he knows. He just has to distill it all down and tell me the most important bits in a way that is easy for me to understand.
I like the balance between theory and practise.

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
25/04/2019Pete is a very knowledgeable trainer who recognises that he doesn't have to tell me everything he knows. He just has to distill it all down and tell me the most important bits in a way that is easy for me to understand.
I like the balance between theory and practise.

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
24/04/2019I enjoyed this course. It focussed on the important stuff, with a good mix of video, discussion, hands on and scenarios.
07/04/2019Really informative and enjoyable few days, good balance of information delivery and practicing using scenarios.

Testimonial from Tessa Shipton
03/04/2019Pete made the course enjoyable, interesting and easy to understand. Definitely worth doing.

Testimonial from Sam Webb, Director, The Grand Hotel
02/04/2019Thanks Pete, as ever a really useful course, practical and with your knowledgeable engaging approach, very worthwhile and highly recommended, Dave

Testimonial from David McGowan
02/04/2019 Overall very well explained course, that was made interesting.
Thanks Peter, keep up the good work.

Testimonial from Brian Nidd
29/03/2019Very worthwhile course with up to date information, impressive background knowledge of the trainer.

Testimonial from Alastair Yates
28/03/2019Pete was friendly and welcoming throughout the course and encouraged people to share just the right amount of their own experiences and stories to help give further insight to the area we were discussing.
The course had a common sense approach with lots of opportunity to practice with real life scenarios discussed.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this course and Pete, I had a really interesting and enjoyable two days and left feeling infinitely more confident and competent.

Testimonial from Vanessa Bear, Bear Woods & Wellbeing
28/03/2019an excellent course and a highly skilled trainer

Testimonial from Barry Heslop, Freelance; educational & outdoors
20/03/2019I like the fact that Pete is friendly and knowledgeable and keeps things simple. This is something like the 5th course I've been on with Pete which speaks volumes.

Testimonial from Fiona Eastham
20/03/2019Always a very worthwhile course

Testimonial from Andrew Talks
20/03/2019A great, easy to understand course that really focuses on the basic things that you might actually need to use.

Testimonial from John Groom, Tour guide, Go Hebrides
20/03/2019A great course with all the basic skills covered.

Testimonial from John Groom, Tour guide, Go Hebrides
16/03/2019Pete ran an informative and useful first aid course. It covered all relevant topics, and you got homemade cake and a pub lunch, what more could you want ?

Testimonial from Harry Pymont, Lead Instructor, HK Adventures Limited
14/03/2019Pete was great

Testimonial from Kevin Teasdale, Teacher , Hilbre high school humanities college
http://Hilbre high school
13/03/2019I really enjoyed my first first aid course. I have took a lot of information back with me. Especially the 'not causing more hurts' makes a lot of sense to me. Easy enough to remember.

Testimonial from Katherine Bailey
13/03/2019Great 2 days! Done loads of first aid courses before, but still Pete manages to keep it interesting, and dare I say it, fun!

Testimonial from Ingrid Matthews
11/03/2019Very suitable for anyone who works with groups in their outdoors, particularly if they can find themselves dealing with the unexpected and may be far from help.

Testimonial from Shery Holdsworth, Activities Manager, Action For Blind People
10/03/2019It was fantastic

Testimonial from Kris Parkinson
08/03/2019Excellent trainer knowledge delivered in a easy to take in/ remember able way. Provision of catering great.

Testimonial from Frances Watkins, Dentist/ Kayak instructor , Green Dental
08/03/2019This is the most interesting First Aid course I've ever been on - they're normally so dull!

Testimonial from Stephen Ranger, Director, Trekking Co Ltd
07/03/2019A no-nonsense pragmatic approach to First Aid skills that can be applied in all situations.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
03/03/2019Pete was friendly, welcoming and allowed chance for a relevant dialogue about each topic.

Testimonial from Madeleine Parsons, Primary teacher
28/02/2019Pete is excellent as a trainer and gives confidence in knowing how to deal with situations and injuries making sure the person gets the very best of care. The days go very quickly with changing content and practice situations as well as learning form others on the course. All I have to do is remember it all...

Testimonial from Jonathan Barton, Birmingham University
26/02/2019Excellent 1 day course - great teaching. Thanks

Testimonial from Juliet Burd, UK director, CRMI - Children of Hope charity
13/02/2019This was excellent, as always. Pete is a brilliant instructor, all the material is extremely well presented using a variety of formats. It's all highly relevant and the scenarios are particularly useful. Overall, the course is super-practical and thoroughly recommended.

Testimonial from Kate Rawles, Freelance, Outdoor Philosophy
07/02/2019Great course, very dynamic and a fun learning environment.

Testimonial from Caroline Elliott, Ski patrol / SAR dog handler, Fjordsar
07/02/2019An excellent course that covered everything that was needed but also adapted to requests and suggestions from the attendees.

Testimonial from Jonathan Whitwell
06/02/2019most of the clips were very interesting and worth a second look - if you were able to provide a list of www links addresses for them it would be most welcome (where copyright permits)

Testimonial from John Sherwen, Head coach
06/02/2019I learn something new and feel thoroughly updated and refreshed each time.

Testimonial from Chris Loynes
04/02/2019Thank you Pete for delivering another brilliant refresher course. All the staff involved have given very positive feedback.

Testimonial from Judith Mitchell, Business Support, PFK plc
27/01/2019An interesting course focused on all the essentials. Very enjoyable.

Testimonial from Tiffany Mallender
21/01/2019Fantastic course and delivery. A perfect mix of practical and theory and very current.

Testimonial from Liz Dyke, Activity Co-ordinator, Bendrigg Trust
21/01/2019A great course as always. A good refresher but still managed to learnt lots of new stuff. Thank you

Testimonial from Liz Dyke, Activity Co-ordinator, Bendrigg Trust
17/01/2019Excellent, confidence boosting course, practical and applicable!

Testimonial from Melanie Walker, Teacher
16/01/2019Yet another excellent first aid course delivered by a talented trainer. Pete always manages to keep the content fresh, up to date and interesting through a multitude of learning techniques that allows me to leave the course confident in my first aid competence.

Testimonial from Des Bagshaw, St. Aloysius College
10/01/201930 years in the outdoor industry, I've done lots of first aid courses. I'd previously done the cycle of 3 year training programmes with Pete but decided to take a break to see what else was out there, returning in 2019.
This programme engaged me from the start with new emphasis and up to date facts. More refined priorities gave me bit size takeaways, which I'll remember. Pete's knowledge, brought to life with a wealth of anecdotes, maintained my interest throughout. A larger cohort was great for networking and the lunch options were a delight.

Testimonial from Jim Evans, JK Training
07/01/2019As ever great course, simplified applicable.

Testimonial from Neil Mathews
07/01/2019Great as ever.

Testimonial from Neil Mathews
15/12/2018Thanks Pete for another great course. Although I seem to have become a regular on your first aid training, I always come away having learnt plenty of new stuff as well as refreshing the essential techniques.

Testimonial from Scott Nixon, Freelance instructor
12/12/2018Great couple of days on a relaxed course with Pete. Refreshing to have a sense of realistic thinking behind FA.

Testimonial from Adrian Warner
05/12/2018A brilliant course, thank you! A pragmatic approach, with plenty of relevant experience to draw from.

Testimonial from Tania Crockett
04/12/2018This is the best First Aid provider our company has used, it took it back to basics, delivering it in clear concise manner, and gave you the confidence to help save someones life

Testimonial from Elliot Johnson, Business Director , Tom Elliot Electrical Solution's Ltd
04/12/2018Another fun, engaging and practical couple of days. Pete's relaxed and professional delivery style and plenty of opportunities to get hands on has once again given me renewed confidence in my first aid knowledge and skills.

Testimonial from Kathryn Evans, Outdoor development trainer
29/11/2018Another great course delivered by Pete.

Testimonial from Georgina Weston
27/11/2018A refreshingly practical approach to outdoor first aid.

Testimonial from Merlin Hibbs
27/11/2018This was a great course with a real focus on outdoor first aid scenarios, and lots of practical active learning. Pete and Deb are both brilliant trainers.

Testimonial from Jamie Cook
21/11/2018Pete delivers relevant and focused training. It is memorable, fun and hands on. You can give things a try, reflect on what went well and what didn't and then do better next time. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Paul Sweeting, Chaplain, Sedbergh School
20/11/2018A great course in which Pete takes a really pragmatic approach to every first aid scenario. I now feel I would handle a first aid incident with far more confidence and effectiveness than 2 days previously.
The cake is also excellent!

Testimonial from Jude Lane
20/11/2018A brilliant course in very way and great value for the course fee. Pete has a refreshingly simple approach to the delivery of First Aid courses which is exactly what I need.

Testimonial from John Roelich, Retired Teacher
19/11/2018Great course as usual!

Testimonial from Neil Mathews
15/11/2018Excellent delivery and flow of information. Plenty of chance to ask questions to clarify understanding.

Testimonial from Alyson Knowles, Assistant Operations Manager Challenge Events, Brathay Trust
08/11/2018It was refreshing to come away from a first aid course and to feel that I had to remember less detail ....its helpful as this approach left me with a clearer idea of what is essential. Many Thanks

Testimonial from Martin Summerfield
06/11/2018This is a first-class course delivered by a man with a huge experience.

Testimonial from Mark Lambert, retired general sugeon and climbing instructor.
06/11/2018As always (I've been three times before), this was a firat-class, entirely practical course, delivered by a first-class instructor.

Testimonial from Mark Lambert, retired general sugeon and climbing instructor.
02/11/2018I really enjoy Pete's engaging character and insights into the latest thinking on first aid; rather than looking on renewing my first aid certificate as a chore, I genuinely look forward to his courses. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Pete Kelly, Adventure Swim Director, Swim the Lakes
31/10/2018Very enjoyable and stimulating.

Testimonial from Gail Stride
25/10/2018A course where what is really useful in first aid is put forward, and the complications that have been added are stripped away. The discussions on which are which are really helpful and make me feel a lot better about performing first aid.

Testimonial from James Ruddock
17/10/2018I have done many 1st.Aid courses over the years but for me this one stands out. The bottom line for me is 'Will I function well in the real world if I had to--will I remember how best to respond to an incident?'. I feel far more confident in this since this course.

Testimonial from Ian Brown, Senior Instructor , Sunsoar Paragliding Ltd.
17/10/2018Great course, great content, great trainer

Testimonial from Neil Cruikshank
16/10/2018Great course - would go back for sure!

Testimonial from Lucy Ryvar
15/10/2018Excellent course and very knowledgeable instructor. Clearly presented information, and willing to tailor the course to the needs and wants of the attendees.

Testimonial from Thomas Post
15/10/2018This is the second Active Aid Outdoor First Aid course I have done with Pete from First Aid Cumbria. When I needed to do another course for work this was the first place I looked. Pete is brilliant and puts the informative forward in a easy to understand and practical format, which makes the course very enjoyable. If your into the outdoors and need a First Aid course for either keeping your qualifications up to date or if you just want a good knowledge of First Aid for your personal endeavours into the outdoors then I can't recommend First Aid Cumbria highly enough.
Thanks again for an excellent course and I'll no doubt see you in another 3 years!

Testimonial from Edward Marshall, Cover Supervisor , Underley Garden School
12/10/2018A good overall course delivered in an informal manner with the key element being 'keep it simple'.

Testimonial from Heather Thomas-Smith, Owner, Heathery Heights
11/10/2018A well delivered course that covered the essentials

Testimonial from Gillian Radcliffe
10/10/2018A very enjoyable course. Peter ensured he made the course relevant to the specific needs of the participants.

Testimonial from Clair Haynes
10/10/2018really felt better prepared to use first aid than ever before. Thank you

Testimonial from Heather Pennick
09/10/2018I had very little First Aid knowledge before attending this course and would not have had a clue what to do in medical emergency. I now feel I've learnt enough to provide practical help in many situations, even if that is only to establish if emergency services are needed and contact them asap if that's the case. Pete has a great teaching style, with the ability to fully engage with the audience and present the material in an interesting and often amusing way. I enjoyed the 2 days very much and would recommend the course to anyone.

Testimonial from Cathy Gunner
08/10/2018Pete's teaching style is excellent

Testimonial from Darren Vincent
07/10/2018Best fist aid course I have attended

Testimonial from Keith Wilkinson
03/10/2018Pete at First Aid Cumbria provided a thorough, pragmatic and enjoyable training course. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is invaluable and his approach allowed us as participants to contribute to each other's learning as well. I left with greatly renewed confidence in my knowledge and skills.

Testimonial from Stuart Halford
28/09/2018Brilliant course. Fun and enjoyable

Testimonial from Faye Soakell
27/09/2018a great course and I would recommend this to anyone.

Testimonial from Richard Dutton
27/09/2018This will have been my 7th renewal of a First Aid qualification over the past 21 years working in the Outdoor Activity Industry. I'm sure things will have changed over the years, but this has been the best delivered course that I have had the pleasure to attend. Pete's friendly and knowledgeable style cuts to the reality of first aid in the field and his pragmatic approach leaves you in no doubt as to what to do.
He uses a great mix of PowerPoint, video clips, personal anecdotes, practical demonstrations and applications, that keeps participants engaged. Even old hands have learnt something new.
Was it really two days long?!? It flew by!!

Testimonial from Duncan Kendrick, Freelance Outdoor Practitioner
27/09/2018This first aid course was the most interesting and varied course I have been on. It covered a vast range of material in a very simple and easy to follow. I feel much more confident to help people now as the advice given was presented in a no nonsense way with explanations for the reasons why.

Testimonial from Barbara Bradley
27/09/2018Having done these courses for over 20 years this is one of the best I have attended. Pete's knowledge and understanding of the subject was faultless and most importantly hes' an approachable guy with a real passion for the subject.

Testimonial from Dan McKinlay
26/09/2018Going to this first aid course has given me more skills and confidence to help in the future with people who need first aid, it's made me aware of other issues as well that I might not have known about before. I'm almost always outdoors around people being outdoors so it's useful knowledge. Pete's style of training really suited me and I'm sure it can suit a lot more people.

Testimonial from James Kirby, Outdoor Photographer
19/09/2018i like more outdoor practice as it suits my learning style. Perhaps more multiple casualty and "helpful" by stander senarios.

Testimonial from Bob Eastwood, Ski coach instructor
18/09/2018interesting, engaging, practical and fun. Pete has clearly spent time tweaking this 2 day programme into something that is really useful and informative. He has a relaxed and professional delivery style and he provides plenty of stories and examples to bring first aid situations to life. I really enjoyed the 2 days.

Testimonial from Jo Appleby, Head Of Partnerships, Impact
04/09/2018catering was great. presentation was good for getting the important bits across and making them easy to remember

Testimonial from Jenny Haygarth, Arrampica
17/08/2018Active Aid courses are always the best, most pragmatic and easy to remember first aid courses, and I've been on a First Aid course every three years for the last 30.

Testimonial from Carolyn Bailey
16/08/2018I learned so much. I had been avoiding going on a first aid course but Pete made everything very straightforward and easy to understand and apply. The emphasis on doing first aid in the outdoors was incredibly helpful. I recommend this course without reservation.

Testimonial from Sarah Elton, Teesdale Holistics / Yad Moss ski slope
16/08/2018Recommended course for anyone who wants to learn more than CPR

Testimonial from Leonard Farnsworth, Owner, Bowland Adventure
15/08/2018Pete delivered a relaxed and informative outdoor first aid course with some unique insights based on his own experiences. There were also some useful items given to participants to keep such as tick removal tools and pocket masks. The venue was also excellent.

Testimonial from Nicholas Holt, Mountain bike leader, Sublime Rides
22/07/2018If you are serious about making a difference and not just doing a first aid course so you can tick a box on a form then this is the course for you. If you want to actually stand some chance of saving a life then this is the course for you. If you have any intention of working with me or going on an adventure with me then you need this course. I can look after you, can you do the same for me?

Testimonial from Pat McGucken, Manager, Leisure Lakes Bikes Ulverston
20/07/2018Thank you so much

Testimonial from Georgina Collins, Area Officer
19/07/2018Peter did a great job keeping the pace and flow of the work interesting over the 2 days. Thank you.

Testimonial from Andrew Warren, Teacher, The Queen Katherine School
18/07/2018I had a really enjoyable 2 days. I got to practice my skills, got updated on new first aid practices, spent time inside and outside the classroom and got to talk through, and ask questions about, any aspect of first aid. Couldn't be happier with a first aid course really.

Testimonial from James Saxon
18/07/2018Thank you for a really accessible and down to earth approach to first aid training. Pete's knowledge and practical expertise in the field really helped us to learn how to use and apply the techniques taught. The course also clarified the role of the first aider and I feel more confident to provide first aid in a serious incident until the professional medics arrive. Thank you!

Testimonial from Linda Valenti, Forest School Leader, Frith Forest School
18/07/2018Peter skilfully covered every aspect of first aid for forest school providers, in a way that was memorable and highly accessible, with a down-to-earth approach that demystified the role! His own experience as a first aider in a range of contexts really enhanced the course. Thank you!

Testimonial from Linda Valenti, Forest School Leader, Frith Forest School
18/07/2018I loved how passionate you were about first aid. I also loved how current everything was. The bit about lymes disease was great. I would have ignored the symptoms if I hadn't attended your course, not because I didn't know them but because I didn't know how common and serious the disease can be. Ironically I ended up receiving antibiotic treatment for a tick bite today, just one day after the course because I followed the advise you gave.

Testimonial from Stephanie Bond, Learning Support Assistant
12/07/2018Pete was brilliant through out the course. Really knowledgeable and clearly has an interest and wealth of experience in first aid. An excellent course. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jamie Magee
03/07/2018An excellent course overall. Thank you Peter. I can highly recommend it.

Testimonial from Jim Crookes, Welbeck DSFC
30/06/2018I love the simplified, common-sense approach. I've done over a dozen First Aid training courses and this is the third time I have renewed my qualification with Pete and Active Aid. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Testimonial from Sue Cox
28/06/2018I wouldn't look to use any other provider, Pete is experienced and knowledgeable and keeps things memorable with simple foci and high impact strategies.

Testimonial from Ruth Nelson, Head of Sixth Form, The Queen Katherine School
27/06/2018Thank you -great venue & bunch of people to learn with

Testimonial from Bel Burn
25/06/2018The course was delivered in a thoroughly professional but informal way.

Testimonial from Rob Fraser, co-director - photographer and land artist., somewhere nowhere
19/06/2018Refreshing approach to delivery and lots of engagement with learners

Testimonial from Geoff Norman, Headteacher, Wigton Infant School
19/06/2018Effective delivery and good engagement with attendees made for an enjoyable and effective learning experience

Testimonial from Geoff Norman, Headteacher, Wigton Infant School
15/06/2018Pete Cunningham has a wealth and depth of knowledge and translates it into easy to understand essentials. The course is delivered in a friendly environment enabling the group to ask questions, no matter how 'daft' we think they may be. I have been on many first aid courses and most have made 2 days seem like 5, but these 2 days flew by. Most importantly, though, is the lemon drizzle cake is the best I have ever had!

Thank you Pete

Testimonial from Al Westle
14/06/2018Another really excellent course from Pete Cunningham.
After the last one were I learnt so much more than the average first aid course I already knew I would be updating with this course.
It didn't disappoint!
As before, it was based on the latest facts and figures, and it was linked to the real world of the first aiders interface with paramedics and A & E.
However Pete's real ability is to send you away knowing whats important, and whats not, and standing some chance of remembering that for most of the next 3 years!

Testimonial from Louise Haffenden, Occupational Therapist and Outdoor Instructor
10/06/2018Pete is a skilled and interesting teacher. The course is clear and not unnecessarily complex.

Testimonial from Stuart Pickford

Testimonial from Dylan Jugroop, Teacher, NHGS
07/06/2018Peter was absolutely fantastic in his teaching style. A great course

Testimonial from Paula Haworth
23/05/2018Pete's style and attitude towards first aid were refreshing and instilled confidence that you can't go wrong if you apply commonsense. He said he was going to keep it simple and pragmatic and he most certainly did! I loved every minute of the course and learned so much in such a short space of time. Thank you.

Testimonial from Sam Carey, General Manager, Impact
12/05/2018Thank you Pete. Another informative, enjoyable and useful first aid revalidation workshop. See you in 2021 for the next one. Many thanks, Iain Gallagher. Lakes Outdoor Experience,

Testimonial from Iain Gallagher, Owner/Operator, Lakes Outdoor Experience
11/05/2018I have been an Outdoor Instructor for over 30 years and therefore I have attended a great number of First Aid courses. I found this course to be the most informative, well structured, flexible, relevent, sensible, understandable, practical course I have ever attended. So much more has sunk in and has stayed with me, so far! We covered all of the important issues and topics with sufficient detail to ensure understanding at the appropriate level. The course was fun, light hearted,up to date and held our attention unlike so many of those I have attended before. I am already looking forward to my refresher with you and not fearing the dreaded First Aid Refresher as I have done soooo many times before.
A great many thanks I learned and have retained so much more.

Testimonial from Simon Burgess
03/05/2018Active Aid's no nonsense approach is excellent. By stripping away most of the frills which accompany many first aid courses Pete Cunningham keeps the focus on the essentials of casualty care. The approach is practical and realistic for those working in the outdoors and Pete is a very skilled trainer.

Testimonial from Peter Cheung
02/05/2018Although there was a lot of items covered during the 2 days, the 'keep it simple approach' and the practical activities helped to ensure that the key information was maintained. The trainer was exceptional creating a great learning environment and encouraging everybody to participate. I now have the confidence to try to help someone in trouble..

Testimonial from Jane Pink
29/04/2018This is the third time I have completed a course with Pete Cunningham at First Aid Cumbria travelling from the North East of England. This is testimonial in itself for the high regard I have for Pete, and the quality of course that he delivers.

Testimonial from Peter Sheen
26/04/2018Pete is ahead of the curve when it comes to the future concerns of first aiders.

Testimonial from Eric Murphy
26/04/2018Excellent course ran by Pete - couldn't recommend highly enough.

Testimonial from Naomi Taylor
25/04/2018I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone working with groups in the outdoor environment. It is presented in simple straightforward language by a very knowledgeable trainer who is obviously passionate about the subject areas. Pete's delivery is supportive of individuals prior knowledge, and encouraging of those who may be taking their first course. His sense of humour and stories also lighten what may seem to be otherwise quite dry subjects. It was a pleasure to attend the course and will be booking again next time. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Garry Cook, Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, Experience Coaching
17/04/2018A great course with a focus on the practical application of the learning

Testimonial from Alexander Ladds, Chaplain, Giggleswick School
28/03/2018As ever Pete ran an excellent course. Having done a number of courses with Pete before and having attended other 1st aid courses and medical courses in the past, I can say with certainty Pete is by far the best course instructor I have had the privileged of being tutored by.

His approach is calm, concise, informative, and appropriately humorous.

This particular course was a mix of people from different backgrounds (mainly students and staff at UOC) As such there were students for whom this was their 1st First Aid course, as well as tutors from different fields of expertise who have attended many 1st Aid courses over the years. Pete was able to effortlessly make the course suit all members and make everyone interested and informed.

His approach to 1st Aid is one of straightforwardness and no nonsense. Many other providers delve into somewhat ancient and outdated techniques - Pete deals with 1st Aid as it should be; providing people with the ability to save lives.

From conversations with others within the industry and other members of the course, Pete is held in extremely high regard.

Most Outdoor Professionals see their re-validation of 1st Aid as a bit of a tick boxing exercise, I for one do not, and have found Pete's courses to be something to look forward to.

Roll on 3 years time!

Testimonial from Mark Walker, Outdoor Instructor/ Expedition Leader, Exped Adventure Ltd
08/03/2018I would would thoroughly recommend this course. Peter uses a variety of teaching styles including talking, films, pictures, real and demo kit, and practical work inside and out. There were lots of discussions and Peter kept the mood light yet handled difficult issues sensitively. We covered a lot of material but it never felt like an overload because it was delivered in a clear and simple to follow manner.

The venue was ideal for the course but not 'fancy'. Catering was excellent with abundant tea, fresh coffee, great cakes and lunch across the road in the lovely pub was great too.

Testimonial from Mick Loftus
08/03/2018Training days, CPD days are essential and are where we get the chance to play and learn plus develop skill and gain new experiences, which makes us and turns us into the people we are today. First Aid Cumbria's two day outdoor first aid course does all the above and helps build the confidence to deal with all sorts of problems that might occur, in and out of our regular working days.

Testimonial from Simon Blundell, Preston wall deputy manager , Lakeland climbing centre
07/03/2018Peter led a great 2 day course. Really engaging presentation style with good use of humour to keep everyone switched on.
Wide range of content with a pragmatic and realistic approach to first aid. Very useful and valuable two days.

Testimonial from Chris Hillidge
05/03/2018The course is delivered by an active practitioner who is clearly an expert in his field. It is well structured and uses an excellent range of teaching techniques. The breaks are also well timed and the lunch is excellent.

Testimonial from Michael Anthony McKenzie, Owner/Manager, iGuide Adventure
02/03/2018a fantastic course, very engaging and superbly delivered

Testimonial from Michaela Irving, Director, See Events Ltd
21/02/2018This course has made me feel much more confident in my ability to deal with first aid emergencies when out and about with students.

Testimonial from Rachel Carr, Teacher
21/02/2018This was my first outdoor first aid course that I have attended . Great course very informative and practical. Would highly recommend.

Testimonial from Josi Szlapko
10/02/2018This was by far the best First Aid course I have ever attended.

Testimonial from Dave Cartwright, Maintenance, Damson Dene Hotel
09/02/2018Well presented

Testimonial from Roger Benson, Hotel Manager, Briery Wood Hotel
08/02/2018The booklet is very readable and I will use it to consolidate my learning.

Testimonial from Christine Gibson

Testimonial from Gina Parker, Little Chatters
08/02/2018I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Pete presents the sessions in a very interactive way that involves the whole group and uses different methods for presenting the subjects to keep the group engaged. He obviously ensures he keeps up to date with current issues and techniques in First Aid. Excellent course and presenter.

Testimonial from Mike Haines
08/02/2018Great to update my first aid knowledge - it's surprising how much has changed in 3 years. The informal atmosphere made learning fun and I enjoyed Peter's sense of humour!

Testimonial from Clara Fleming, Mountain leader and walking guide, self employed
07/02/2018Every time I attend one of Pete's sessions I know I will learn something new as well as refresh existing knowledge. He will put me in challenging situations that allow me to try out and improve my understanding of first aid principles. But most importantly it's all done with humour and respect. Thank Pete

Testimonial from Stuart Britt
07/02/2018A great course, excellent content and an entertaining, engaging teaching style. The pub lunches and homemade cake were also very good! Thank you.

Testimonial from Deborah Fletcher
06/02/2018Thank you so much for another excellent First Aid course. Your delivery and course content is excellent.

Testimonial from Linnhe Harrison, SI (Blackwell Sailing)
02/02/2018Excellent course

Testimonial from Philip Austin, Director, Hartley Hire
01/02/2018Another excellent programme from Pete. He makes everyone feel relaxed and presents the information perfectly for good understanding and future application

Testimonial from Paul Bate, Brathay Associate Consultant/Trainer/Tech, Brathay Trust
31/01/2018An informative, informal common sense approach to first aid brought to life with real world examples from experienced practitioners. Well organised with excellent lunch arrangements at a nearby pub and homemade cakes with real coffee!

Testimonial from Andrew Binns, Company Director, Millennium Travel Ltd
31/01/2018Very enjoyable course which covered the important things in an easily understood way and nothing unnecessary.

Testimonial from Tom Dawson
31/01/2018This course is the best one I have attended to date and really gets the informatipn and topics across in a back to basics way.

Testimonial from Yves Marc Edward
14/01/2018The Head Injury card was excellent. Having suffered a head injury last year I wish I could have had one of these then

Testimonial from Margaret Ann Drummond

Testimonial from Mel Sugden, outdoor teacher, GHYLL HEAD, GL leisure
13/12/2017A relaxed course, geared to the individual group. Excellent facilities and food. Pete is really passionate about both first aid and the outdoors and is very knowledgeable. Definitely a worthwhile course to get booked on!

Testimonial from Claire Holmes, Head of Round Square
13/12/2017Enjoyable course. Worth doing every three years to remind myself how much I have forgotten! ????

Testimonial from Richard Gerrish
07/12/2017The 2-day outdoor first aid course was excellent. Pete's totally practical, no-nonsense approach made it ideal for those working in the outdoors. The cake was great too!

Testimonial from Alan Lloyd, Vice Principal, The Blackpool Sixth Form College
07/12/2017A relaxed hands on course with student scenarios to re enforce the thoery

Testimonial from Terry Moore, Artist and mountaineer
07/12/2017Thanks for another good course, see you again in 3 years.

Testimonial from Nigel Hooker
07/12/2017Great Course & Tutor

Testimonial from Nigel Hooker
05/12/2017Really enjoyed this course. It was delivered in a simple to understand and practical manner. Good course notes were provided to compliment the practical 2 day learning.

Testimonial from Liane Shaw
30/11/2017To anyone with any feelings on not being confident enough to complete this course should have no fears. The skills learnt could be life changing.

Testimonial from Ron Eadington
26/11/2017Excellent course delivered by an excellent instructor who was sympathetic to the requirements and needs of the students. The course was interactive, relevant, engaging and most enjoyable. I feel far more confident in dealing with an emergency as a First Aider as a result. Thank you.

Testimonial from Cecilia Flint
13/11/2017Great course, thank you for all the valuable information.

Testimonial from Leah Blewitt, Teacher, Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust
13/11/2017Fantastic course - really informative and enjoyable with a knowledgeable leader who clearly had a wealth of experience.

Testimonial from Jessica Miller
12/11/2017Top man, good course. You will answer any questions you have.

Testimonial from John Samuels
09/11/2017Pete was brilliant.

Testimonial from Connor Gildert
08/11/2017I never cease to be impressed with the way Pete can create a progressive flow, it is a gift. He constantly updates the material, although the fundamental messages are there all the time. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Driver, Mountain Goat Ltd
08/11/2017Pete is the master of keeping things simple and pragmatic. The focus is on what can and cannot be achieved in an outdoor setting, his experience and knowledge second to none. Brilliant, again.

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Driver, Mountain Goat Ltd
08/11/2017Enjoyable and very interesting course. Great instruction.

Testimonial from Alison Noble
08/11/2017This was an excellent course. I learned a huge amount and felt the multiple learning approaches--spoken, active, video, problem-solving--brought home the information in multiple ways. Also the excellent tea and coffee, home-made cake and cookies, and delicious pub food all gave us the feeling we were valued and being looked after very well.

Testimonial from Jennifer Lauruol, Garden designer and trainer, Carpe Diem Gardens
02/11/2017No matter what your background (and mine is from many years in mountain rescue) you'll benefit from Pete's common sense approach to what the lone first aider could and should be doing in the outdoor environment to stabilise a casualty and provide a prompt and appropriate hand over to medical care.

Testimonial from Andrew Dell, Lake Ranger, Lake District National Park
02/11/2017Best first aid course I have ever attended. I am now confident that I will be able to make a positive difference if my first aid skills need to be put into action. I am also passing on some of what I have learned to other family members.

Testimonial from Helen Ockelford
23/10/2017An excellent course with fresh ideas which challenged traditional first aid methods.

Testimonial from Steve Anthony
06/10/2017A good pragmatic way of delivering first aid, really great course and learnt alot!

Testimonial from Nicholas Kimber
02/10/2017A great first aid course

Testimonial from Dave Horn
01/10/2017Many thanks for Peter's coaching and guidance, he made the course fun and a valuable tool for the future.

Testimonial from Anna Louise Worthington-Bramhall
01/10/2017Pete delivered a fantastic course in a way that is practical and direct. I appreciate his clarity and ability to keep focused on what matters most.

Testimonial from CHRIST0PHER BOWLER
29/09/2017thanks Pete great course, great company, fun and informative , what more can you ask?

Testimonial from Lynn Johnston
29/09/2017Pete Cunningham always delivers a comprehensive and interesting course. Always come away refreshed and with new information.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
28/09/2017Brilliant course, very practical and hands on with lots of exercises and varied learning methodologies. Extremely knowledgable tutor with great energy. I learned a lot of life skills that I'll never forget.

Testimonial from Holly Higham
07/09/2017Awesome course for any outdoor professional. Covers all the important elements with realistic, practical First Aid. Thanks very much!

Testimonial from David Sharpe
31/07/2017After attending the 2 day Outdoor First Aid Course with Pete, I feel I've learned a lot. Rather than leaving the course feeling as though there is lots to remember, and then forgetting most of it, the practical approach of the course means there is plenty of time to practice various First Aid responses in a range of scenarios relevant to working with children outdoors in Forest School.

Pete's common sense, practical approach means there are many opportunities to practice the core skills and to really get them cemented in your head. This gives a sense of understanding and confidence that you could use such skills if necessary.

The way the course is delivered means that there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions relevant to your setting, and as a student, you learn as much by listening to the questions and experiences of others as from asking about scenarios from your own setting.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a hands on, practical approach to first aid.

Testimonial from Clare Cooper, Forest School Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, Beautiful Beginnings
19/07/2017A brilliant first aid course, led in a clear and concise way. Pete was a great instructor and made it simple and easy to remember.

Testimonial from Samuel Morrison
12/07/2017It was good to update, definitely worth while, not just a tick box and has made me reconsider what I carry for activities.

Testimonial from David O'Dowd
07/07/2017Useful course delivered in an interesting and dynamic fashion.

Testimonial from David Slinger, Forestry contractor, Slinger Forestry
06/07/2017I thought the course was brilliant and I learned a lot over the 2 day course. Pete was brilliant, really engaged the class and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Testimonial from Joe Dickson
06/07/2017Through a combination of indoor and outdoor group work and discussion, practical demonstrations and a spoken presentation featuring videos and photos, the course provided a thorough and engaging education on First Aid. This was my first First Aid course and has taken me from knowing very little to feeling much more confident to administer First Aid. The take-home resources provided include a detailed book on all aspects covered on the course which will serve as a great revision resource. Overall, I would highly recommend this Outdoor First Aid course.

Testimonial from Isabel Walker
05/07/2017Clear, commonsense, informative and enjoyable.

Testimonial from Sue Brighouse
05/07/2017A great first aid course and I will certainly be back in 3 years time!

Testimonial from Matt Rushton, Assistant Headteacher, Dowdales School
05/07/2017This was by far the best First Aid course I've been on - Pete presented the information in an enjoyable, interesting and hopefully easy to remember way! I found the practical scenarios really helpful. The cakes and pub lunch were great - very inclusive and the vegan food was amazing. Thanks Pete, hopefully see you again in three years!

Testimonial from Sarah Lenehan
30/06/2017Style was very inclusive and worked with the knowledge in the room for those with different levels of experience.

Testimonial from Mark Magas, Senior Lecturer: Pharmacology, University of Cumbria
23/06/2017An enjoyable course with a practical, realistic and common sense approach to what a first aider can do. Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging teacher. Thank you.

Testimonial from Stuart Jones
22/06/2017This is very useful, practical training, I would advise all to go on this before heading to the hills.

Testimonial from David Rowe
20/06/2017I very well spent 2 days in Staveley with First Aid Cumbria.
Peters delivery of the course was first class in his knowledge of all things First Aid.
If any body is looking to refresh their First Aid qualification or gain a new one then this is were to book.

Testimonial from Stephen Figg, Outdoor Activities Officer, Blackpool Council
16/06/2017Pete did an amazing job at covering a wide range of topics in great detail. The course is run in an engaging manner not death by power-point like some courses with other providers. Cant recommend enough.

Testimonial from Edward Swindley, Freelance Outdoor Instructor
15/06/2017What I would like to say is I have attended first aid courses in the double figures and I have always clock watched and needed match sticks to keep my eyes open. A second day was more of a punishment.
Yesterday I felt, not only could I have completed a third day, but I am now considering whether I should seek out more information on becoming a first responder.
Why the change? Put simply, the teacher makes all the difference. Pete clearly has experience and talks to colleagues with lots more experience about what really happens in the field. In doing so he doesn't "deliver" content, he walks you through it with useful pragmatic pointers, often from relevant real life scenarios. With humility, gentle humour and a genuine personal passion for getting healthcare right, you feel like you're in good hands.
This is more than a first aid course, this is also a course in critical thinking and adapting to situations using what you have. Is that not what first aid SHOULD be about? After all we can't take that textbook with us and casualties don't always fall on their back in a nice position.
A colleague said to me if you do a first aid course you have to go to this one - I will reiterate that, you should do this course.

Testimonial from Nathan Moorby
15/06/2017I have just spent the last two days doing a first aid course with Active Aid, run by Pete Cunningham. On a practical level, it was a very friendly, well run and full 2 days. You get hands on with scenarios to work through as a team or on your own. Very informative short videos that put things into perspective with lots of opputunity to ask questions if unsure about anything. A valuable and vital thing to do if dealing with the public on any level. Great lunch and scrummy cakes at coffee time.
Debbie Henderson

Testimonial from Debbie Henderson
14/06/2017Overall a great course with a brilliant teacher. Lunch and cake is a nice touch.

Testimonial from Ben Hester
12/06/2017If you have the opportunity I would recommend attending the two day course, covering outdoor first aid to extend over and above the first aid at work qualification. This will allow you the opportunity of discussing and working through a variety of contextualised situations in groups, that a first aider may be confronted with. The course keeps it real and explores the depths as well as the limitations of first aid.

Testimonial from Richard Tanner-Smith
09/06/2017I have been doing First Aid for 30 years and on Pete's course I always have to think and always learn something new. His personal experience and anecdotes really give worthwhile context to a fascinating 2 days.

Testimonial from Roger Haworth
31/05/2017Thought the guys were incredibly patient and at the same time very knowledgeable... excellent both

Testimonial from Paul Menzies
30/05/2017Presentation was excellent. After attending first aid courses for years it is refreshing to have it cut to the basic fundamental.

Testimonial from Andrew Guest
30/05/2017Thank you very much for your time - a useful two days.

Testimonial from Darren Morton
24/05/2017Pete is an excellent communicator of his subject and always makes it relevant to the business we are in. The course is always insightful and despite the regularity with which we do the course, always has something new to teach.

Testimonial from Alison Bloxham
10/05/2017Pete is very knowledgable, friendly and made first aid fun and interesting!! He made sure he answered all our questions. A great venue, and loved the cakes and the lunch!

Testimonial from Tom Ambrose
09/05/2017It's not until you experience the knowledge gained from this course that you realise just how valuable it is and when you might need to use it to save a life. Pete's delivery style was fantastic, really engaging. I feel that I learnt a lot of key facts & information which if I needed to apply I could do so confidently. This is a course which everyone should do. You never know when you might need it!

Testimonial from Julie Robinson
07/05/2017This is thorough course which no only provides up to date technical information but invaluable experience from the course instructor. As a teacher I now feel more confident taking students on extra curricular activities

Testimonial from Simon Mumford, teacher, clitheroe royal grammar school
04/05/2017I love Pete's courses. He is able to deliver a clarity of information which makes remembering and applying what one has learnt so easy.

Testimonial from Andrew Casey, Director, WalkWise UK Ltd
03/05/2017This was an expertly delivered course. Pete has a fantastic way of making the essential information easy to understand and remember. Pete responded expertly to questions and specific requests. The course was friendly and extremely professional. I would recommend this training to anyone and this provider is without doubt a first choice for any outdoor professional.

Testimonial from Vicky Wilkinson
27/04/2017Excellent course. A real privilege to learn from an experienced practitioner with such a passion for the subject.

Testimonial from Andrew Carson, Teacher, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
19/04/2017Great course with friendly open minded trainer, which provided dactyl what I needed.

Testimonial from Dave Preston
31/03/2017This is by far the best first aid course I have attended in years. Very relaxed and informative and up to date formation. Pete sets out a simplistic schedular with very easy to learn/revised modules and also delivers lunches, cakes, coffee and tea which really makes this a fantastic experience. Thanks you Pete and see you in 3 years.

Testimonial from Si Conroy
31/03/2017Great first aid course, very engaging.

Testimonial from Harriet Mccmillian
31/03/2017Very useful, simple and effective training and first aid, which can be transferred to any environment

Testimonial from Jen Dickinson, Head of Outdoor Education, Robert Gordon's College
30/03/2017By a country mile, the best First Aid course I've been on. The style of presentation, the balance of hands-on experience with group discussion and listening to Pete's wealth of knowledge, the focus on real situations and not just text book signs and symptoms. Two days well spent, I will be recommending this course to others. Thank you Pete.

Testimonial from Karen Bateson
29/03/2017I would recommend Pete and the course to others and will definitely attend another course in the future.

Testimonial from Claire Davies
29/03/2017I thought the course was fantastic! I really enjoyed it, and I want to learn more. Pete is an excellent trainer.

Testimonial from Andy Hope
23/03/2017Pete did a really good job at teaching us First Aid and made it really interesting. In all of the first aid courses I've never been offered cake and a pub lunch, which I really enjoyed. Thank you

Testimonial from Sophie Lomax
23/03/2017Well structured practical approach to First Aid. Excellent delivery of information.

Testimonial from Robert Baker, Proprietor , R.B.F Contracting
23/03/2017A great first aid course to attend, delivered in an interesting and professional manner.
It covered everything that was relative to my needs and it challenged my way of thinking on many occasions.
A great combination of practical and theoretical methods. Tutor was humorous, honest, to the point and knowledgeable.

Testimonial from Emma Craghill

Testimonial from Cormac Nellis, outdoors instructor
19/03/2017I would recommend it to others and think it's something ever adult should do.

Testimonial from Catriona Sutherland
19/03/2017I learnt so much from Petes course, the format in which it is delivered works brilliantly. He is incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions. He brings the content to life and instills confidence into those on his course. Thank you!

Testimonial from Bethanne Childs
19/03/2017Would definitely recommend this course to others.

Testimonial from Paul Troughton
15/03/2017Pete was an excellent trainer and gave many real world examples to illustrate various aspects of the course. The use of video clips was also very engaging and helped demonstrate how Pete's training fits in with other initiatives.

Testimonial from Gill Notman
15/03/2017I have never taken any sort of first aid training, so after deciding to take this course for outdoor hobbies(dog training and horse trekking), I am 100% glad I did so.

I told my friends when I finished the course - How did I go 25 years not knowing some of these life saving skills!

I would highly recommend this course to professionals and people who love the outdoors.

A special thanks goes to Peter for sharing some of his stories.

Testimonial from Ruth Liddell
10/03/2017Pete was a brilliant first aid trainer with lots of knowledge of a variety of different first aid situations.

Testimonial from Amy Jones, Priority Habitats Project Officer, Freshwater Biological Society
10/03/2017Think first aid is complicated? This course makes it clear, simple, and gives you the confidence to act when it matters most

Testimonial from Chloe Bren
09/03/2017Without doubt, the best 16 hour outdoor first aid course I have been on. The content is relevant, interesting and straight forward. Pete draws on a wealth of experience to explain real world examples to really illuminate what a first aider could encounter, and most importantly how to effectively deal with it. The setting and recourses are ideal, and the lunches, as always are top notch.

Testimonial from Sam Sykes, Director, Sam Sykes H Q
09/03/2017This course is great for giving you the confidence to get involved in providing effective First Aid. No prior knowledge is assumed and the skills are taught without over-complicated explanations. As someone living and working in a remote place, I appreciated the amount of hands-on practice in an outdoor setting and the discussion of real first aid scenarios in the outdoors. Excellent facilities and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Everyone should do it!

Testimonial from Suzanna Brett
08/03/2017Enjoyed the course & Dave was a really put you at ease during your learning.

Testimonial from Stephanie Atkinson, School Medical Assistant/ First Aid Instructor., N/A
07/03/2017This is the second time I have attend this course and on each occasion it was excellent. The content was comprehensive and delivered in a clear and concise way. As such, I would recommend this course provider.

Testimonial from Rosalind Buckland
06/03/2017thank you

Testimonial from Krista Johnston, Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator, teacher and Instruct, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
06/03/2017Course and trainer were excellent. The course was by far the best first aid course I had been in. The mix of videos, talk and practical elements helped break up the day. It was good to have a presenter who had practical experience of first aid in outdoor environment.

Testimonial from Alasdair Simpson
05/03/2017The course was well constructed and presented. It was good that each student had a manaquin to practice on.
I have recommended your course to other members of Arnside Sailing Club.

Testimonial from Lin Hartley
20/02/2017Thanks for a great course

Testimonial from Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure

Testimonial from Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure
09/02/2017A well run course by a knowledgeable assessor in this field. Well structured and delivered covering key aspects of first aid with great resources.

Testimonial from Glyn Price
08/02/2017Well presented, organised and interesting. Would recommend this practical 16 hour course without reservation.

Testimonial from Fred Doodey
02/02/2017Having two trainers presenting is really good and aids concentration, making the course more interesting and enjoyable. The up-to-date equipment gives the course a very professional feel.

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
02/02/2017Every time I do these courses, there are new things to learn about first aid and the course content changes slightly to keep up to date. Having the chance to try working with the AED's was very useful.

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
31/01/2017Pub lunch is a big plus

Testimonial from Oliver (Tom) Swannick
30/01/2017Great course, Great food and a great trainer! Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Kaleigh Chalklin-Smith
26/01/2017Pete is a great trainer and certainly encourages you to be proactive through increasing your confidence and knowledge in a practical way. I love the fact that he approaches it from a perspective of reality and common sense as to what is possible and what is realistic for most people. Probably the best First Aid course I have ever attended - thoroughly enjoyable and always up to date with actual experience.

Testimonial from Malcolm Wade, Owner, Lakeland Mountain Experience Ltd
26/01/2017As an experienced and active Cave and Mountain Rescuer, who still has to keep doing the HSE approved FAW qualification for work, it had become something of a chore after my 8th time through! Peter brought the course to life (excuse the pun!) through a really practical common sense approach. Despite nearly twenty years of dealing with some pretty full on incidents, I learned lots!

Testimonial from Matthew Burke, Technical Festivals and Events Production
20/01/2017The course was easy to understand, simple to learn and covered everything I hoped for and more.

Testimonial from Kirsty McCandlish
19/01/2017Useful course delivered well. Good mix of practical and theory based on up to date information and real life events from Pete and others on course. Essential to have thought things through and practiced in the event of needing to use skills.

Testimonial from John Douglas, Senior Instructor
19/01/2017A great course, which is informative and enjoyable. Very hands on which gives the you confidence to be able to put into practice and hopefully make a difference one day. Will definitely be recommending this course to others.

Testimonial from Lisa Rhodes
19/01/2017Really good course - stuck to the essentials, delivered in a simple manner. Great venue and food too !

Testimonial from Lorna Buckley
19/01/2017I have lost count of the number of courses I've done with Pete. Each one has always been amended to provide us with the latest views and up to date practices, rather than regurgitating the same old information. Pete clearly has a passion for his subject and can't recommend him highly enough to anyone considering undertaking a first aid course.

Testimonial from Sarah Colyer, Teacher and Outdoor Instructor
19/01/2017My third course with Pete didn't disappoint. Informative and memorable content delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.
Very happy

Testimonial from Scott Nixon, Freelance instructor
19/01/2017A great couple of days to refresh my 1st aid knowledge

Testimonial from Martin Kenyon, Director of Training
19/01/2017Pete was a really friendly trainer that shared real life experiences and put things in to perspective. I really enjoyed the course thank you.

Testimonial from Karl David Mallinson
17/01/2017Very good

Testimonial from Dawn Scott
17/12/2016Thank you for another great course Pete.

Testimonial from Tony Liddy, Head of Outdoor Education , How Stean Gorge LLP
09/12/2016A thoroughly professional and expertly taught provision of practical, life saving first aid skills.

Testimonial from Norman Beech, Centre Manager, The Raymond Priestley Centre
05/12/2016Challenges some of the "norms" and replaces them with more useful and pragmatic solutions for dealing with real life situations outdoors.

Testimonial from Pat Murray
Link to student's website
05/12/2016A really practical, stripped back course. Lots of practical scenarios and chance to discuss experiences in a non confrontational, easy going way. Pete portrayed first aid as very much an "on the spot" problem solving task, using what skills you have to hand. Thoroughly recommend it!

Testimonial from Matt Beresford
24/11/2016nope, all good thanks

Testimonial from Katy Charlesworth-Tracey
22/11/2016A well organised course adapting well to each participant's

Testimonial from Keith Taylor
16/11/2016This year's group seemed be similar in experience , ability and outlook which quickly gelled the group

Testimonial from Nigel Sargent
16/11/2016Very professional, well structured and looked after really well! Lots of coffee and food! Great to use AED's too.

Testimonial from Hamish Lucas
09/11/2016Very informative course - well delivered by Pete who is very knowledgeable & inspiring Relaxed atmosphere - good venue - good food!

Testimonial from Clare Houlihan
30/10/2016For the first time, I left a first aid course motivated to learn more about first aid. Pete was great!!

Testimonial from Robert Bond
29/10/2016I'm an office manager and a mountain/alpine leader- the course is very practical/hands on and thoroughly suited my needs - very enjoyable and inter active- when the time comes to renew I will definitely book again.

Testimonial from Christopher Rhodes
25/10/2016This is the second first aid course run by Pete that I have attended. His professionalism and knowledge stands out clearly and helps in the running of a great course in a relaxed environment.

Testimonial from Nick Cannon Jones, Mountaineering Instructor, More Than Mountains
06/10/2016Excellent course! Really made you concentrate on the basics and gave you the confidence to do so.

Testimonial from Nick Crosby, Cedar House School
14/09/2016Peter is passionate about first aid. He also takes great care to stress the importance of the emotional support which first aiders can give. Great cakes too

Testimonial from Andy Weller
09/09/2016A excellent course and will attend more in the future. I will also pass on my remarks to other interested parties.

Testimonial from Andrew Corney
07/09/2016The candidates were from varied backgrounds and the trainer encouraged sharing of prior knowledge and experiences. This lead to an excellent inclusive learning environment.

Testimonial from Paula Robinson
02/09/2016Peter is an excellent teacher - very knowledgeable, but keeps the mood light and keeps everybody engaged.

Testimonial from Bob Cowley
02/09/2016Pete Cunningham is an excellent teacher, communicating the material well, and injecting just the right amount of humour to hold everybody's attention without detracting from the seriousness of the subject.

Testimonial from Bob Cowley
26/07/2016This is a programme that is very much based on practical application of first-aid skills in situations one is likely to encounter, rather than theoretical knowledge delivered without any context. As such it offers participants a level of competence and confidence that is both realistic and readily available.

Testimonial from Geoffrey Cox
04/07/2016The Course and Instructor were welcoming, Pete Cunningham was extremely knowledgeable and all was completed in a Friendly but professional way.

Testimonial from Allan Prickett, Director, Ambleside Tree Services Ltd
27/06/2016The course was varied and very well delivered. The instructor made it lively and practical, which will help to remember the skills we've learned/refreshed.

Testimonial from Anne-Kathrin Harms
17/06/2016Thank you, Pete, for another enjoyable Outdoor First Aid course. I like your lively style of delivery, which is informative and up-to-date with facts, figures and anecdotes which help the learning sink in. The free lunch, biscuits, fresh coffee, tea and 'freebies' are nice touches and I really enjoyed networking with the other participants.

Testimonial from Kathryn Stott
26/05/2016Enjoyed the course, flowed very quickly.

Pete, very knowledgeable, approachable and presented the material in a very positive and interesting way.

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
19/05/2016Thanks Pete for a well organised and informative course.

Testimonial from Richard Ensoll
14/05/2016I believe the First Aid course was highly useful, and would recommend to others if they wanted to gain their qualification. We covered everything that I had hoped we would in renewing my first aid as well as extra information that I had not previously learnt and updated knowledge of particular areas. Will definitely be using this company in three years time when I look to again renew my course. Many Thanks for passing on your knowledge,I now feel more comfortable to deal with a casualty.

Testimonial from Chantelle Hunt
13/05/2016The course was really good fun but more importantly very informative. It has now given me the confidence to react if I need to

Testimonial from Luke Harrison
11/05/2016Peter was an excellent first aid trainer. He was approachable, humorous and gave relevant sensible advice. I would highly recommend First Aid Cumbria to anyone who needs first aid certification.

Testimonial from Christopher Williams
11/05/2016Excellent course I will definitely recommend First Aid Cumbria .Thank you Peter

Testimonial from Simon Flanagan
20/04/2016Fantastic course from someone who has mastered his skills and knowledge. Highly recommended!

Testimonial from Chris Frampton
07/04/2016Excellent course delivered by Pete who is an excellent trainer.

Testimonial from Tim Stott
24/03/2016These courses are practical and enjoyable. I came away with a handful of messages and methods drummed into me - so I should be able to act quickly and confidently if I ever need to. Thank you it was a really good experience, as always.

Testimonial from Liz Wilson
24/03/2016An enjoyable course led by a knowledgeable trainer. Informal where it was suitable to be and my fellow students contributed to my learning!

Testimonial from Alastair Yates
23/03/2016I think this is the 4th or 5th course that I have been on with Pete, travelling all the way from Chorley to Stavely because he makes them so enjoyable. Thanks!

Testimonial from Fiona Eastham
22/03/2016This was a great course very practical and hands on really enjoyed it and would recommend this course to anyone, I must say it was probably one of the best first aid courses I have attended as training was made to be relaxed and fun delivering all the essential aspects of first aid in an interesting way.

Testimonial from Martin Cudworth
21/03/2016Having to do 5 days training over 5 years to retain my CPC, I can say that this is, without doubt, the most useful training that one can do. The other modules (traffic law for instance) can be 'self taught' by reading up on it. First Aid is an invaluable skill, interesting to learn and can't be self taught.
Just book it!

Testimonial from Al Westle
10/03/2016Great weekend and a very easy add on too for the Paediatric bolt on...

Testimonial from Toby Hubbard
24/02/2016A really good, simple first aid course, it was clear and to the point demonstrating that as first aiders we are not paramedics and we are there to stop the situation getting worse.

Testimonial from Steven Bradley, Head of Outdoor Learning, Bolton school
24/02/2016As an active individual with a love of climbing/ fell walking / biking, I am often out alone in remote areas and felt that I would benefit from First Aid Training. I wanted to feel that I may be of some use, if I am the first on the scene to a casualty in a remote area. I would also like to undertake my ML Training, and felt the Outdoor First Aid course would be relevant to this training.

This course was the first 16 hour Outdoor First Aid course that I have undertaken..... and I loved every minute of the training. I feel like I learnt more than I expected too, and left the course feeling more confident in the delivery of basic first aid. I even felt inspired to apply to become a community first responder!

Pete is a fantastic trainer. He is a personable but professional man, with plenty of relevant, real-life experience to pass on to attendees. As an trained outdoorsman, I felt he was perfectly placed to advise on the pragmatic delivery of first aid in the outdoor setting and I was interested to hear about his personal experiences as a a first aider and first responder. The course also included numerous practical scenarios and drills, which were a useful way of re-enforcing our learning, enabling is to practice in a more realistic setting than the classroom.
The facilities at Tower Wood were top notch; we were spoilt with great food for lunch and nice cake :)

I would thoroughly recommend - many thanks :)

Testimonial from Helen Fairlamb
19/02/2016EXCELLENT course delivered with expertise and made relevant to emergency first aid, rather than medical expertise.

Testimonial from Paul Williams
11/02/2016If you want to have the skills and confidence to deal with a first aid incident in the outdoors, this First Aid course and trainer is for you.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
04/02/2016Very good course, Active Aid were recommended when I was looking to requalify and was not happy with the last course provider, I would recommend this course to anybody that works or plays in the outdoors. The skills, knowledge and techniques learnt are useful to everybody.

Testimonial from Christopher Hudson
02/02/2016A great course with good combinations of practical and theory. Felt the information and training was all relevant to my needs and had an enjoyable two days. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Rebecca Holland
29/01/2016A great course that gives you an up-to-date perspective on First Aid in the Outdoors.

Testimonial from Helen Hooper, Freelance instructor
28/01/2016Pete Cunningham is 100% professional and thorough in his delivery of his courses, he creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where students are able to engage with and contribute to in a most positive way. This was my 3rd course with him and I have no hesitation of booking again when the time comes and recommending him to others.

Testimonial from MIKE SCOTT, Head of Outdoor Learning, The Grammar School at Leeds
23/01/2016Really great course. I came away feeling confident about my ability to offer immediate care in emergency situations.

Testimonial from Kathryn Evans, Outdoor development trainer
22/01/2016Thank you for yet another great first aid course. I was insistent that I renewed my first aid certificate with you this year, as I enjoyed the course so much last time. I had done several first aid courses over the years, but this is the best one I have done.

Testimonial from Fiona Ledson
15/01/2016VERY good Course - gave me confidence. Re-assuring to practise on good Demomstration equipment (CPR, Choking, De-fibrillator) to test my skills. Very positive feedback from Instructor Pete on my capabilities. A lot of real-life situations covered in a positive, memorable no fuss fashion. Made me feel I could Have A Go, if needed.

Testimonial from Angela Whitworth
11/01/2016A brilliant course.It was down to earth,informative,fun, challenging and made me really positive about First Aid. Thank you Pete. This was simply the best Outdoor First Aid Course I have been on. (in the last 15 years i have been on 5 Outdoor First Aid Courses)

Testimonial from John Roelich, Retired Teacher
08/01/2016In particular I really appreciate Pete's ability to keep a reality check. Learning the skills is one thing, but understanding that in a real situation it will be very different is reassuring and came away feeling better about my ability to offer help than I have done after any previous courses.

Testimonial from Helen Carter
07/01/2016A thoroughly practical and pragmatic approach to first aid. As ever thought provoking and it challenged commonly held 'myths'. Very good and I would highly recommend both Pete and the Active Aid approach.

Testimonial from Ray Goodwin
04/01/2016Great course...felt confident in the trainer and have improved my own skills/confidence too

Testimonial from Sarah Massey
04/01/2016Knowledgeable and obviously experienced instructor; course pitched at correct level;

Testimonial from Andrew McConkey
13/12/2015Great course, informative, instructive carried out in a interesting companionate way.

Testimonial from Dave Gray
10/12/2015This programme concentrates on the essential basics. it Re-kindles awareness on what really matters, regains confidence to help, and stimulates awareness. Pete's practical approach, depth of knowledge and experience drive a memorable and really useful event. Thanks!

Testimonial from Simon Wagstaff
02/12/2015Very good course, always learn something new on your courses, great Trainer, good venue, great course, i will be recommending again.
Many thanks.

Testimonial from David Atherton, Freelance Outdoor Instructor, David Atherton
27/11/2015The course work as a refresher for me and was delivered in a professional manner.
Many thanks

Testimonial from Ron Gullon
24/11/2015An excellent course which kept to basics and reinforced the essential skills of a first aider

Testimonial from Adele Pennington
24/11/2015I thought the course was really informative and I learnt lots, especially through the practical elements.

Testimonial from Chris Kempster
22/11/2015This 2 day outdoor course was great. the amount of information covering different situations, injuries, and ailments was very extensive. AED practical and anaphylaxis were also covered and certificated. Scenarios were used to create situations for good practice and develop skills.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about obtaining good and sound first aid techniques.
Pete was first class in making this an interesting and relaxed 2 days.

Testimonial from Leonard Farnsworth, Owner, Bowland Adventure
19/11/2015Great course, really enjoy the outdoor elements and the relaxed but informative sessions.

Testimonial from Kerry Shaw
19/11/2015Excellent course!

Testimonial from Karen Longhorn
19/11/2015Good course delivered in practical concise way.

Testimonial from Paul Hunterdale
16/11/2015A fantastic course; highly recommended.

Testimonial from Marina Grout
12/11/2015Pete is just great, very personable easy to interact with, with a heap of knowledge and experience.

Testimonial from Samantha Parkin, Credit Controller for Impact Accounts Department, Impact International
12/11/2015As someone who is lucky enough to spend time in a mountain environment, I believe having a knowledge of basic first aid is as important as knowing how to use an avalanche transceiver, crevasse rescue techniques, rope belays etc. This course is an excellent way to gain and reinforce that knowledge.

Testimonial from Gus MORTON
12/11/2015Pete has a wonderful way of embedding what is important in first aid in, and debating and discussing those points that where first aid becomes confusing. I feel I learn so much more form this method than the old fashioned here is the text book, please memorize it.

Testimonial from James Ruddock
30/10/2015A great course, well presented by Pete who gave us extremely practical and relevant information. Very highly recommended.
Peter Townley, Instructor, Kendal Snowsports Club.

20/10/2015Great trainer. Engaging and responded well to all participants.

Testimonial from Jane Senior
15/10/2015This really was the best first aid course I have attended. Pete has an excellent delivery style and kept everyone's attention by switching from theory (powerpoint, film and discussion) to practical sessions throughout the course. Pete (and Active Aid) has a very simple approach to first aid which was very refreshing. I would fully recommend this course and Pete Cunningham to anyone requiring a first aid course.

Testimonial from Nick Liley, Senior Tutor, Bendrigg Trust
14/10/2015Great course, very useful, simple and practical training advice delivered by experienced tutor. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Bob Eastwood, Ski coach instructor
06/10/2015I had a stimulating, enjoyable few days and came away with a sense of learning some potentially incredibly useful skills. Thank you.

Testimonial from SULWEN ROBERTS
05/10/2015Great no nonsense course full of practical scenarios and role play

Testimonial from Alan Platts
02/10/2015Practical, encouraging and easy-going. A perfect learning environment.

Testimonial from Carolyn Bailey
01/10/2015Pete knows his stuff and is great at delivering - he makes things more straight forward rather than more complex - see you in 3 years

Testimonial from Kate Simpson
20/08/2015A good course made more enjoyable because of the simple structure - it could have been much harder to cope with, considering the subject matter.

Testimonial from Ruth Hughes
18/07/2015Pete was very clear, concise and thorough, I don't think you could fault his teaching or the course. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from William Arney
16/07/2015Pete draws on years of experience as an outdoor professional and has a less is more practical approach.

Matt Ellis
Cumbria Outdoor Education Advisor

Testimonial from Matthew Ellis, Director, Derwent Hill
09/07/2015Pete has the ability and experience to distill the important skills and knowledge that are of practical use in real scenarios. Previous first aid courses have left me with a full head and fearful of remembering the right thing at the right time. This one has left me with a clear idea of what I need to know and do and the confidence to use it if needed.

Testimonial from Sue Cox
01/07/2015This was the best first aid course I have ever done. Everything was excellent. Loved the pragmatic approach. Having done lots of first aid courses i still learnt loads as this time it was the most thought out and relevant content, and also very well researched and up to date. The delivery was of a very high standard and always engaging.
Including lunch in the course was a really nice touch, as was having fruit tea and coffee available, not just the standard tea/coffee options.

Testimonial from Louise Haffenden, Occupational Therapist and Outdoor Instructor
01/07/2015This 1st aid course really helps you become a more effective 1st aider in real situations. It is clear and focused on the aspects of 1st aid that really matters and therefore it does not seem to be over cluttered with information, even though we covered a vast amount of content. An excellent course.

Testimonial from Gavin Hamilton, Teacher
01/07/2015What a fantastic course , it is very informative and I really like Petes style of teaching.

Keep up the good work Pete !!

Testimonial from Matthew Flynn, Radiata Specialist Tree Services
21/06/2015Excellent two days, Peter bases his course on real experience of first aid which brings an authenticity to the course.

Testimonial from Peter Waite-Shores
18/06/2015Peter was an excellent tutor and this was certainly the most effective and relevant first aid course I have ever attended. I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it highly to anyone wanting a no nonsense approach to the subject

Testimonial from Pat McGucken, Manager, Leisure Lakes Bikes Ulverston
17/06/2015A great course. Well delivered. Will definitely recommend to colleagues and company bosses.

Testimonial from Neill Kendall
08/06/2015As always Pete; a fun and interactive course. See you in three years!

Testimonial from Simon McCabe
08/05/2015Wouldn't go anywhere else for a refresher in 3 years! Thank you.

Testimonial from Nicola Merrett
06/05/2015A great course. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Iain Gallagher, Owner/Operator, Lakes Outdoor Experience
23/04/2015This is the second course I have attended run by Peter. The course was well organised, well run with lots of content relevant to my needs. I would happily recommend anyone else to attend.
Jim Akrill ML(S)

Testimonial from Jim Akrill, n/a, n/a
23/04/2015This course provided by Pete Cunningham offers a refreshing approach to First Aid and how it can be applied on the hills. It is reassuring to understand the limitations of intervention as well as the great benefit of timely action following "ABC". Simplicity and common sense are themes that are interwoven within course delivery. I would commend this course led by Pete Cunningham to anyone.

Testimonial from Peter Sheen
11/04/2015I have attended many first aid courses over the years and it was refreshing to attend a practical, realistic course that focused on the essentials of immediate aid rather than tying bandages

Testimonial from Andrew Binns, Company Director, Millennium Travel Ltd
26/03/2015An excellent course in all respects. Very much enjoyed meeting the other candidates who showed a genuine interest in the course. Lunch and coffee breaks were also excellent. A great venue and I will certainly recommend this course to others.

Testimonial from Fergus Ogilvie, Teacher, Giggleswick School
25/03/2015The course was well run and informative and covered much of what I would imagine would be likely scenarios met in my job role.I certainly feel a lot more confident now as my knowledge base was very out of date prior to attending the course.

Testimonial from Jenny Cowking
25/03/2015The course was well run and informative and covered much of what I would imagine would be likely scenarios met in my job role.I certainly feel a lot more confident now as my knowledge base was very out of date prior to attending the course.

Testimonial from Jenny Cowking
16/03/2015I've been a 'first aider' for more than 30 years. The last three courses have been with Pete and I would thoroughly recommend his style of teaching. It's interesting, well informed, easy to understand, and a nice mix of theory and practice. But most of all it's pragmatic, he only tells you what you really need to know.

Testimonial from Mike Palk, Director, TeamEvents Partnership Ltd
13/03/2015A most enjoyable and instructive course. Delivered well.

Testimonial from Alyson Purssell
13/03/2015Pete was an excellent trainer - bringing lots of personal knowledge and experience to the course.

Testimonial from Peter Moss
12/03/2015Relaxed, fun and informative course. Pete engages the students with anecdotes and relevant videos. Knowledgeable and approachable I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other first aiders.

Testimonial from Trevor Lund
12/03/2015I was very happy with the course in every respect.
By far the most comprehensive teaching I have received around serious conditions such as stroke, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy

Testimonial from Nicholas Russell
11/03/2015The course was excellent. Much of the presentations were varied and thoughtful: visual information, film clips, anecdotes, discussions. Pete delivered the information very well and the pace was good. By the end we had all relaxed and enjoyed learning, and each other's company; the role plays certainly helped in this regard. The course is straight to the point and practical, not lots of medical things you would struggle to remember. It was just what you need and can practically use and, in that way, entirely fit for purpose. I certainly felt more confident and pleased I had completed the course.

Testimonial from Stu Pickford
11/03/2015Each time I attend a course with Pete I feel like I have gained so much up to date 'new thinking' of what can be realistically achieved by a First Aider. Thanks again Pete

Testimonial from Stuart Britt
02/03/2015Simple is good.

Testimonial from Gareth Walker, Freelance outdoor instructor
28/02/2015 a great course . keeping things simple relevant and applicable to my needs and what I do .
Inclusive and catered well for my learning style as a dyslexic person.
makes you think about what you realy need to know should you use the skills for real

Testimonial from Thomas Marvan
26/02/2015The course was very well ran, and wasn't filled with anything that wasn't useful in any circumstance! Overall I'd highly recommend for anyone.

Testimonial from Christopher Jackson
25/02/2015Pete is a great teacher and has a great wealth of experience to draw on and give examples. It's a friendly hands on course and I came away feeling confident and clear

Testimonial from Janet Crame
12/02/2015A very well ran course with a relaxed approach, a refreshing and logical way to look at first aid. I would recommend this to anyone requiring first aid training.

Testimonial from Anthony Kavanagh
07/02/2015The very clear and simplistic approach to learning first aid skills enables me to feel confident that I could respond appropriately in a challenging situation.

Testimonial from Honor Redfern
29/01/2015Peter was an excellent trainer. I enjoyed and learnt far more I wexpected. Top marks all round!

Testimonial from Peter Ullrich, Ornithologist, Peter Ullrich
28/01/2015I thought it was a very thorough course with lots of opportunities for practising techniques in an open and inclusive way. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Ben Dyson, Owner/director, Lakes Renewables Ltd
21/01/2015Excellent course, covered all of the areas which are necessary for First Aid, with lots of real life stories which help you retain the information easily. I would recommend this course to others.

Testimonial from Sarah Hodgson
14/01/2015Extremely valuable experience learnt a ton of new really useful information. I would now feel confident I could deal with a first aid situation effectively. All presented in a clear, easy to understand fun way!

Testimonial from Joe Flanagan, Flowstate Bike
09/01/2015Best first aid course i've been on to date. Very impressed.

Testimonial from James Harland
09/01/2015Very good course, as ever. Thank you.

Testimonial from Ryan McGlen
15/12/2014Yet another fabulous course. I don't feel the need to try any other company.

Testimonial from Rob Saint – Humphries, Outdoor Activities Teacher, Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre
14/12/2014Great course, thanks.

Testimonial from Abigail Jacobs
11/12/2014Excellent course and great that it dealt with all the most important stuff rather than focusing too much on minor issues and bandaging etc (such as Red Cross, St Johns)
Paul Walker, Director, Tangent Expeditions Ltd

Testimonial from Paul Walker
09/12/2014Course gave loads of every day examples of the type of situations where you really can make a difference by being first on the scene. Nice relaxed teaching/learning atmosphere which was great. Tutor was excellent.

Testimonial from Allison Hanshaw
02/12/2014I had a great day, where I learned a lot about the fundamentals of saving lives with a few simple to learn techniques that evreybody should know.
Thanks a lot.

Testimonial from Stuart Sutherland
27/11/2014Three volunteers from The Fairfield Association attended this course and we all agreed that it was excellent. We were particularly impressed by the skills of the trainer who got across the basic points clearly and effectively. We felt that our confidence in applying basic first aid has been renewed.

Testimonial from Ian Procter, Volunteer Organiser, The Fairfield Association, Lancaster
27/11/2014This is the third first aid course I've been on with Pete who in my eyes is a great trainer. He keeps the content simple and practical therefore I leave the course feeling confident to deal with an emergency situation rather than overwhelmed. Lunch in the pub is obviously a bonus too! Many thanks.

Testimonial from Lucy Bound
15/11/2014Another great course expertly delivered by Pete Cunningham. Everything is kept simple and straight forward and is easy to understand.

Testimonial from Richard Wolfenden, Moorland Gamekeeper / Ski Instructor, Davis & Bowring Ltd / Kendal Snowsports Club
13/11/2014Course well paced, up to date, plenty of info offered. Friendly, felt at ease and relaxed, able to ask questions,
Tutor well spoken, interesting and comical at times. Had a great day. Many Thanks.

Testimonial from Isobel Ashburner
06/11/2014Having had first aid training every year during my fifteen year career as airline cabin crew, Pete Cunningham's delivery was the most interesting and engaging of all. The content and method were both perfect. Many thanks.

Testimonial from Clive Paul Chatfield Wheeler
06/11/2014Really enjoyed and impressed by this course. Pete gave a good mix of theory and illustrated this from his practical experience.

Testimonial from Sarah L Moore
30/10/2014Excellent course - relevant, professional and fun.

Testimonial from Graham Jones
23/10/2014The course was fun as well as informative, thank you. I feel much more confident to put my First Aid skills into practice if the need arose.

Testimonial from Sue Taylor
18/10/2014A great course, that is uncomplicated and concentrates on what you need to know if you are in an emergency situation. Peter doesn't just read from a text book, he knows his subject and teaches using real life examples from himself and others. I would be surprised if even the most experienced 1st aiders did not learn some invaluable tips from him.

Testimonial from Emma Gill

Testimonial from Terry Moore, Artist and mountaineer
14/10/2014I did a two day outdoor first aid course with Pete Cunningham in October 2014. Simply put - this was the best, most practical, most interesting, and most relevant course that I have ever attended. Also enjoyable!
I speak from a lifetime of leading white water kayaking expeditions all over the world - so have a fair experience of real life first aid incidents.

Peter Knowles, - Guide Book Author, Publisher, Explorer, International WW Hall of Fame, Life Fellow RGS.

Testimonial from Peter Knowles
10/10/20143rd time with Pete on this course, would like to continue doing his courses as they are excellent.

Testimonial from Rachel Eastwood
09/10/2014A friendly, hands-on, and really practical 2-day first aid course which has really helped improve my confidence. Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Philip Lyth
04/10/2014A very good and informative course. Pete was fantastic.

Testimonial from Nik Smith, Harbour Youth Project
02/10/2014Great course. I must have attended at least 15 first aid courses over 40 years and this was a good blend of discussion, practical, and video input. The advice was well thought through, backed up by experience and pragmatic throughout. I liked the input on the AED, FAST and concussion which was all new to me.

Testimonial from Steve Farthing, Acting Head of Centre, The Outward Bound Trust
01/10/2014Thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding two days, Pete is the jedi master.

Testimonial from Philip Ralph, Driver, Mountain Goat Ltd
04/08/2014Many thanks - I've attended First Aid programmes every three years of my career, and the last three with Pete. I still learn something new every time with all the complications stripped away to ensure we concentrate on the realistic immediacies that we really need to know - all delivered in good humour in an adult-to-adult way.

Testimonial from Nick Gannicliffe
02/08/2014A highly effective course delivered in a more than proffessional maner by a trainer who has a mountain of experience. The course was relevant and suited my expectations to the letter.

Testimonial from David Kirk
02/08/2014Although beforehand I was concerned about spending two days away from mainstream business activities to attend the course I found it a very good worthwhile couple of days. Peter was a very competent and reassuring teacher. The sessions were well planned, good refreshments, varied practical activities and informative classroom teaching and discussions.

Testimonial from Mark Sandamas
02/08/2014I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the course and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone else. And will be back in 3 years time.

Testimonial from Andrew Jones
01/08/2014Very enjoyable course, Pete created a friendly atmosphere and employed various teaching styles to make it interesting, relevant and memorable. I would highly recommend it.

Testimonial from Catherine Sinclair, Freelance Outdoor Instructor
30/07/2014Excellent practical advice, concentrating on what's really important and dispelling 'myths' and removing unnecessary aid that in reality would be done in hospital.

Testimonial from Andrew Brockbank
10/07/2014A really relevant and well delivered practical introduction to first aid

Testimonial from Colin Gardner
10/07/2014Thanks for a great 2 day course. As it was all very clear, uncluttered and relevant I still remeber everything from it 1 year on!

Testimonial from Adrian Nelhams
10/07/2014Great course, informative and thought provoking

Testimonial from Karl Hutchinson
10/07/2014Peter was fantastic on the course, I have been on many courses and none have been so relevant and accommodating. Peter related many of the situations and potential occurrences to stories that either he had encountered or one of his colleagues. Due to him I am now going to hopefully become a volunteer first responder in my area.

Testimonial from Nick Walters
09/07/2014Brilliant course taught by a brilliant trainer.

Testimonial from Dominic Jackson
05/07/2014I was given the chance to choose my own provider to renew my outdoor 1st aid course and jumped at the chance to go back to Pete in the Lake District from 3 years ago. An extremely useful and enjoyable 2 days which puts 1st aid back into the realms of simple and effective treatment and adapts situations to be useful to outdoor scenarios, not just death by powerpoint.

Testimonial from David Grainger
04/07/2014Thanks Pete.

Really great course. I found it really simple and really understood AVPU this time round.
If your in the PU your in the Poo.

Cheers Stu

Testimonial from Stuart Carter, Director Mountain instructor, Climb365
03/07/2014A very well instructed course. Clear and concise.

Testimonial from Dave Samson
03/07/2014Enjoyed it and really appreciated the comments from a paramedic :)

Testimonial from Matt Rushton, Assistant Headteacher, Dowdales School
02/07/2014Brilliant course, Very knowledgeable tutors. Made first aid relevant and useful. Feel i have retained more information than I would normally after a a First Aid Course. Cheers for a great two days.

Testimonial from Chris Brown
23/06/2014The course & delivery was excellent.
very easy to digest the information & very straightforward approach to first aid, which will help to overcome the stress of dealing with real incidents

Testimonial from Graham Wood
23/06/2014This was an excellent course. Everything that you need to know delivered in a simple way. Great for anyone who works in the outdoors.

Testimonial from David Elphick, Education Team Leader, Field Studies Council
21/06/2014This is now the 4th First aid course I have been on with Pete, each time I learn something new and strengthen my understanding of other things. He is a fantastic instructor and helps you to question your beliefs in what we do in fist aid. I would recommend this course to anybody (other wise I would not have done it 4 times!!). Thank you for an amazing cousre.

Testimonial from Katie Conboy
19/06/2014The whole course keeps to the key points at a practical level. Real situations will be complicated by weather, location & awkward position of both casualty & first aiders. You are unlikely to have a casualty sitting on a chair in a nice warm room unless you are in the office, but life's not always like that!.
The combination of outdoor scenarios & having to think differently is good grounding for any situation - they will all be different!

Testimonial from John D Clare
19/06/2014Very good course- thanks very much Pete.

Testimonial from David Sharpe
19/06/2014First Aid, as the meerkat says is ''Simples' - not sure is Pete is a meekat - but it all works.

Testimonial from Adam Strickland, climbing wall instructor
10/06/2014Update and renewal of current first aid practice delivered by an enthusiastic and informative leader.

Testimonial from Richard Tanner-Smith
10/06/2014An excellent and fun course helping to make First Aid more sensible and simple to apply in real scenarios.

Testimonial from James Burley
09/06/2014Great Course - Cheers

Testimonial from Jim Harrison
06/06/2014I enjoyed the course and found it to be interesting, relevant and helpful

Testimonial from Steve Bell
05/06/2014Pete was as ever very engaging. People were put at ease and his anecdotes added a great deal to the course. Really impressed once again.

Testimonial from Roger Haworth
31/05/2014A really useful 2 days. The course was very well taught with good amounts of time to practice and consider what we would do in different situations. I now feel far more confident in my use of first aid.

Testimonial from David Yates, Lancaster Royal Grammar School
28/05/2014As ever, Peter, Thanks to both you and to Steve for providing an excellent and effective programme. Good pace, delivery and a range of helpful scenarios made the whole experience very enjoyable and worthwhile.

Testimonial from David Woodward
26/05/2014Excellent two days - trainer was very good, knowledgeable and patient.

Testimonial from Paul Menzies
22/05/2014Really appreciated the update of so many things, especially those to do with concussion (as a games teacher and outdoor activities leader as well as a parent of a young rugby player). The videos shown were brief and well chosen. Really enjoyed the light, humorous but always professional delivery by Pete.

Testimonial from Tom Matthew, Teacher of Chemistry , Lancaster Royal Grammar School
22/05/2014I enjoyed the course. I particularly liked the emphasis on real signs and symptoms that you might encounter and practical advice on the best way to deal with situations in reality. I also liked the simplified scheme for CPR which is much easier to remember.

Testimonial from Peter Jago
22/05/2014Thanks Pete - you always make it sound so easy.

Testimonial from Jonny Millatt, Head of Biology, LRGS
21/05/2014I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel far more confident about delivering First Aid for real than I have after previous First Aid courses. Thank you!

Testimonial from Claire Rushton, Teacher, LRGS
21/05/2014I have been on many first aid courses and this is the only one which sets out to make things so simple enough that even I can remember what is important and so save lives.

Testimonial from David Rowe
02/05/2014i really enjoyed the course and would like to thank pete for the way in which it was delivered

Testimonial from Cameron Bradshaw
01/05/2014An excellent course that was appropriate to 'real world' first aid, it served as an excellent refresher of the key points. Pete was a great trainer with plenty of relevant experience to draw on and a clear teaching style.

Testimonial from Richard Bailey, Mountain Equipment
10/04/2014Really good course, on courses ran by other organizations I have often left the course feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge I seemingly have to remember, whereas this is really simple, straightforward and I feel much more trained to deal with a real situation.

Testimonial from Johanna Hendrickse
04/04/2014Great delivery by Pete in terms of pitch and pace. He really made this an interesting course with his range of experience and anecdotal input.

Testimonial from Richard Starbuck
03/04/2014Another excellent course from a knowledgeable and thorough trainer. Good food too. Many thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Scott Nixon, Freelance instructor
02/04/2014Excellent First Aid course, very informative and enjoyable.

Testimonial from Dawn Branson
01/04/2014I have always found first aid courses to be rather dry, but this particular one was lively and entertaining.

Testimonial from Christopher Houghton
29/03/2014A course well worth taking.

Testimonial from Elsa Hadley
21/03/2014I have taken several other first aid courses (about five) and this course was by far the most engaging, interesting and useful. The way it was delivered made first aid practices real, with helpful advice on real situations (drawing on a lot of experiences and examples), which has increased my understanding and confidence. Thank you!

Testimonial from Hannah Wright
17/03/2014A fantastic course ran at a good pace to absorb all the info but didn't dwell on things for too long. Lots of practical work to realy build confidence and lot's of real experiences shared to help understand situations. Thanks Pete!!

Testimonial from Jenni Campbell
12/03/2014I thought this was an excellent course. Pete is an excellent teacher and delivered the material using both personal experience, real life examples and, importantly for me, was realistic and tried to manage expectations. The teaching methods were varied and well balanced. I will definitely be recommending this course to others.

Testimonial from Jude Lane
12/03/2014Excellent relaxed enjoyable course. ...and lunch!!

Testimonial from Jenny Ward, Teacher
12/03/2014A good craic with like minded people and a vast range of experiences which was seamlessly woven into the programme content by Pete.

Testimonial from Anthony David Pearce, Estate Manager, Impact International
28/02/2014Excellent course focusing on the basics - enjoyable activities, excellent real life examples. I will book again

Testimonial from Debra Jane Godfrey, Norton College
28/02/2014Brilliant course; delivered by somebody who is very passionate about sharing his knowledge on first aid. Learnt lots and feel more a lot more confident about providing first aid.

Testimonial from Aidan Williams
27/02/2014I enjoyed the course and got lots of practical and sensible advice.

Testimonial from Julie Parkinson, D of E Unit Leader, Garstang Community Academy
27/02/2014This was my third course with Pete Cunningham at Active-aid. If you're a member of the outdoor activity community and looking for an understandable, practical and straightforward first-aid course then this is the one for you.

Testimonial from Roger Peak
26/02/2014Brilliant! Fantastic practical advice and many anecdotes and stories to back up scenarios. I really felt that Pete had the experience and truly wanted to share the knowledge he had. Thank you!

Testimonial from Heather Jean Thexton
26/02/2014Pete (and Steve) were very approachable and fostered a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. The real coffee and sit down pub lunch made both days an enjoyable social occasion too, which I really valued. Especially as the courses attract a mix of locals and visitors to the area, it was nice to be able to catch up with known faces and meet new ones. Thanks

Testimonial from Joanna Roberts
26/02/2014Thanks for a really enjoyable 2 days, the course was well delivered, interesting and relevant.The course was delivered by someone with common sense, humour who had a real insight and experience of relevant situations. I was comfortable asking questions and challenging information given. Great to meet like minded people on the course and to share stories, experiences and differences in approaches to various problems and situations. Having been on numerous courses over the years this definitely stands out as one of the most relevant, interesting and informative courses making you feel comfortable with your decisions, treatments and confidence. Many thanks and I would really recommend this course to others as a breath of fresh air in first aid learning.

Testimonial from Krista Johnston, Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator, teacher and Instruct, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
19/02/2014Pete's pragmatic approach to teaching first aid makes it easy to remember and gives me more confidence of being able to apply it.

Testimonial from Alison Pitts
13/02/2014Another excellent first aid course from Pete, thank you.

Testimonial from Susan Simpson
13/02/2014Really enjoted it-feel enthused!Treated us as if we had a knowledge of the basics already which we did! Felt that just the right level was reached

Testimonial from Catherine Musetti
13/02/2014Probably the best first aid course I have been on. I feel confident to deal with most situations.

Testimonial from Tom McCafferty, Blue Badge Tourist Guide, Blue Badger Tours
10/02/2014Pete Cunnigham was excellent and passionate in delivery of the course. He was able to incorporate mountaineering/outdoor scenarios, teach us vital first aid skills and the key items we should have in our rucksack. I finished the course feeling competent in first aid and that we can all be instrumental in saving a life with first aid.

Testimonial from Laura Lai
09/02/2014Good balance of talking, anecdotes, humour, questions and practice along with varied presentation material.

Testimonial from Alison Athroll
07/02/2014Excellent course, with up-to-date information on practical and pragmatic skills, information, techniques and equipment. Would be happy to recommend.

Testimonial from Ben McNutt, Wild Human
29/01/2014Good course, thanks Pete, always something new either media wise or practically, I liked the thump me squeeze me outfits!

Testimonial from Clare Tayler
23/01/2014Fantastic course - right amount of practical and theory delivered in a variety of ways - video, discussion, etc. Works well to question some practices, but delivers at FIRST AID rather than consultant A+E level!

Testimonial from John Douglas, Senior Instructor

Testimonial from Steve Sutcliffe, Director, Yorkshire in style
08/01/2014Really good course, thanks. Clear, relevant, practical and focussed. I have done many first aid courses over the years but always learn something from Active Aid and leaving feeling more confident that I can use these skills effectively if needsbe.

Testimonial from Kate Rawles, Freelance, Outdoor Philosophy
08/01/2014Pete runs an excellent, well structured and informative first aid course which meets the needs of those working in the outdoor industry. He has an easy laid back delivery which reflects his high degree of competence and wide experience.

Testimonial from Andy Brown, MIC
05/01/2014The most enjoyable first aid course I'v attended so-far. A lot of trainers/courses can be quite dull and boring. Pete was very approachable with enough banter to keep everyone engaged whilst passing on the relevant and technical information.

Testimonial from Matthew Selkirk
18/12/2013Pete is an outstanding trainer. He provides a straight forward, easy to remember approach to providing first aid. The course inspires confidence that you would know what to do in an emergency.

Testimonial from Norman Beech, Centre Manager, The Raymond Priestley Centre
18/12/2013A great couple of days. Thanks Pete and Dave.

Testimonial from David Barker
18/12/2013One of the best first aid courses I've attended (nearly as good as my own!)

Testimonial from Simon Clooney, Simon Clooney First Aid Training
12/12/2013Pete gave a completely different First Aid course to what I was used to. Everything made much more sense and I went away feeling far more confident and at ease than any of my other courses. Thanks.

Testimonial from Nicola Clare Beer
11/12/2013I enjoyed it!Pete was friendly, informative and clearly passionate about what he was teaching. I felt comfortable asking questions, and the practical aspect meant I could practise what we were taught - making me feel more confident should I need the first aid skills. We were very well looked after, from extensive tea and biscuits, to a super lunch, the venue was great.

Testimonial from Jennifer Valverde
09/12/2013Another great course with more new gadgets to simulate scenarios. Not all first aid courses are the same - pick one that's run by people who have dealt with real incidents, and who have background knowledge from genuine medical experts. I'd thoroughly recommend this one.

Testimonial from Laurence Colyer, Deputy Head of Centre, Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre
Link to student's website
08/12/2013Another three year refresher, delivered as always with great skill and experience by Pete Cunningham. Pete takes the best ideas that work and strips away all the stuff you would forget oo that don't really work. What you are left with are the basics to safe life. Came away feeling confident to apply workable first aid skills. Pete works closely with paramedics and other experts to really distil and share the 'stuff that works' in a memorable, fun, and experienced way.

Testimonial from Matt Beresford
08/12/2013The course gets better each time I attend! Significant improvement now that you only need to concentrate on what really matters - saves so much confusion and increases your confidence.

Testimonial from Sarah Colyer, Teacher and Outdoor Instructor
08/12/2013I enjoyed the course very much and found it concise and informative. Pete's knowledge was incredible and really backed up the main message of the session. I particularly enjoyed the practical sessions and how this prepares me for a real life situation!

Testimonial from Alex Aspinwall
06/12/2013the course was exceptional, really clear, easy to remember, theres no un-necessary things covered very relevant, i feel confident as a civy and an instructor and would definitely step in to help in a situation. the instructor was very friendly, clear, helpful, embraced and answered all and any questions, and he showed clearly his huge experience and knowledge. 5 stars.

Testimonial from Chris Bartlett
Link to student's website
03/12/2013I have been on many first aid courses over the years and this one has been the best. It tells you what you as a first aider can do and doesn't give you unnecessary information that you won't even be able to use without specialist equipment found in hospitals.

Testimonial from James Brake
02/12/2013Thanks to Pete Cunningham from First Aid Cumbria for delivering an enjoyable 2 day Outdoor First Aid course and to Girl Guiding Leeds for providing Robin Hole as the venue.

Testimonial from Tommy Hogg
23/11/2013A very worthwhile course that outlined and explained the main procedures of first aid needed for the majority of situations that may happen. I feel much more confident in delivering first aid (in particular the use of a defib) if necessary.

Testimonial from Janet Davis
21/11/2013Really enjoyed my emergency first aid for the workplace course with Pete. Everything was explained clearly, with plenty of hands on time so we could practise. Pete was extremely knowledgeable, and delivered the course in a really engaging way. I honestly think I will remember the things he taught me and would be able to put it into practice. Great lunch provided at the Eagle and Child too, all in all a really good course.

Testimonial from Helen Ullock
21/11/2013Very relevant to the outdoors, clear simple message with excellent background detail.

Testimonial from Christopher Wright, Freelance Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor, Mountain Mastery
07/11/2013Very comfortable pace and delivery. Core aim was to get you to realise that everyone really does have the ability to help, rather than to scare you with assessments or overload you with detail.

Testimonial from Ian Rodham
06/11/2013As a former director of consultancy and training in IBM , and Principal of my own international training firm, I have designed, run and evaluated many hundreds of courses over a twenty year period,
This is one of the best courses I have attended both in terms of design, structure, content and delivery. Pete is a master of his trade. Thank you!

Testimonial from Derek Weston
06/11/2013It was much better than i expected having not attended anything like it before.

Testimonial from Barbara Weston
04/11/2013Very informative session. Excellent delivery and lots of practical activities which were relevant and kept students on task. Thank you!

Testimonial from Sofia McNamee
03/11/2013Superb training. Pete really emphasised the importance of DR ABC and cut out unnecessary waffle.It was great to be able to practice newly learnt techniques in different scenarios and find out how to apply these in a mountain environment.

Testimonial from Alasdair Monteith
03/11/2013Great course very well presented.

Testimonial from Stephen Kirby
31/10/2013Pete runs a great first aid course, and I say that as a jaded old outdoor educator who looks on the need to renew my qualification with grumpy resignation.
His enthusiasm, warmth, depth of knowledge and commitment to keeping content relevant and applied mark him out as exceptional.

Testimonial from Jon Owen
24/10/2013Great, practical, to-the-point course that cut out all the uneccesary 'fluff'. Came away feeling confident I would remember the important points without being overloaded with information.

Testimonial from Heather Cole

Testimonial from Joanne Pears
30/09/2013I've been on many first aid courses over the years, but this one was the best to date. Pete Cunningham cuts out the waffle and just tells you what you need to know. Less is most definitely more. The good weather certainly helped this weekend and getting out onto the hills to practice scenarios was a great addition. Thanks again.

Testimonial from Neil Stevens
30/09/2013Great course, I really enjoyed both the content and the delivery. It was practical and challenging, inspiring active participation that relied on team work and problem solving. Pete's experience created authenticity and demonstrated the importance of learning first aid as a valuable skill, rather than just a course to that must be completed to fullfill a requirement. I would definitely do this course again, as well reccommend it.

Testimonial from Susan Whittle
30/09/2013The course was great and by far the best and most informative first aid course I've been on, brilliant!!!

Testimonial from Mark Baron
20/09/2013Excellent course, expertly delivered. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their first aid skills and knowledge.

Testimonial from Lorna Gold
17/09/2013The best first aid course I have been on. Thanks and well done. There are now more of us out there with the knowledge to help others.

Testimonial from Jennifer Holden
12/09/2013Spot on, really useful. Loved it and look forward to returning in 3 years.

Testimonial from Christopher Barrett
05/07/2013Excellent Course, nice and friendly and informal training course. All skills taught in a way in which questions and practical situations were available to aid the learning experience. A very valuable and well put on course.

Testimonial from Edward Marshall, Cover Supervisor , Underley Garden School
04/07/2013A great well delivered course with Petes usual wit and unstoppable knowledge of everything first aid . It was also a great touch having the knowledge of Andy there too being a working paramedic . Great course see you in three years.

Testimonial from Stephen Figg, Outdoor Activities Officer, Blackpool Council
04/07/2013Fab course, great active delivery of course. Very relevant to all using outdoor activities. Thanks to Pete and Andy.

Testimonial from Richard Tyson
02/07/2013It was an excellent course, very well run. I particularly thought the common sense and grounded pragmatic approach to First Aid was really effective. It focused on the key areas and supoted a clear understanding of priorities in an incident.
I would thoroughly recommend the course to other persons.

Testimonial from David Tromans
02/07/2013A combination of bang up to date training and approach to outdoor first aid from a highly skilled and experienced trainer, with a delivery of real quality made this course the best first aid course I have attended so far. Add to that a great venue and competitive rates makes it outstanding in my book. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Graham Dawson
28/06/2013Pete is a very impressive educator in that he achieves the difficult balance of facilitating the group to ensure that their experience and knowledge is respected and used, whilst at the same time training the group to ensure that they receive 'best practice' information in an informed and consistent format.
Dr. Geoff Cox

Testimonial from Geoff Cox
27/06/2013A fantastic course which has given me much more confidence to apply my exisiting knowledge in the outdoors. Thank you.

Testimonial from James Cooper-Colliander
13/06/2013Well done Pete, I think your delivery approach was excellent. The resources, video links, booklet, discussions made the 2 days go very quickly. Furthermore, the scenarios, in my opinion was the best, especially the way we did them outside.

Thanks again!

Testimonial from Kevin Teasdale, Teacher , Hilbre high school humanities college
08/06/2013Thanks again Pete, hammered home the important stuff and I left feeling more confident about dealing with first aid emergencies.

Testimonial from Francis Blunt
08/06/2013Pete gave a really thorough course, in a laid-back and easy going style. I found it easy to take in and understand everything he taught me and also found it really enjoyable too. The combination of practical and theory based learning was spot on. Also the book that I received, by First Aid Cumbria, explains everything really well and is a fantastic resource. I would highly recommend Pete and First Aid Cumbria to anyone seeking a quality first aid course.

Testimonial from Ethan Thomas
07/06/2013 I have done a lot of 1st aid courses before. I found Peter had the ability to help me focus on the really important 1st aid points that will help me in any 1st aid situation. this has helped me to increase my confidence in this area.

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
07/06/2013very useful course!

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
07/06/2013Relaxed friendly course - made to feel welcome and valued

Testimonial from Alastair Yates
05/06/2013I enjoyed the course and found it very interesting! Thanks again.

Testimonial from Frederick James Brock
04/06/2013Fantastic, simple approach. Makes me feel confident about coming to help instead of nervous about doing something wrong as I have felt with other courses. Thank you Pete!

Testimonial from Susie Winter
16/05/2013An enjoyable course that took away the scary bits of First Aid and added in the practical and useful. Great tutor who got the points across very well in a very pleasant environment, with yummy lunches and sunshine. I couldn't ask for more! Thank you K

Testimonial from Kiersten Cutts
09/05/2013An excellent course. Each part of the syllabus was clearly explained. The course was made very interesting through real life examples and discussion as towards appropriate techniques. The practical sessions were purposeful and added to the experience. 5 star.

Testimonial from Chris Naylor
03/05/2013i'd like to take my first aid further with active aid

Testimonial from Jonny Toogood
02/05/2013This was a great first aid course and Pete is a wonderful tutor. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Sam Dawson
27/04/2013Pete made what is often an over complicated and off putting subject simple, clear and interesting. The information given was fresh and up to date and I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning first aid for the first time or refreshing their qualifications.

Testimonial from Amy Finnie
26/04/2013Yet again an excellent update well taught in a very relaxed atmosphere

Testimonial from James J Nolan
23/03/2013I can't recommend this course highly enough. I particularly like Pete's no none sense practical approach and the wide variety of training aids available to put the theory into practice.

Testimonial from Adrian Walter
22/03/20132nd course with pete, great course even better than last one with up to date training

Testimonial from Kyle McGregor
21/03/2013Top course delivered from a practical, realistic angle. Relevant discussion around the subject matter, and all well facilitated by Pete with an obvious depth of knowledge.

Testimonial from Christopher Nicholls
20/03/2013I really enjoyed the day, not having done any first aid courses before.

Testimonial from Susan Ellwood
15/03/2013A clear, practical and enjoyable approach to First Aid training using examples relevant to the situations likely to be encountered whilst outdoors. Will certainly recommend to colleagues.

Testimonial from Mark Pollitt
11/03/2013First aid delivered in a very professional manner, clear and concise, practical and fun. Excellent rapport with all 'students', incorporating valuable advice from Hospitals, Surgeons and Paramedics.
Pete has the ability to draw on his own vast personal experiences resulting in a very stress free, relaxed and confidence building few days. I have been on several first aid courses in the past and without doubt Pete made this one the most real, relevant and meaningful for all concerned.
Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Greg Lambert
11/03/2013A brilliant course. I really enjoy the fact that Pete has worked closely with paramedics and doctors to get to the point of what a non medic trained person can actually do.
The use of training equipment and material proved to be very effective.
Fist aid is now as simple as ever, which is great as I can retain the information for longer and feel confident to put the information in to practice should the event arise. Thank you

Testimonial from Jenny Brindle
08/03/2013This course offered a wealth of practical and 'real life' learning. Petes presentation was well paced and informative with time to ask questions and discuss the learning while relating it to experiences of the participants. An really well planned, informative and interesting course.

Testimonial from Andy Carter
07/03/2013An excellent course that focused on the most important concepts of FIRST aid, incorporated the experiences and knowledge of the participants, and provided the whole cohort with training that was well structured, practical and relevant in the real world of Casualty management.

Testimonial from Leon Bond
07/03/2013This was a really good and enjoyable course. The emphasis on doing a limited number of important things well and spending a fair amount of time in rehearsing the practical skills needed to preserve life meant that we were not overburdened with superfluous information. The people on the course also helped to make the experience more valuable - many of them had extensive outdoor experience that we could all benefit from. Pete was a really engaging course tutor. He actively invited participation from course members to allow their experiences to illustrate the course. His course materials and teaching aids were very useful and he gave good practical advice on what we might want to carry in a sensible First Aid kit in the outdoors. There were 2 GPs on the course (I was one of them). We both felt that the emphasis on delivering safe First Aid was right on target. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in working with groups in the outdoors or even to someone who wanted to have useful skills that might be needed at any time.

Testimonial from Tom White
05/03/2013Maxine was great, and the training she provided was suited to our purpose and age, the atmosphere was lighthearted, and we had a great couple of days.

Testimonial from Elouise Johnson
22/02/2013My third course with Pete. I have tried others but come back to his up to date, practical courses informed by his commitment to keep things current through his contacts with paramedics, doctors and other medical practitioners. Scenario based outdoor work adds to the usefulness for all who venture outdoors too. Go and see for yourself!
Anne Salisbury Adventure Activities Licensing Service

Testimonial from Anne Salisbury
21/02/2013I went because I had to. I will go back because I want too.
A perfectly matched course to needs of group and completely up to date. I would recommend this course to anyone who ventures outdoors.

Testimonial from Chris Frampton
13/02/2013Very good course, perfect for what i required.

Testimonial from Matthew Benson
08/02/2013great course, great trainer. Thanks!

Testimonial from Craig Jones, Professional and Commercial Sales Manager, Palm Equipment
07/02/2013This was my 3rd First Aid course and the most enjoyable. A non complicated, common sense approach made it easy to understand. Pete was knowledgeable and friendly, I would definately recommend Active Aid to any customers and friends that require First Aid training.

Testimonial from Gaynor Anderson
06/02/2013The First Aid course I have just done seemed much more simplified (compared with the First Aid course I did 7 years ago),and I think I got a better understanding this time around. I also enjoyed watching the short video clips.

Testimonial from Angela Byrne
06/02/2013Good relaxed atmosphere,
Picked up the basics of what to do if i come across an injured/ill person and also a few tell tale signs to look out for to identify other illnesses.

Testimonial from James Hope
03/02/2013i really enjoyed the course and thought the first aid was put across well through the use of practical activities.

Testimonial from Toni Emery
01/02/2013after 20 years of doing First aid courses at last someone how has made it truley relivant to the out door environment, with out turning it into experdition medican!

Testimonial from Dave Carpenter
30/01/2013Really great course, learnt loads, thanks!

Testimonial from Eloise Chambers
29/01/2013This first aid course left me far more confident in my abilities than the other first aid courses that I've done in the past with different companies.

Testimonial from Richard Sharpe
28/01/2013My first aid course at the Brenin was cancelled so had a quick look around and choose to head up to the Lakes and do Pete Cunningham's course. Really enjoyed it and it had my thinking challenged (always a very good thing). I would thoroughly recommend Active Aid and the venue was great with a pub lunch provided each day. Very well run.
Ray Goodwin Coaching

Testimonial from Ray Goodwin
28/01/2013I have completed first aid courses before but never really felt competent as a first aider afterwards. This course is simple enough to make sense and save lives, feel very confident now. Although i never used to like taking part in first aid practicals, the practical element on this course is brilliant, it really helps the learning and skills to develop. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Cassandra Fitzharris
27/01/2013Really engaging worth while course that keeps the processes to go through simple. Allowing myself to hopefully have more confidence, should I be thrust into a real first aid situation.

Testimonial from Gavin Hart
25/01/2013Last week I attended a two-day course conducted by Pete. Yesterday I was one of the first people to arrive at the scene of an RTA. I was very glad of my training and DRSABC and AVPU both really came into play! Maintaining airway was a big factor. But I also appreciated the work that we had done on managing the casualty - it proved so useful and I felt calm and focussed on looking after her, communicating with her and reassuring her. Thanks, Pete, for genuinely useful and important training - and I know who I'll be coming back to for my next refresher in 3 years' time!

Testimonial from Paul Sweeting, Chaplain, Sedbergh School
25/01/2013Practical, clear and no fuss first aid courses for people in a range of settings. Just what the dr ordered!

Testimonial from Kaz Stuart
25/01/2013It's refreshing to find first aid providers, who closely listen to the medics and then adjust the content of their course to only include the primary aspects of first-aid; thus simplifying the do's and don'ts which from experience I find helps enormously when faced with the stress of a real scenario.
The frequent references to actual experiences also helps cement those all important facts.
It was a very well presented course,{even with the few technical hitches} with the content and speed of delivery aimed well at the ability of the people attending.
Thanks... Rex Pickles Outdoor pursuits tutor at the Bendrigg Trust

Testimonial from Andrew Pickles
24/01/2013This course was exceptionally well delivered. It was a fantastic course, that focused on being REALISTIC to what actually happens out and about in the outdoors.... not what happens in the comfort of a training room.
This was by far the best first aid course I have been on.
Thank you so much for a very valuable course.
I'll be back in 3 years!!!

Testimonial from Fiona Ledson
24/01/2013Many thanks for a very enjoyable and useful course.

Testimonial from Robin Beadle
21/01/2013A great course as usual with a refreshing practical no nonsense approach to dealing with real life incidents. You don't just learn how to 'get a certificate'.

Testimonial from Adam Thickett
21/01/2013Many thanks Pete for a very enjoyable 2 days. Excellent course, the best I have ever been to.

Testimonial from Jonathan Barton, Birmingham University
20/01/2013The course delivered fully in relation to our practical needs. That understates the full benefit we gained from the experience. The bonus for me was the experience inputs from the other course members from their specialist perspectives.

Testimonial from Caroline Sanderson
20/01/2013The course fully provided me with the practical direction I needed to further and refresh my previous first aid at work training. A bonus benefit was to be able to draw from the experiences of the other course members from their varied specialist outdoor backgrounds.

Testimonial from Michael Slowey
19/01/2013Great course, thanks. It's really helped by your extensive experience of doing all this for real, which keeps it practical, applicable and engaging. It tells you what you really need and strips out what you don't.

Testimonial from Susan Cox
18/01/2013Thank you for a superb course. Having attended many courses over the years, this stands out among the best due to the obvious experience of our trainer and the exceptional clarity of information delivered. Oh, and as a venue, the Eagle and Child pub was perfect!

Testimonial from Paolo Fubini, Managing Director, Arrampica Limited
15/01/2013Excellent course. The up to date references with regards to modern first aid thinking was particularly useful.

Testimonial from Philip Britton
14/01/2013Pete provided an informative and professional course. There was a good balance of practical and theory sessions. Thanks for a grat two days.

Testimonial from Janice Weatherill Timmins
14/01/2013I found this latest course very "down to earth", teaching it as it would be out in them there mountains!!

Testimonial from Graham Lennox
04/12/2012This is my third First Aid course with Peter Cunningham. He is an excellent tutor and has a very relaxed style. I could strongly recommend the course to anyone working in the outdoors.

Testimonial from Mark Gascoigne
02/12/2012very relevant to what I do and I learnt a lot of new skills.

Testimonial from Jamie Pimblett
01/12/2012I have been on many first aid courses over the years and for the first time I have come away with a sense that I will know exactly what to do in an emergency. I have attended and helped with several incidents as a passer by and whilst with hindsight I know I was useful, I was always hampered by uncertainty, mostly because previous courses had covered so many minor aspects of first aid that I never had any real understanding of priorities. This has now completely changed. The Active Aid approach to strip it down to the bare essentials and make sure candidates have a thorough understanding of those is the best possible training for people like myself who do not have enough opportunities to reinforce massive amounts of medical information through regular practise. As a D of E Leader, I now feel infinitely more confident in my own abilities and the training was delivered so simply that I can easily pass this on the the participants. I was frankly dreading going on 'yet another first aid course' with expectations of coming away with a head load of half learned facts, two thirds of which I would have forgotten before I was home, and an overwhelming sense of having wasted a weekend. Several weeks on, I haven't had a chance to practise, I haven't really discussed the contents of the course but I have still retained everything I learned and feel ready to use it whenever needed. I don't think anyone could ask for more from a first aid course.

Testimonial from Shirley Heath
01/12/2012This was the best first aid course I've done, and I think it's about the 12th or 13th - past ones included Dr Ieuan Jones (Bangor) Mountain First Aid courses (3 or 4) and several REC level 2 - this was by far better, partly because of the excellent mix of delivery styles (talk, video, indoor & outdoor practicals, and (most importantly in my view) the excellent current, up-to-date knowledge of the instructor (Pete) which was put across in a using an excellent mix of urban and outdoor examples which we are likely to come across. For me the course filtered out the most important parts of first aid so that I am more likely to remember them when they are needed. Really enjoyed it. Well done Pete.

Testimonial from Tim Stott
01/12/2012Very good. I would now feel much more comfortable in an emergency situation.

Testimonial from Sebastian Field
26/11/2012As an outdoor instructor for well over Ten years It has been compulsary for me to attend regular first aid course to stay valid. These courses have been from a variety of providers but Pete (First Aid Cumbria) are by far the best!

The course was for the first time interesting, useful, to the point and almost enjoyable (instead of a bind!)Pete is knowledgable, interesting and has a sensible approach to first aid. I wish them all the best for the future of the company and hope they continue to deliver good value, quaility, no nonesense first aid courses.

P.s. Great quality refreshments too(which is always nice!)

Self Employed Outdoor Instructor

Testimonial from Barry John Roberts
24/11/2012The course was really good, stripping it back to the basics is a much more effective way of teaching the key elements.

Testimonial from Eleanor Molly Phillpotts
23/11/2012I really enjoyed the course and now feel confident that I would be a help not a hindrance in an emergency.

Testimonial from Jess Owen
22/11/2012This was by far the best first aid course I have attended - and there have been many! It is the only one where I emerged actually feeling I was equipped to deal with a practical incident, on or off the hill, without being totally confused by irrelevant information. I would really recommend it - practical, fun and potentially life saving. Thanks very much indeed!!

Testimonial from Liz Burnley
21/11/2012I've done four of these courses now and Pete's course content and his delivery style was the best so far. Finally a 1st Aid training provider delivering a 'common sense' approach to 1st Aid.

Testimonial from Jonathan Walkingshaw
21/11/2012Fab, concentrated on what you can actually do to make a difference (not eg following a 15step tick list that you would probably do some part of it wrong and by the time you did it all, it would probably be too late)

Testimonial from Sarah Johnson
21/11/2012An excellent course which would really give me the confidence to deal with an emergency situation. Let's hope I never need to use it!

Testimonial from Monica Cornall
20/11/2012An absolutely delghtful course. Pete was superb in delivering the First Aid and it was all relevant to what we needed. Best First Aid course I've been on. Thanks so much!

Testimonial from Ben Fenner
20/11/2012Superb course! Best First Aid course I've been on. Looking forward to requalifying with you in 3 years. Thank!

Testimonial from Ben Fenner
19/11/2012was the first time I took part of a First Aid course, I really did not know what to expect or what kind of system was going to be taking place.
The pre course information was clear and cover all the aspects that were going to be happening in the two days.
The course was fantastic and the way that Pete explained and related topics were very clear, practical and realistic.
It certainly did not give me the idea that First Aid is difficult, all the contrary, I am now confident and ready if any of my help is needed under work circumstances or just through life, and this is because Peter made sure that the tasks he gave us were day to day living.
I really enjoyed the mixture within the group, there was people with previous experience, people like me and even a gp, so it made interaction really easy and it helped the process of learning relax and fun.
I will definitely recommend Peter and Active Aid to anybody who is after a First aid course and I will certainly come back when my certificate runs out.
Thank you very much Peter for making it so clear and for giving me the confidence to get out there, be able to help when I am needed, and hopefully give someone another chance.

Testimonial from Vicky Blanco
18/11/2012Fantastic course run by an eager instructor. Would definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Lee Illingworth
16/11/2012This was my 3rd course with Pete. As ever i have thoroughly enjoyed it. The current course is much more practical and relevant - i love the simplicity of the approach (focusing on what a first aider CAN do), and not being bombarded with irrelevant or impractical info or advise. Pete has a very genuine and down to earth style, and his stories and experience speak for themselves, and add to the application of the content, and bringing it to life.

Testimonial from Greg Bartlett
15/11/2012Just to say a big thank you for an inspirational and practical course. Its has undone some of my wagon rut thinking over the last 30 or so years of doing first aid.

Testimonial from Steven Taylor
11/11/2012Great course, First Aid really is simple if you follow the simple rules. excellent two days, full of vital information.

Testimonial from Peter Ravenscroft
09/11/2012Its really useful to refresh previous skills learned especially if you've not had cause to use since, 3 years doesn't seem that long but in reality it is. Great to find that the emphasis moving away from endless bandages and slings which have previously haunted me and moving onto clear precise instructions based around Danger, response and ABC's.

Testimonial from Samantha Parkin, Credit Controller for Impact Accounts Department, Impact International
08/11/2012Active-Aid's approach to first aid is realistic and straighforward. The emphasis is on a real understanding of the basic principles, and the style of training is inclusive and flexible.

Testimonial from Steve Lenartowicz
08/11/2012Simple, varied, logical. Pete reinforced simple approaches to numerous first aid scenarios in the outdoors through various methods and opportunities. Throughout he emphasised the logic behind his thoughts and those of Active-Aid. After twenty years of first aid courses and attending numerous incidents, this course was exactly what I was hoping for.

Testimonial from Edward Kinnear
05/11/2012Great course delivered extremely well by Pete Cunningham. Highly practical and useful and relevant for Mountain Leader activities. I would recommend using Pete Cunningham and will use his services again.

Testimonial from Peter Sheen
01/11/2012Thank you Pete. It was a good day and a fun way to learn about something quite serious. I can speak for us all when I say that we are all increasingly confident that should anything ever happen that we would know what to do, or at least where to start. Thank you!

Testimonial from Portia Dobinson
26/10/2012Really good course - kept me interested and learning right up to the end.

Testimonial from Myles Ripley
25/10/2012An amazing and very well detailed course. Especially liked the different scenarios we went though, it really put things in to perspective if you did come across an incident not just in the outdoors, pretty much anywhere. Thanks once again!!!!

Testimonial from Luke Biggins
24/10/2012At last a realistic approach to first aid and not a text book lesson that wishes to only tick the boxes. By using Pete's approach to First aid, lives could be saved be taking a realistic and instant response to life threatening conditions. Well done Pete keep up the good work

Testimonial from Simon Moxon
19/10/2012Pete has a very engaging style, and having attended many First Aid training sessions over the years, I found his approach very stimulating. No time to nod off with Pete - he continually challenges commonly accepted notions and makes students really think about what is appropriate. Great course Pete. Keep up the good work.

Testimonial from Stewart MacKenzie
18/10/2012A course like this will only show it's worth if a First Aid situation arrises. It can never be truly evaluated until then. However, this particular course has given me more confidence then any other one before, that I actually will be able to administer First Aid if it comes to it.

Testimonial from Kerstin Muller
11/10/2012Pete was an exceptional trainer, understanding the mental barriers to comprehension in the context of practical exercises in groups.
I had done a work first aid course several years ago and remember vowing never to tell anyone I had been on the course because I felt I had gained nothing from it. I feel after going on this course I will be willing to approach the scene of an accident and evaluate if there is anything I can do - as long as I build into my regular training a refresher session of the main lessons learnt - this being something which could have been emphasised in the course.

Testimonial from Anthony Evans
09/10/2012This course has a refreshingly pragmatic approach to first-aid and I would reccommend it to anyone looking to qualify in first aid who works or plays in the outdoors. I whole-heartedly beleive that I could aid a fellow climber should the worst happen and feel happier that I would be able to recall the essentials rather that waste precious time sifting through the previous training I have received. Good work guys. Please do keep it up!

Testimonial from Ben Sparkes
09/10/2012The negative response for pre course info is due to bmc not Peter. The instructors personal experience was invaluable. It would have been nice to touch on emergency rope stretchers.

Testimonial from Kirsty Davies Walters
08/10/2012Thank you. I really enjoyed the course and learned lots of new things.

Testimonial from Michelle Storton
07/10/2012Brilliant course. Down to earth, simple, and practical. I left the course feeling empowered to use the common sense that I have, more knowledgeable about what I can do (and can't!), and with some new skills that because I fully understand what they are trying to achieve, should not be quickly lost.

Testimonial from Kim Mulji
04/10/2012Great course, thanks Pete. Input from Andy was also useful. Nice to be a small group. Would like more outside practicals but appreciate the limitations of a two day course.

Testimonial from Bob Eastwood, Ski coach instructor
29/09/2012Excellent course, real world focus and simple approach.

Testimonial from Gareth Browning
29/09/2012Really enjoyed learning useful new skills, great friendly teacher who made things easy to understand, thanks pete!

Testimonial from Michaela Bent
28/09/2012Best first aid course i have ever done (think ive done about 8 now). I will remember more of this course over the next 3 years than any other i have done. It cut through the nonsense of got on with the really important stuff.

Testimonial from David Atherton, Freelance Outdoor Instructor, David Atherton
28/09/2012This course was superb Thank you

Testimonial from Adele Pennington
28/09/2012A very professional course that was clearly based on the instructor's relevant and extensive personal experience.

Testimonial from Michael Anthony McKenzie, Owner/Manager, iGuide Adventure
27/09/2012Another fantastic first aid course packed with valuable information, excellent examples and first rate facilitation. The considerable experience of the first aid trainer was obvious from the outset. Its not the first course I have done with these guys and it certainly wont be the last.

Testimonial from Sam Sykes, Director, Sam Sykes H Q
21/09/2012I found the 2 day outdoor first aid course to be enjoyable and easy to understand. all the information given was simple and any un-needed or un-used information was left out. I would highly recomend this course for any one who works in the outdoors or is of an active learning persuasion.

Testimonial from Allen Turner
14/09/2012Pete really gets you to think about why you do what you're doing and simplifies first aid down to what is crucially important - keeping someone alive. Dispensing with the unnecessary, which is what Active Aid do, is vital if the lessons are going to stick in a real emergency situation.

Testimonial from Carolyn Bailey
20/07/2012Thanks for a very good, fluid, waffle-free, course.
Sort of course that any outdoors person should take as part of their outdoor armoury.
Thanks, also, to a good group of folk who all pitched into the course.

Cheers - Clive Shelley

Testimonial from Clive Shelley
19/07/2012Straight forward information put over simply with plenty of practical sessions that should give us the confidence to use in real life. Thankyou!

Testimonial from Charlotte Webb, Director, Wilfs Catering Limited
19/07/2012For a First Aid course; this was a really enjoyable and even fun experience. Pete is a great presenter and his relevant experience and relaxed style made it a really worthwhile course for me.

Testimonial from Peter Kelly
19/07/2012really great course - many thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Cathryn Beckett
19/07/2012Really great Thanks

Testimonial from Iain Williamson, Director , Wilfs catering ltd
19/07/2012Excellent first aid training at an excellent venue.

Testimonial from Liam Scott
05/07/2012This is the 2nd Active Aid course I've been on. If anything, even better than the first (which to date had been the best in 25yrs of instructing): There has been considerable investment in equipment and thought with regards to how people learn best. Initially sceptical at using the high tech part of the course - I'm now a total convert - well done Pete

Testimonial from David Larkin, David Larkin - 40yrs of Outdoor Education and fun
03/07/2012It was a great course , good clear simple learning that cuts out a lot of the froth that is no where near relevant to immediate care. It is very obvious that Pete is passionate about what he does, and it shines through.No question was unanswered. We were all very well looked after too , food and tea/coffee aplenty. Highly recommended:-) Rich Pyne

Testimonial from Richard Pyne
02/07/2012An interesting and practical course which was well delivered and provided some thought provoking ideas.

The venue was excellent and certainly the best I've experienced through many first aid courses.

Testimonial from Chris Woodcock
02/07/2012A first rate, practical and engaging course with a no nonsense approach backed up with critical questioning and years of firsthand experience. The scenarios sensibly reaffirmed the theoretical teaching. An excellently constructed and delivered course.

Testimonial from Olly Rees
23/06/2012Having attended many 1st Aid Courses in my time I am in no doubt that this was the most practical, enjoyable and informative course that I have experienced. Pete's engaging style of delivery, the accounts of first-hand 1st Aid experiences, his visual teaching aids, AV resources and oral explanations meant that the key points were put across very effectively. I can wholeheartedly recommend his course to any individual or organisation who wants a practical, no nonsense, common sense approach to 1st Aid. Thank you for a most enjoyable two days.

Testimonial from Jim Crookes, Welbeck DSFC
16/06/2012Fantastic course, with a lot of areas covered!! Great trainer who made first aid seem a lot more managable. Finally, a really welcoming venue, especially the lunch.

Testimonial from Matthew Allison
15/06/2012Really good course, Pete made you think about why you were doing things rather than just going through the motions. Most interesting first aid course I have done!

Testimonial from Joseph Hitchen

Testimonial from Luca Miceli
18/05/2012An excellent course. If possible, even better than last time. I appreciated the little extras that where added, so as not to make it completely repetitive & helps my concentration.

Testimonial from David Hendrickse
15/05/2012An excellent, relevant course that delivered the priorities of first aid in a clear and practical way.

Testimonial from Jason Kirby
15/05/2012Once again our course expectations were fulfilled and all eleven staff found the two days very interesting and useful. With staff planning a variety of trips and expeditions the learning outcomes will prove very useful both in planning and if required in any unexpected problem.

Testimonial from Donald Thompson
11/05/2012Very relevant and digestible information. Exactly what we needed to know.

Testimonial from Bruce Johnson
08/05/2012Excellent course, Peter was really good and knowledgeable would recommend the course to others

Testimonial from Mark Greasley
06/05/2012A high quality course delivered in a most interesting, informative and practical style. The course will be of great help to me in my role as a Health and Safety Trainer.

Testimonial from David Moore
04/05/2012Another great course from Pete, giving you the confidence to carry out First Aid if required.

Testimonial from Caroline Beswick
30/04/2012Another excellent course from Pete, which ticked all the boxes and brought me up-to-date with best practice.

Testimonial from Mark Walker, Outdoor Instructor/ Expedition Leader, Exped Adventure Ltd
29/04/2012Relevant and up to date training. Valid for my outdoor qualifications so it's all good!

Testimonial from Andrew Leavers
27/04/2012A very useful and effective course for staff involved in a wide range of outdoor activities with pupils from sports fixtures to expeditions.
Informative, fun and dynamic. Thank you Active Aid !

Testimonial from David Woodward
27/04/2012Presented in tandem with the Outdoor First Aid Course, this programme supported the course with more general First Aid training. Again, a well structured and informative programme with plenty of opportunities for practical hands-on training.

Testimonial from David Woodward
27/04/2012Excellent couple of days. I found that this course didn't just teach you the skills, but really made you think a bit more about what the right thing to do was too.

Testimonial from Daniel Tregidgo
27/04/2012Pete is great, amazing experience, enthusiasm, and excellent teaching spirit

Testimonial from Yamaan Safady
26/04/2012great course and good venue

Testimonial from Michael Evans
26/04/2012Practical, personable and very responsive to the needs of the group. Pete's style is informal, interesting and insightful - very informative and delivered in a way that is really enjoyable, accessible to everyone and really embeds what it is you need to learn.

I left the course feeling confident and capable - as well as having enjoyed the two days. Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from John Matthews
26/04/2012This was a fantastic course for all the DUCK Leaders and was made relevant to our specific situations by the trainers who were very friendly and capable.


Testimonial from Sally Holt
26/04/2012It was a brilliant course, really cut through the non-essential information. It left me feeling more confident that I could and would take the right approach in an emergency situation.

Testimonial from Sally Lisle
25/04/2012Excellent course giving practical, simplified training cutting through the complications in such a way as to give you confidence in your ability to apply the concepts. Really useful for ML, or any other outdoor qualification for that matter. Delivered in a very user friendly style by Pete. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Jim Akrill, n/a, n/a
05/04/2012Another good course from Pete, perfect for anybody working or playing in the outdoors.

Testimonial from Chris Leakey
01/04/2012An excellant and practical course which has given me a lot more confidence about setting priorities and being able to make the right decision in difficult siruations. The practical sessions were well constructed to reinforce key learning points.

Testimonial from Donald F Allan
01/04/2012Good, practical course with emphesis on prorities. I feel more confident if in a real situation now.

Testimonial from Dianne Allan
27/03/2012Brilliant learnt a lot more than on any other first aid course, a lot more relevant to my career

Testimonial from Ellie Percival
22/03/2012pete was a star not only did he make the course relevent and practical but was very supportive in getting the wheels in motion to get a defrib at the centre, something we were aware of the need for but also gave us the confidence to help whre it was needed. great advice on staying safe ourselves all up to date 'stuff'. thanks for helping me keep others safe.

Testimonial from Martin Whitmill
14/03/2012Having done many first aid courses over the last 25 years I found this course refreshing in its 'keep it simple' approach with clear rationale and focusing on key life saving practices.

Testimonial from Graham Watson
13/03/2012Pete Cunningham is clearly expert in first aid, both in his knowledge and his first hand experience of emergancy situations. Furthermore, he has the ability to convey his expertise in a practical way so that a novice like me can learn a great deal. There was ample equipment to assist our learning and the practical sessions were excellent, especially those outdoors where a grass slope and a rain shower added a touch of realism to our work. The Eagle and Child was a congenial setting and provided a very good lunch, with plenty of choice for all tastes.

Testimonial from Ian Procter, Volunteer Organiser, The Fairfield Association, Lancaster
12/03/2012This was undoubtedly the best first aid course I have attended in the past 30 years. A common sense approach without all the unnecessary bits that take up a lot of time on other courses.

Testimonial from Honor Redfern
10/03/2012This great course gets better and better! Pete deploys a highly engaging mix of learning methodologies, video clips, experiential scenarios, medical props, high tech training aids, all interweaved with a constant supply of thought provoking questions. Participants are equipped with real life saving skills and, through the practical sessions, the confidence to apply them when it comes to the crunch.

Testimonial from Simon Wheatley, Senior Consultant, Impact International
10/03/2012Having completed many first aid courses over the last twenty years the last two course with Pete have provided me with a raft of new skills and, more importantly, how to practically apply them in realistic situations.

Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Stuart Britt
09/03/2012A very well structured course, delivered in an easy to understand, nuts and bolts style. Thanks for a great course.

Testimonial from Alex Wride
06/03/2012The reenactments of scenarios that we might encounter were particularly useful in thinking about how one would actually approach giving first aid when the situation required it.

Testimonial from Caitlin Burtonshaw
05/03/2012Massive thanks to Simon and Pete, you were genuinely great instructors. I thought you handled the balance between being informative and personable absolutely excellently, managing to put us all at ease whilst giving us the obviously incredibly important skills. I honestly cannot fault you at all so please just keep doing what you are doing. Cheers

Testimonial from Robert Parr
28/02/2012The best first aid course i have attended, Pete Cunningham is an excellent trainer and the only first aid trainer that i have booked multiple courses with. an excellent delivery style coupled with a wealth of first hand experience.

Testimonial from Rob White, Activity Lead, Calvert Reconnections
27/02/2012over the years, like lots of folk, I've done loads of different first aid courses, a while back I 'found' this one delivered by Pete, and each time I renew, he's managed somehow to make them better, its a excellent course and I'll be back for the renewal in the future. Its sooooo good to find a trainer who delivers this in this manner, and that its realistic and useable, its the sort of first aid course you've been looking for- highly recommended

Testimonial from Chris Floyd
27/02/2012Great course, Pete has a great delivery style, keeps things clear and focused and clearly is very knowledgeable and experienced. Practical scenarios are particularly useful - only request would be for more of them

Testimonial from Kate Simpson
27/02/2012Great course - Pete is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer keeps things simple and practical and clearly brings a lot of experince to the subject

Testimonial from Kate Simpson
26/02/2012A brilliant course cutting away any previous OTT confusing information. First aid as it should be, life saving and not a practise scene from 'Casualty' ! That said, enough in depth to act as an ideal building block for further training and courses. Taught in a good relaxed manner in a friendly setting.

Testimonial from Nigel Hopkins
17/02/2012Great course, thanks Pete. Taught us what we needed to know - very pragmatic. Useful having the paramedics in on day one.

Testimonial from Mike Palk, Director, TeamEvents Partnership Ltd
14/02/2012First Aid Cumbria was absolutely brilliant. The course met all my learning styles and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to my next revalidation.(Many other first aid providers and courses left me uninspired and over complicated basic first aid). I can highly recommend First Aid Cumbria.
Dominic Hoare MIA and CIC award holder.

Testimonial from Dominic Hoare
03/02/2012This course far exceeded my expectations. I have attended several over my 20 years in Outdoor Education and without exception this was the BEST. Definately more relevant and the information was clear and practical to my needs. Their are not enough positive phrases to emphasis the quality of this course.

Testimonial from Liz Turner
29/01/2012Pete's approach to first aid is very realistic/honest, particularly in not concealing the likely chances of success with CPR etc. Pete also has sensible expectations of how much course participants are likely to retain and is good at getting the essential points over. Overall a refreshingly simple approach to First Aid. Pete's experience in a wide range of outdoor situations came across during the course.

Testimonial from Mark Aplin
29/01/2012Thanks for a great course

Testimonial from Stef Kerek
23/01/2012A very pragmatic course which focused on the practicalities and priorities in emergency first aid situations. There was some great training equipment and everything was made much more easy to remember than previous courses - I would highly recommend this course for anybody needing practical First Aid skills - whether indoors or out.

Testimonial from Jane Dalton
20/01/2012Very experienced and knowledgeable guys

Testimonial from Steven Charles Carey
16/01/2012Still an excellent course for outdoor activity professionals. Updating methods and skills required particularly important for instructors. Paramedic input very interesting and a good addition. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Nick Gaskell, Director, Ski Nordic -'XC Ski Coaching Courses in Norway'
16/01/2012i think these are great courses. AND you make them fun. it could be a LONG 2 days, but i learn alot and its a good old laugh, i would not swap providers ever now. A nice addition was the other trainers, the variety of styles was really good, and you all are effective and work well as a team.
cheers aileen

Testimonial from Aileen Wright
15/01/2012A course that concentrated on the really important stuff. Highly practical, honest and no-nonsense. Good trainers and plenty of decent equipment to practice with. The course was non-threatening and instilled confidence in my ability to do the right things and at the right time. And very little bandaging too!

Testimonial from Andy Gillham
13/01/2012A great course that really got to the heart of first aid without the complications and fuss that other providers seem to get bogged down with, well done Pete

Testimonial from Janet Crame
13/01/2012A relaxed atmosphere, with good ongoing feedback during each session. Makes casualty handling a pleasure not a worry. Great pub food too.

Testimonial from Terry Moore, Artist and mountaineer
12/01/2012Good course, well delivered and very knowledgeable trainer. Thanks

Testimonial from Paul Marshalsea
04/01/2012Good course, great teacher, realistic about what help can be given by the non-expert.

Testimonial from Andrew Weatherall, University of Cumbria
27/12/2011Ithoroughly enjoyed the course and all the aspects of the training were explained and discussed if needed,all that was on the syllabus was what i expected and more .All the instructors on the course helped very much and made it a enjoyable two days.

Testimonial from Timothy Lord
05/12/2011Over the years of working in the outdoors i've been on manyfirst aid courses, and every course there is always some new or something has changed. Pete made the 2 days very understandable, fun, Pete also answered the many questions asked by people, and why things are done the way we have been trained. The best first aid course i've been on, & would be more than happy to recommend this course.

Testimonial from Andy Bailey
05/12/2011Enjoyable, practical, common sense first aid!

Testimonial from Alan Lloyd, Vice Principal, The Blackpool Sixth Form College
04/12/2011Another great course with a relaxed but focused atmosphere. The assessment was really thorough and after the feedback from the experienced assessors helped me learn a great deal. I feel well prepared for the future. Thanks again

Testimonial from Daniel Reed
04/12/2011I found the course very good and met all my needsas we worked outdoors on some of the training sessions MEL T

Testimonial from Melvin Turnbull
01/12/2011Fantastic course. The trainer pitched it at just the right level and progressed it nicely through the 2 days - the perfect mix between theory and practice. I would definatly recommend this coures to anyone wanting to learn first aid!

Testimonial from Steve Mills
30/11/2011A very friendly, clearly presented, memorable, and above all helpful first aid course

Testimonial from Tim Wiles
29/11/2011Pete is an excellent trainer. All of the first aid course was relevent, practical and brilliantly delivered. The continous revisiting of learning,building on skills and sinarios was a very good approach to teaching. Thank you for another superb 2 days.

Testimonial from Rachel Hayes
28/11/2011A throughly enjoyable and valuable course. I particularly liked the scenarios both indoors and outdoors, which brought home the practical skills necessary. Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Phil Higgins, MD
27/11/2011I've trained in first aid for over 27 years, using many different providers, Pete Cunningham's course was the best yet.

Testimonial from David Coulson-Lowes
25/11/2011Very good course and makes it very speciific to the outdoor industry. Easy to follow and made simple which increases confidence in your own ability if needed to use the skills learnt.

Testimonial from Tom Booth
25/11/2011Fantastic course. Never a dull moment over the two days, really engaging and interesting. Great use of media such as videos and presentations made the topics really fun. The mix of demo's, teaching and practical scenario based learning was perfect. Overall a great course and Pete was a fantastic teacher, had loads for great examples and experiences to share to contextualise the content, making it easy to learn and apply in the future.

Testimonial from Daniel Reed
21/11/2011The best first aid course I have EVER attended. It was practical, informative, extremely interactive and fun. I won't be going to anyone else in the future. Thanks Pete - a really enjoyable experience.

Testimonial from Malcolm Wade, Owner, Lakeland Mountain Experience Ltd
21/11/2011Very Good Course really enjoyed it Thanks

Testimonial from Michael Evans
20/11/2011Great course, Pete Cunningham was very professional and made the course content simple to understand.

Testimonial from Michael Northfield
16/11/2011Really great, learned lots.

Testimonial from Toby Johnson
11/11/2011Really great first aid course - plenty of useful information, keeping it simple and practical sessions.

Brilliant that lunch is included too - great venue (despite the chairs!)

Testimonial from Lucy Bound
31/10/2011I found the course very interesting and thought the practicals helped me understand first aid alot more than my previous course. Thankyou Pete :)

Testimonial from Nicole MacGregor
31/10/2011Having done quite a few first aid courses in the last 22 years I can honestly say this one was the best by far I learnt loads and actually enjoyed it. Thank you.
Nick Whiteley

Testimonial from Nick Whiteley
24/10/2011The best first aid course yet. Thanks.

I couldn't get the work book in to my first aid kit. If it was A5 it would fit perfectly!

Testimonial from Jez Farncombe
22/10/2011Fantastic two days, well worth the money. See you in three years!

Testimonial from Guy Whitton
21/10/2011This was my third programme presented by Pete and it was professional, interesting and delivered in a very participative, adult to adult way. He took account of the range of experience in the group and got the pitch spot on. Also the Eagle and Child is an excellent venue - almost worth attending just for the food
Many thanks

Testimonial from Richard Neilson
21/10/2011The course was fantastic. This was my third course with Pete but the content of this course was fresh and interesting. There was a perfect mix of theory and practical exercises and the lunches and cookies were excellent. Thank you.

Testimonial from Jill Cannon Jones
20/10/2011Top job, Pete.

Testimonial from Joe Finn
18/10/2011As always, Pete ran a cracking course - thankyou!

Testimonial from Vicki Boggon
18/10/2011The course was thorough as well as interesting. Besides reinforcing the theory, the practical sessions were designed to teach us to apply the theory under stress in real situations.

Testimonial from Janis Young
18/10/2011Excellent course and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

08/10/2011Fantastic thankyou. I've done many different first aid courses in the past. I'll do mine with you from now on. Really useful.

Testimonial from Steve Styan
07/10/2011fantastic !

Testimonial from Donald Tennant
09/09/2011Pete strives to keep his content practical, relevant and up to date. The course is packed full of real-life stories from mountain rescue and paramedics, with lots of clever ways of helping us remember the fundamentals. He's an engaging and passionate trainer and I thoroughly recommend this course.

Testimonial from Karen Jaques
21/08/2011Excellent course. it taught me exactly what I needed to know.

Testimonial from Martyn Arthur
18/08/2011Simple, no nonsense first aid course, plenty of good detail but finished feeling confident about drilled procedure and decision making in first aid situations.

Testimonial from ANDREW FELLOWS, Geography Teacher , Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
17/08/2011An excellent course, expertly presented.
Course content: Relevant, current and comprehensive.
The 'outdoor' aspect of this training in particular was invaluable.
Delivery: Venue, facilities, equipment etc all very good.
A big plus: The Trainer, Pete Cunningham, whose vast experience and knowledge were delivered with excellent interpersonal skills, essential for effective participation of group members in a hands-on training environment.

Testimonial from Rosalind Buckland
20/07/2011The last course was great but this one was even better. Very clear delivery on how to handle different situations. Thankyou

Testimonial from Claire Hendrickse
08/07/2011I've done other courses over the years... this one will work for me.. relevant, sensible, up to date, well presented at the right level.

Testimonial from Peter Hudson
05/07/2011The course was very refreshing and quite informal, not stuffy and ridgid like other courses I have been on, Peter was relaxed and very comfortable in his role as tutor and made everyone feel the same, there were loads of direct and first hand knowledge which came through throughout the course. The location is good, food is great, really easy to find, and the structe, content and teaching is superb, thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Chris Hale, D of E Manager, Ripley St. Thomas School
30/06/2011Active Aid makes first aid what it should be: simple and easy to remember. After completing the 2 day course, I have renewed confidence in both my first aid skills and knowledge. I definitely recommend this course to anyone!

Testimonial from Harriett Rea
30/06/2011Pete's delivery of the content was professional and effective at all times, and also humourous and personal. He was able to tailor the content to the specific needs of the group. The course content was succinct and clear. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Testimonial from Mike Whitfield
29/06/2011Everything was kept totaly relevant to to the realities of the outdoor environment. The straight forward and unclttered approach was a refreshing change from the high-brow theory encounterd on previous courses elsewhere.

Testimonial from John D Clare
29/06/2011Focused on the real needs of first aid and not the frills. Basic common sense approach

Testimonial from John D Clare
29/06/2011An excellent course, well run, informative and useful for 'unlearning' some old first aid and keeping it simple for the future!

Testimonial from Alasdair Alexander
29/06/2011An excellent standard of course.Pete's experience as a trainer kept te couse well paced whilst remaining quite informal. Great to have First aid simplified and lunch included!

Testimonial from Michael Hinson
22/06/2011A really valuable course. Well taught and enjoyable. Will definitely use Active Aid again. Thank you!

Testimonial from Tracy Jane Jackson
21/06/2011Absolutely brilliant. Perfectly suited course to anyone involved in outdoor education or running outdoor trips, D of E etc...
David Grainger.
Ashville College, Harrogate.

Testimonial from David Grainger
15/06/2011I like the keep it simple approach. I struggle to remember lots and lots of information.

Testimonial from Anthony (Vic) Seed
15/06/2011Excellent course. Well presented and i much prefer the common sense "keep it simple" approach. Thanks.

Testimonial from Martin Stitch
13/06/2011I attended a day course on 17 May 2011. The delivery was superb, by a tutor who knew his stuff. His years of experience and passion for teaching were evident. Knowing you're being taught by someone who's dealt first-hand with emergency situations on countless occasions is highly reassuring. His own experiences and his links with the world of paramedics provided several fascinating anecdotes of real life situations, which hugely enhanced the learning experience. (And he was extremely patient with all my questions!)
The atmosphere was friendly, informal and highly informative. By the end of the course, I'd learned loads, had fun along the way, and most importantly, gained the confidence to react correctly in an emergency situation.
I highly recommend this course.

Testimonial from Faith Cobaine
09/06/2011The best trainer I have had. Really down to earth and approachable - promoted discussion and had lots of anecdotes and videos to bring it to life.

Testimonial from Roger Haworth
09/06/2011I really enjoyed the course and found the information pitched at just the right level. Pete was brilliant and really approachable, had lots of different stories that allowed us to put what we had learnt into everyday situations.

Testimonial from Vanessa Longbottom
07/06/2011I have done many different first aid courses, generally with a sense of forboding. At least this time I expect to be able to remember what I was taught as all the irrelevant stuff was taken out in order to concentrate on what's important.

Testimonial from David Rowe
06/06/2011The delivery of the course was perfect for the needs of the variety and experience of myself and my colleagues.
Excellent to have relevant no nonsense information - apt and entertaining!!

Jane Guest

Testimonial from Jane Guest
02/06/2011All positive

Testimonial from Andy Guest
27/05/2011Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it.

Testimonial from Steve Bell
20/05/2011Brilliant weekend course in the lakes, Pete the trainer was 1st class guy.

Dave Barmby

Testimonial from David Barmby
19/05/2011The trainer was excellent, he was very clear and created a relaxed environment, he was obviously higly skilled and he gave good practical and realistic advice.

Testimonial from Ann Wilson
11/05/2011Excellent - well delivered, lots of practical exercises and examples given, clear explanation of aims and objectives. Loads of important ground is covered, but the fundamentals are spelt out repeatedly and stick clearly in your head. everyone should do a course like this.

Testimonial from Steve Hall
10/05/2011The course taught me all I wanted to know and more. Would definately encotouge anyone to do the course.

Testimonial from Ian Parker
09/05/2011this was a good course, gaving lots of detail and practical advice. pete answered our questions fully and used examples which we could all relate to. i feel more confident in my knowledge of what to do and what not to do in an emergency. i will recommend the coure to others.

Testimonial from Bernadette Jordan
09/05/2011most excelent course run in an open and friendly way. recomended for both knowledge and skills gained and the enjoyable way of gaining those skills.

Testimonial from Janet Packwood
18/04/2011Different appraoch, very pragmatic and applicable, presenting situation in a realistic way, i.e. what can a first aider actually do beyond trying to keep people breathing until help arrives. Found it a refreshing experience of First Aid traiing, thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Sean Snow
05/04/2011Pete's enthusiasm and knowledge was second to none. To have the experience of a practising paramedic there as well helped to put a sense of reality on as well.

Testimonial from Andrew Pickles
02/04/2011Excellent training, advice and food! Would recommend to anyone.
Many thanks,
Scott Nixon

Testimonial from Scott Nixon, Freelance instructor
31/03/2011Many thanks to Pete, the course was fantastic - he taught simple and effective first aid techniques that can be easily apply to any situation.

Testimonial from Chloe Summerfield
23/03/2011this course was better than any 1st aid course i have ever attended. I think that because the tutor is actively practisng his information was relevant and up to date. The things I was taught felt like they were much more common sense based. Previous courses I have attended have left me thinking that there was no way I would attempt to give 1st aid through worrying that i may get the breaths wrong or tie a bandage wrongly or forget to check pockets!! This course left me feeling that I would happily 'give it a go'. The tutor was focused, accommodating and welcoming. The venue was easy to get to and the refreshments were delicious. The video clips helped to make real life situations more relevant. The 1st aid book we were given is very useful too. Thank you very much. Lydia

Testimonial from Lydia Jenson
23/03/2011I thought it was a very good course. I felt the information given was well broken down making it easier for me to remember information. It was a good mix of teaching visual, talking and action.

Testimonial from Sue Reeve
21/03/2011Very Interesting course, very different from previous 1st aid courses. The focus on airway makes the course more realistic and makes you think that by checking this on a casualty you can really help save a life.

Testimonial from Sharon Norton
21/03/2011Pete was excellent.
The manual given out is brilliant.
Accommodation and food first rate.
Learning top rate so all in all, outstanding, thank you.

Testimonial from Terry Hubble
17/03/2011Great course, reinforced previous training

Testimonial from Cathy Barratt
17/03/2011Practical advice based on real experience, dealt with real situations and dilemmas. Far superior to other first aid courses aimed at people that don't venture off the beaten track.

Testimonial from Anthony David Pearce, Estate Manager, Impact International
16/03/2011This was the second one of Pete's programmes I have attended and it was refreshing that he was not just doing a repeat of what I had experienced 3 years previously. Pete has now included some really relevant videos and these combined with powerpoint, demonstrations and discussions enabled us to start to put our learning to good practice in some realistic scenarios. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Charlotte Somers Cocks, Retired, Impact Development Training - now retired
16/03/2011It was really good to combine the outdoor first aid course with the re-assessment for first aid at work, thank you.

Testimonial from Susan Simpson
09/03/2011A superb couple of days that was both informative and thought provoking. Courses that I have done with other providers adequately provided me with the skills to deal with emergencies, this course went a lot further than this however in that it encouraged you to think around an issue and apply what you had learnt more specifically. As a result I think what I have learnt will stay with me a lot longer than has previously been the case.

Testimonial from Huw Davies, Head Teacher , Ghyllside School
09/03/2011Pete Cunningham delivers the best First Aid course for anyone involved in outdoor activities.

Testimonial from Roger Peak
09/03/2011Excellent well researched and up to date tuition, delivered in a friendly and informative manner. Great value for money, especially with the complimentary pub lunch! Will definitely be back when it's time to re-fresh. - Ben McNutt. Wilderness Bushcraft Instructor & Expedition Leader.

Testimonial from Ben McNutt, Wild Human
08/03/2011I have had a fantastic two days, learnt alot, laughed alot and eaten alot!! Pete was a great teacher, very patient, very practical and I really feel like I understand so much more about first aid. Would recommend this course.

Testimonial from Jo Pooley
02/03/2011Peter is clearly very experienced, extremely knowledgeable and a fine instructor. I, for one, gained a great deal from the course and feel as confident and as well-prepared as I could be.

Testimonial from Paul Gilmore
28/02/2011An excellent course - very practical and informative. Pete did a fine job!

Testimonial from Paul Gilmore
16/02/2011I really enjoyed the course & the way it was delivered. I felt all the time that pete was a man who knew what he was talking about through hands on experience. The venue was suitable for the training base & having cooked food on site was exellant. Having a meal halfway through each day was a really good extra particularly being free to students!

I can't praise the course & provider much more. I was very impressed, as I was last time I went on this course 3 years ago. It opened my eyes to new thinking & developements particularly in the advances of techknowledgy which can help us as first aiders.

Testimonial from John Ackroyd
15/02/2011An enjoyable and informative course. Pete's teaching methods were easy to follow and did not bore!

Testimonial from Jane Lawther
10/02/2011excellent cheers Pete!!

Testimonial from Richard Coleman
04/02/2011It was bloody cold so the outdoor practical had to be limited. Good course these things get simpler over the years, which is great. Real life videos were excellent.

Testimonial from Nick Meakins
19/01/2011Great course, thank you - especially for making it interesting and current, particularly as this is a course that you need to repeat every three years. I really like the keeping it simple approach!

Testimonial from Letty Ashworth
18/01/2011A thoroughly enjoyable and innovative course. Pete continues to trim the 'fat' from first aid courses, ensuring the content is completely relevant and not distracting away from really and practically saving lives.

Testimonial from Ashley St.John-Claire
18/01/2011So I've just been on a first aid course with First Aid Cumbria for the last two days and I would highly recommend them. The trainer was Pete Cunningham who is very good, certainly knows what he's talking about and has an awful lot of background knowledge. Now we've all done first aid courses and we all know the drill. Two days of sitting in a room with equally bored people staring at a powerpoint presentation and about an hour outside if you're lucky. This was different. Very interactive, lots of practical sessions, lots of discussions and chatting and a good deal of banter. Yes a lot of it was presented in Powerpoint but the slides were informative without overloading. Quite a few videos and movies added in to lighten the load. And to top it all off The Eagle and Child Inn is a great venue with a great pub lunch both days included in the cost of the course and more fresh coffee and biscuits than you could shake a stick at!
These last two days have changed the way that I think about First Aid. It doesn't need to be complicated and formulaic. It's all about a bit of common sense and instincts. There is so much that I have learnt on first aid courses in the past that now seems so pointless. First Aid Cumbria really are a breath of fresh air and the next time your certificate is due for renewal, I suggest you give them a ring. Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from DAMIAN KING, West Lancashire Scouts
10/01/2011Excellent course. Everything was very relevant and practicle

Testimonial from Mac Knowles
10/01/2011The knowlege level of both trainers was spot on.

Testimonial from Mac Knowles
09/01/2011Excellent course, delivered at a good rate to check student understanding at each stage.

Testimonial from Angie Clare
09/01/2011Thank you to Pete, Dave and Angie for their input into the course. Solid and relevant training with up to date protocols which left me feeling more confident to deal with emergency first aid. Having first responders at the course was invaluable and complimented the course.

Pete Fry

Testimonial from Pete Fry
09/01/2011Enjoyed the course, first time I fully understood reasons for the ABC procedure. Information put across very well. Good balance of theory and practical. Thanks Pete and Dave

Testimonial from Anne Platt
07/01/2011Excellent course

Testimonial from David Smith
07/01/2011I thought the venue for this couse is excellent,a good range of outdoor scenarios thought up, and there was not the over emphasis on play acting whichhave made previous courses with other providers something of a nightmare.

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
07/01/2011I wasn't expecting a different course from three years ago,but I was pleasantly surprised at how the trainers built on the existing experience of the group members. The extra emphasis on asthma cases was very instructive and thought-provoking,and the input of a full-time paramedic has been excellent.

Testimonial from Ian Oldham
20/12/2010I attended the course having been doing first aid for over ten years, expecting the same old same old and was pleasently surprised the was delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. I'll be booking again for renewal in 3 years.

Testimonial from Clare Tayler
08/12/2010The course was inciteful,thought provoking,built confidence and will change my practise for the better.Delivered in an excellent interactive and engaging manner, with just a little good homour!.

Testimonial from Mike Burtoft
06/12/2010Excellent Course delivered by Pete.

Testimonial from Peter James
06/12/2010A really practical, realistic course tailored to the needs of people working in the outdoors. A common sense, simple course where there was time to over learn and master First Aid skills. I left feeling more confident and skilled than from the many other First Aid courses i have done over the years. Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Matt Beresford
02/12/2010Very practical - lots of good information

Testimonial from Lisa Hobden
27/11/2010Thank you for an entertaining weekend. First Aid can be very dull and dry, but your anecdotes and humour will help to make the details stick!

Testimonial from Kathy Stott
27/11/2010Please see this section of my evaluation for outdoor first aid, same date, same venue.

Testimonial from Kathy Stott
25/11/2010The course gave a very practical sensible approach to first aid without over complicating and confusing

Testimonial from Carolyn Rigby
22/11/2010BEST course EVER!! have renewed my first aid a number of times but this time came away feeling confident and able to remember the stuff I was meant to! Job accomplished with a smile and alot of laughs! Thanks Guys!

Testimonial from Claire Mooney
15/11/2010The course was delivered in a freindly, stress-free manner and at the end of the course I felt that instead of feeling confused about trying to diagnose specific problems, I was able to treat the patient to the best of my ability until specialist help could take over. I also thought it was both interesting and useful to see and 'play about with' a defibrilator and an epipen.

Testimonial from Karin Jackson
15/11/2010Thank you very much - practical applications of first aid appreciated!

Testimonial from Jane Murray
14/11/2010Really got some very clear, easy to understand and realistic information about what to expect. First rate!

Testimonial from Charlotte Rolleston
14/11/2010Brilliant course thank you!

Testimonial from Fiona Lilley
14/11/2010An excellent course. I'd never done an outdoor specific first aid course before. It was relaxed and informative. The sessions outside were particularly useful.

Testimonial from Fiona Roberts
14/11/2010A well constructed course which was very informative. The practicals were enjoyable as the scenarios helped me to understand the theory. It was a good crowd and everyone joined in and had fun whilst becoming more knowledgeable about first aid. Thank you to Pete, Dave & Katy

Testimonial from Pat Smith
11/11/2010An excellent course that keeps everything simple and uses up to date visual and practical aids at every opportunity. Pete's enthusiasm for the outdoors was clear throughout and linked in nicely with the course content, as well as the excellent brew facilities and pub lunch too!

Testimonial from Matt Crozier
11/11/2010The course was excellent and full of down to earth common sense and not the usual scare stories about claims consultants and lawyers.

Testimonial from Stephen Jenkins
10/11/2010A great practical course which kept things simple, to the point and packed full of relevant information.

Testimonial from Stuart Miller
10/11/2010Thanks for running the Outdoor First Aid course for us at the Grange hut this weekend - I certainly took much more in than other past first aid courses and would feel a lot more confident in applying the knowledge should I need to for real. I'd have no hesitation reccomending you to others.

Testimonial from Samuel Burns
09/11/2010The course was well-delivered by Pete Cunningham who had a relaxed manner but clearly communicated the priorities in providing effective first aid in a range of scenarios. Also good use of visual aids (film clips,pictures,dummies etc) which aid memory. The course book is clearly set out, and the weekend course has given me the enthusiasm to read it! A worthwhile use of time for someone who spends a lot of weekends and holidays wild places.

Testimonial from Bryn Roberts
08/11/2010The most effective first aid training I have received, absolutely first class.

Testimonial from Nicholas Hinchliffe
08/11/2010Great Course
Really good to have instruction from real life experience from 2 angles, Pete with is vast experience in the outdoor industry + first aid training and David with a real knowledge from many years as a Paramedic and also Paramedic Trainer.
The perfect combination.
Tie that in with a really practical look at first aid and you have a great course that kept me interested.
Thanks Lads

Testimonial from Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure
07/11/2010It was very good having a paramedic run the course who gave very practical answers to questions.

Testimonial from Timothy Brock
07/11/2010I found the the 'videos' of what to expect at the scene of an accident the most important part of this course! No confusion.
07/11/2010The videos were an excellent training resource.

Testimonial from Steve Delaney
03/11/2010Reached and exceeded expectations. Very good explanations combined with good demonstrations and practical sessions. Good communication a very well balanced course. Very useful for Outdoor activities in particular fell walking and caving - 2 huge activities in Sedbergh's curriculum. Peter was extremely pleasent and made the course very enjoyable. Many Thanks.

Testimonial from Ben Wood
23/10/2010Great Course, put in a way that doesn't over complicate things. Thanks Pete

Testimonial from William White
22/10/2010Thanks Pete, I found your course well structured with lots of easily digestible, practical advice. I liked the way you avoided lots of the usual, unnecessary, technical information and focused on the critical issues in a practical way. I'll certainly recommend your course to others.

Testimonial from Stephen Banks
16/10/2010A worthwhile and meaningful course, which regularly proves relevant.

Testimonial from Bill Bain
27/09/2010I enjoyed the two days, the practical work is good and all the stories, the food from the pub is also very good and it wasnt expected. thank you

Testimonial from Sarah Atkins
23/09/2010Found the course to be relevant, practical, fun and useful. Pete's delivery was professional, he included good examples and made it a great 2 days. Thanks.

Testimonial from Simon Turner
18/07/2010The course was great at focussing on what is essential in first aid. I feel much better equipped to respond to emergencies than after my last first aid course.
Thank you

Testimonial from John Holden
15/07/2010The course covered good breadth and depth - a hard balance but done well. Pete was very good he 'de-cluttered' the 'cupboard' of previous FA courses. In fact maybe finding out what people know before they come may increase that effect? anyway great course many thanks, the venue in particluar was very good.

Testimonial from Jonathan Lynch
25/06/2010Very relaxed, common-sense approach. Excellent tuition. Appropriate to the environment I work in.
Learned a few new things even after holding first aid qualifications for over 20 years.
Thank you.

Testimonial from Terry Gregg
24/06/2010Thanks Pete. Great course. Good information, lots of scenarios, learnt loads. Enjoyed the practical sessions, particularly, as the message gets home better for me via that method! Venue was good too, and the lunches brilliant. Tell your wife she has good taste regarding buying the best biccies!

Testimonial from Jackie Jackson
24/06/2010Another thoroughly enjoyable course, very relevant to my area of work - the outdoors. The information was transfered in bite sized pieces which made it very easy to remember. The hands on nature of the course meant that my attention was held at all times, Pete's humour obviously helped as well! thanks will be back.

Testimonial from Sandie Marie goodyer
24/06/2010Pete is an enthusiastic tutor who provided a varied and interactive learning experience. I have done about 12 first aid courses in the last 30 years. This was definitely in the top 2 of those. I found it easy to learn from Pete and valued his experience and the way in which he was always able to answer my questions. I felt challenged, though in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Testimonial from John Wright, Director, Symbiosis Learning and Development Ltd
15/06/2010Was a very useful day, my present qualification runs out in Novemeber. This course provided me with an update of the exact information I needed to recap on which is brilliant. The trainers were very happy to help and very informative. Thank you!

Testimonial from Jo Park
01/06/2010Great course full of useful information and advice.

Testimonial from Andrew Rattigan
27/05/2010I had not done first aid before this course and after compleating it I feel confident I could deal with a real life first aid situation. The course trainers were very knowledgeable. The venue was good with plenty of outdoor space to practice first aid scenerios.

Testimonial from Kathleen Bellas
27/05/2010Excellent 2 days! Best First Aid Training I've had so far. Pete and Graham had great answers and solutions to all questions asked. Cheers guys!

Testimonial from Nicola Winter
20/05/2010Very enjoyable and informative

Testimonial from Katie Gentle
18/05/2010Thanks for a great course
I liked that it was very practical, with lots of great tips and advice that came from experience.

Testimonial from Kate Rogan
05/05/2010Yet again an excellent course run by an excellent instructor

Testimonial from James J Nolan
30/04/2010Well organised and well run course that took you beyond the normal senarios you get on a standard first aid course, this course was much more realastic of the situations you might come across in the real world, Well done Peter.

Testimonial from James Gilpin Bland
29/04/2010Loved the commonsnse approach. Very "hands" on coaching.

Testimonial from Terry Hailwood, Head of Centre, Low Mill Outdoor Centre
20/04/2010Everything an Outdoor First Aid course should be. Useful and relevant information with plenty of practical scenarios to apply the techinques and procedures of 1st aid. Perfectly delivered by Pete (the trainer) ensuring we got the most out of our training, with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

Testimonial from Joe Eddleston, Owner, Country Adventures
19/04/2010You were able tto give good, realistic advice and you went into a lot of detail, looking at many different hypothetical situations. You also made it relevant to what we do as a hillwalking society. It was enjoyable and worthwhile.

Testimonial from Mike Tyler
12/04/2010A thoroughly enjoyable course that I learnt a lot more than I expected from. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

Testimonial from Chris Cook
29/03/2010Really enjoyed the course and it had the added benefit of getting to know everyone better

Testimonial from Andew Martin
29/03/2010A number of us took part in an excellent Outdoor First Aid course at our climbing hut over the weekend. We learned about the theory and principles of First Aid which can be applied in everyday situations such as in the workplace, pub and at the local Co-op as well as in emergencies on the hill and at the crag, and we had the opportunity to participate in hands-on responses to various scenarios. If you haven't done a similar course and have the opportunity to do so, I recommend it highly.

Testimonial from Paul Russell
29/03/2010Before taking the course I was apprehensive about whether I would feel able to put what I was about to learn into practice into a real-life situation. I was impressed by the way Pete took the fear out first aid - fear of getting it wrong, fear of going 'blank' and fear of having the confidence to act in an emergency situation. The hands-on responses to various scenarios that we practised were extremely useful.

Testimonial from Ingrid Ferguson
18/03/2010A brilliant 2 days. I learned loads and there was a good balance of info, practical demonstrations, dvd presentations and hands on scenarios to keep me interested and concentrated the whole time. I would definitely recommend Pete to anyone i know needing this certificate - he's brill!

Testimonial from Jacqui Wallace
18/03/2010A well constructed course that built up from 1 session to the next. Flow of information was kept tight whilst allowing particpants views. Enjoyable and instructive.

Testimonial from Philip Kendrick
17/03/2010Course was led superbly, with all questions very well answered. A bit more practice always helps info sink in better. I would highly recommend it!

Thank you so much, Peter

Rebecca Mitchell

Testimonial from Rebecca L Mitchell
12/03/2010I really enjoyed the Outdoor First Aid course,at Staveley, it was really practical and hands on giving me the confidence to deal with any incidents that could occur, when working with groups of young people, in the outdoors.
The scenarios were particularly useful as these were similar to the incidnts you could have to deal with for real.
I feel confident I could now deal with most emergencies, using the skills and techniques so excellently delivered by Pete Cunningham. His delivery and teaching style was superb and just right for people who work in the outdoors.
Thank you very much for making the course so interesting.

Testimonial from Neil Morris
03/03/2010The way in which the course was taught was far better than some others due to the greater level of practical activities which help you to feel more confident in what you are doing

Testimonial from Hannah Hunt
28/02/2010Really great weekend! A lot of fun and very comprehensive. Learnt loads and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the weather! Thanks!

Testimonial from Richard Jones
28/02/2010A very thorough and enjoyable course - thanks!!!

Testimonial from Stu Wallace
28/02/2010Very useful and interesting course.

Testimonial from Rowena Paren
28/02/2010course delivered to a very high standard. facilities and food were excellent, will definately book again in 3 years!

Testimonial from Mike Scott
28/02/2010 I felt that there could have been more practicals in between the talks on the first day. However, overall this is still the best first aid course I have been on as the outdoor setting provides a certain reality to the situation that first aid courses focused entirely inside lack.

Testimonial from Emma Rowley
25/02/2010Much nicer experience than I was expecting. I enjoyed it. The learning atmosphere was excellent and while I was much less experienced than many of the participants I was never made to feel inadequate or less useful. Thanks, Pete.

Testimonial from Frances Bell
24/02/2010I found it difficult to find a good outdoor first aid course but Active Aid have succeeded. Pete is an excellent training instructor made a serious subject both interesting and entertaining - a good way for trainees to absorb and retain information. The balance between audio/visual and practical sessions was spot on. "Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do it and I will understand"; In that respect, given the absence of real casualties (thankfully), the course was a complete success. Thank-you.

Testimonial from Robert Collyer
19/02/2010A well-hosted and delivered course, at a great venue. Facilities indoors and out perfect, food spot-on. The material was relevant and a good sense of what is realistically practical in a first aid situation was given.

Testimonial from Stuart Halford
14/02/2010Loads of practical sessions were good for the learning process and added interest to the course.
Very informative, this has been the best 1st Aid course i have attended.
Thanks Pete

Testimonial from Mark Eddy
11/02/2010an excellent and enjoyable 2 days. lots of information delivered in a firm but friendly way. Would definitely recommend it- good pub lunch was a definite pluspoint.

Testimonial from Mary Winterflood
11/02/2010Great course, well presented, relevant and memorable. Absolutely 1st rate and worth the slightly confusing booking process, which with all due credit Peter helped make sure I got a place when I messed up.

Testimonial from Jonathan Ritson
11/02/2010Well run course delivered very clearly with some great humour which made you feel more relaxed and even some snip-its of trivia thrown in as well!Great job Peter and Ian 5 stars no complaints will highly recommend,Oh and the best biscuits in the lakes!

Testimonial from Stephen Figg, Outdoor Activities Officer, Blackpool Council
29/01/2010It was great to have a paramedics experience to give insight into what really happens and typical symptoms etc

Testimonial from Anja Phoenix
23/01/2010An excellent day with some very useful information and 'hands-on' practice. I certainly feel better prepared to attempt first aid should I need it than I have ever felt before! Thank you to Pete, Dave and Ian for their informative, practical and clear presentation.

Testimonial from Joanna Bevan-Smith
20/01/2010The course was very useful, full of common sense and practical sessions and ideas. There was plenty of time for additional concerns to be shared, aired and resovled.I felt that we learnt & consolidated more due to continual assessment rather than trying to memorize satisitcs & facts for a test at the end. Thank you

Testimonial from Pam Brook
07/12/2009Excellent course.
Trainer was very informative and delivered in a professional and easy manner!
Questions were answered continuously, thoroughly and further advice given where needed.
Constant review of personal performance was excellent and made the learning process alot easier.
It was also excellent to have a trainer who was experienced in the outdoor environment and could deliver the course to that specific environment.

Testimonial from Edward Pugh
07/12/2009I thought the course was excellent. Pete was a fantastic teacher; everything was thoroughly explained including demonstrations. The course structure was well organised with every lesson being reinforced and built upon as we moved through the course content. Pete was well experienced, able to answer all my annoying questions whilst ensuring we didn't go too far off track and was able to give his own experiences to support the treatment. The venue was excellent, good classroom and great food. A very well organised and enjoyable course.

Testimonial from Nicky Whitley
23/11/2009Fantastic corse and valuable learning curve for myself, will go on to do more. The teaching method was well designed allowing students to participate in a way that was fun, certainly not boring! Thank you Pete & Pete I now feel more confident to assist if ever the need arises.

Testimonial from Dawn Cooney
13/11/2009thanks for all the coffee and the nice lunches.
Good course. Maybe a little more on cold injury and group managment/multiple casualties etc

Testimonial from Bob Eastwood, Ski coach instructor
10/11/2009Pete delivered another great experience. This is my third with Adventure Learning and it never feels like its just going over old ground. I recommend Pete to anyone wanting quality first aid training at affordable prices.

Testimonial from Greg Bartlett
22/10/2009This was a very well presented course and the course materials were exceptional. Many thanks, Julian Duttson

Testimonial from Julian Duttson, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, Brathay
13/10/2009An enjoyable and informative course run by a very good, approchable and knowledgable trainer. Having attended numerous similar courses in the last 20 years this was by far the best I experiance I have had. I really enjoyed the two days and have learnt a great deal of theory and skills that I feel confident I could put into practice if the need ever arose. I will recommend to others without hesitation and would definatly attend more of your courses.

Testimonial from Michael Coates
09/10/2009very enjoyable course. the 2 days passed quickly and I learned a lot.

Testimonial from Peter Ross
09/10/2009A very well run course with a good presentations which were well practiced and delivered in a extremely pleasant manner.There was an abundance of equipment for the practicals especially the practice dummies which meant for lots of hands on. With mid morning and mid afternoon coffee breaks and an inclusive bar meal this course was a real pleasure. Thankyou Peter.

Testimonial from Stephen Smith
08/10/2009this is the 3rd course i have done with pete and its still enjoyable. great way to learn first aid and retain the information.

Testimonial from Georgina Weston
24/09/2009Great course, easy parking, brilliant food, good fellow students, will come again.

Testimonial from Bob Henson
10/09/2009The course was brilliant! It was really well organised and had lots of practical exercises involved in it, which I particularly enjoyed. I would definitely recommend it and would like to do another one with Active Aid in the future.

Testimonial from Helen Jeffs
03/09/2009I had high expectations of the course and of the instructor, and I was not disappointed. Pete delivered a superb course, and kept me engaged even when I felt I was tiring. We had good fun outdoors and that's always the best way to learn. It feels good to have updated my skills. I will definitely go with Adventure Learning again, and recommend it highly.

Testimonial from Joanne Wulf
28/08/2009This is a well-planned, practical course, led by an instructor with huge experience. Nearly every aspect is 'hands on', often outdoors and in the rain. Every committed walker and mountaineer should do it.

Testimonial from Mark Lambert, retired general sugeon and climbing instructor.
26/08/2009I found the course extremely useful for me and have learnt so many new things that I can apply to my career. Learning the emergency procedure theory and having it all coming together during the practical outdoor sessions was brilliant - the instructor was very informative and fluid with everything throughout. 10/10!

Testimonial from Stephen Sidlo
26/08/2009I was prompted to seek first aid training after having had to call Mountain Rescue while out with friends. Fell-walking is not a risk-free pastime and some basic first aid knowledge is well worth having. This course was perfect for my needs: there was continuous reinforcement of the basics, building up to team problem-solving in an outdoor setting. I feel better prepared to deal with a future emergency.

Testimonial from Andrew Horner
25/08/2009An excellently organised course with an enthusiastic and helpful trainer. I particularly enjoyed the amount of practical work and reinforcement aspect to the sessions. Left feeling confident that I could help deal with any incident. Will certainly be back to renew.

Testimonial from Wayne Enstone
11/08/2009Excellent course, well tailored to the needs of the participants.

Testimonial from Michael Anthony McKenzie, Owner/Manager, iGuide Adventure
10/08/2009Active Aid provided one of the best first aid courses I've had the pleasure of attending over a coaching career of 25 years. I found the balance of presentation and practical to be just right, and the delivery excellent. Active Aid also successfully avoided the usual "siester effect" in the afternoons - high praise indeed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Active Aid to friends and colleagues, and will Actively do this in the future!

Testimonial from David Larkin, David Larkin - 40yrs of Outdoor Education and fun
07/08/2009Would have liked a little more info before the course: in particular wanted to double-check with someone that it was a suitable course for me working towards ML (which it was)but was unable to speak to anyone who knew.
That said, had a great time and couldn't fault trainer, content, venue or value for money so many thanks!

Testimonial from Alison McKay
06/08/2009A very enjoyable and practical course which I will be recommending to my colleagues.

Testimonial from David William Kerrison
05/08/2009Pete - great training course 100% interactive and I learnt masses and felt very supported by you and the other participants.Would recommend Adventure Learning to others.
Only negative was that the anecdotes got a bit much after a while, so may be worth asking students who have obviously done 1st aid before to share some of their experiences in the group.
That apart it was great. See you in 3 years!
Sal Cawley

Testimonial from Sally Cawley
27/07/2009Best first aid course that I have been on, none of the course was boring. First aid courses are usually boring! Great how it was related to the outdoors. Great venue too, pub lunch and beer!

Testimonial from Tom Shaw
15/07/2009Well-organised with lots of practical activities to practise first aid.

Testimonial from David Arkell
09/07/2009I really enjoyed the course. Well structured and clear delivery. Hands-on approach helped develop skills and raise confidence quickly.

Testimonial from Rhys Griffiths
08/07/2009Great course, very practical and relevant, great instruction and the food wasn't bad either!

Testimonial from Anne-Marie Nuttall
06/07/2009This course was very interesting and fun, I would definitely come back to Pete for more first aid courses.

Testimonial from Ella Lindsay
29/06/2009Very good course
Knowledgable and friendly instuctor
Great loction... Ideal for lunch, coffee etc.

Testimonial from Scott Thwaites
16/06/2009This was the second time I have done a course with Pete and I will be back in 3 years time! The mixture of theory and realistic practical, un-pressured environment and working with like minded people made it great learning environment.

Testimonial from Richard Ian Wilson
12/06/2009The best first-aid course that I have been on and exceptional biscuits too.

Testimonial from Simon Yates
12/06/2009An enjoyable and worthwhile 2 day programme that I found very useful to update & improve my previous knowledge & 1st Aid qualifications. I thought Pete created a very good 'learning' environment throughout the programme.
Many thanks

Testimonial from Paul Bate, Brathay Associate Consultant/Trainer/Tech, Brathay Trust
15/05/2009A very practical course with plenty of opportunities to share ideas and to practice.

Testimonial from Peter Maxwell
01/05/2009If I am ever unlucky enough to find myself a casualty "on the hill" I hope I am discovered by a graduate of this course.

Testimonial from Ian Currer
30/04/2009I thought the course was very well run and enjoyable to attend. The course was well adapted to cover the outdoor scenarios many of us (all students worked in the outdoors) would face. The outside practical element was especially useful, and if anything, more of this would be beneficial as these are the conditions we would be working in, rather than a nice flat floor in a pub.

Testimonial from Simon Oakley
25/04/2009Best first aid course I've attended. Thank you

Testimonial from Alison Bembridge
25/04/2009Excellent course. Great balance between practical and theory. Really good venue with good lunch on both days. probably the best first aid course I've ever done. Thanks Pete for a really good couple of days.

Testimonial from David Hendrickse
06/04/2009Thoroughly enjoyed the hands on approach. One of the best 1st Aid courses I have attended in a long time. Pete's delivery of starting at the beginning each time meant that the information was being continuously reinforced.

Testimonial from Jane Newton
09/03/2009Among the many F.A. courses I have attended this was one of the best. Informative, well presented, enjoyable.

Testimonial from Rod Fitzpatrick
03/03/2009An absolutley cracking course! Really good fun, massivley helpful and still realistic.

Testimonial from Callum Stone
03/03/2009A well delivered course full of relevant facts and lots of opportunities to practise what you had learnt and to get it right!!

Testimonial from Sarah Lawrence
28/02/2009great, and good to come back for a 2nd time, which shows that I think what you are doing is good, I've done BASP, and REC, among others, but this suits, and is good.
and the venue works very well, giving good accom as well, which works very well

see you again when the renewal comes up

Testimonial from Chris Floyd
25/02/2009The coarse was well tailored to towards outdoor and sports professionals (which the trainees all were). The trainer's background knowledge and experience made him able to answer all our questions thoroughly. The delivery was exemplary. I feel I have substantially increased confidence for delivering first aid.

Testimonial from Adam Milward
25/02/2009Thanks for another great course

Testimonial from Stuart Wagstaff
29/01/2009The course was run in a very practical, hands on way. I certainly think this will enable me to retain and build on the excellent content and delivery ...... and it was good fun !

Testimonial from Glenn Bridge
26/01/2009A great couple of days really nailing some basic skills. Very useful and practical scenarios were carried out over the 2 days which really helped in learning the sequence of dealing with a variety of situations. The trainer had an effective style which created a good environment to learn

Testimonial from Janet Wilkinson
20/01/2009 A good experience all round. I have been doing this Level of First aid course every 3 Years since 1998. This was one of the best, I came away fealing that i had learned a lot more than I expected to. Thanks Very Much.

Testimonial from David Keene
16/01/2009Very good course, thanks Pete. Just the right mix of theory and practical work.

Testimonial from Michael Palk
15/01/2009Great course, great tutor, great venue.

Testimonial from Martin Lucas
14/01/2009This was a really enjoyable and useful course. Many thanks.

Testimonial from Janine Cowan
13/01/2009Thanks for a very helpful two day course, I will certainly feel more confident and I hope will be more competent, dealing with first aid incidents outside.

Testimonial from Fleur Spore
13/01/2009 I do feel more ready to approach different situations able to look at the circumstances and have a clearer sense of the aspects I need to consider and how to make the situation most secure etc, given the circumstances. I would have liked to have had even more time spent on different scenarios, possibly starting by the end of the first day, and perhaps extending the use of items we would be carrying in a rucksack. The scoring system was excellent as it kept driving home the fact that the essential needs have to be remembered every single time.

I found Pete Cunningham an excellent trainer, able to make us feel we were working together and concerned about the same matters and yet also clearly a thoughtful authority on first aid needs and situations. The way that he encouraged some discussion without letting this take over or deflect us from the central needs was excellent.

The setting added to the good experience - far better than a bare hall. The sense that the people at Little Gidding were interested in us having a successful time added to the positive sense.

Testimonial from Helen Garrett
12/01/2009I found the course very informative and active. The instructor's presentation was very lively and he showed good knowledge and experience of first aid.

Testimonial from Joseph White
12/01/2009The course was excellent, 10/10. The trainer was really good, I liked the way that he could use his own experience as a mountain rescuer. I liked that there was lots of 'hands on' for us, as it meant that the information went in better, and it made it more interesting. I enjoyed getting outside to put what we had learnt into a practical situation, and the scenarios made you think!

Testimonial from Hayley Weightman
11/01/2009very enjoyable course. even if the weather wasnt!

Testimonial from Bruce Johnson
09/01/2009a brilliant course, opened my eyes up to what you can do with your knowledge and has encouraged me to take further courses to learn more in depth knowledge and think of incorperating a career in helping otheres

Testimonial from James Iain MacKEDDIE
21/12/2008The course was really good and I learnt lots of useful things to take into the workplace as well as my social activities.

Testimonial from Tom Foster
17/12/2008I Recommend the course to everyone it is all usefull to know.

Testimonial from Matthew L Dobson
16/12/2008Excellent course Pete. Enjoy isn't the word I'd use as I find it quite stressful - with so much information in such a short time. Personally I'd prefer a drip-drip approach.

Also booklet is excellent and I will refer it again and again to try to get keep these procedures in my mind.

Testimonial from Richard Joynson
08/12/2008The course was excellent and strangely enjoyable! Just on the look out for casualties now! Thank you very much Peter.

Testimonial from Alan Lloyd, Vice Principal, The Blackpool Sixth Form College
08/12/2008An excellent practical course with continuous 'hands on' training. Good for learning new information and skills and as an update on current issues. High quality instruction, many thanks Pete.

Nick Gaskell, Nordic Challenge UK Ltd

Testimonial from Nick Gaskell, Director, Ski Nordic -'XC Ski Coaching Courses in Norway'
07/12/2008Once again Pete provided an excellent course which covered realistic first aid using a experiential scenario based approach. I feel Pete has helped me build on and consolidated my personal first aid knowledge. See you again in three years.

Testimonial from Stuart Britt
07/12/2008An interesting and informative course, with practical and relevant advice on caring for people in the outdoor environment. Thanks again!

Testimonial from David Chapman
05/12/2008I thought Pete was excellent. Clear, concise and pragmatic. I learnt lots of useful information as it was kept in an easy to understand format. I liked the way he kept using lots of different mediums for training (video, booklet, powerpoint, diaglogue, demonstrations) as it kept it interesting. Brilliant.

Testimonial from Lucy Bound
04/12/2008I found the course enjoyable, and particularly liked the emphasis on the key "Must-do's" ABC. I think i will definitely be able to retain the appropriate information under pressure if ever faced with a serious incident. This gives me confidence - prevous courses i have found a bit overloaded and left overwhelmed. This course was perfect - thank you very much Pete. Kathy

Testimonial from Kathy Iffla
04/12/2008I thought the course was made very relevent to everyone who attended, which was quite a wide range of people, which was excellent.

The course was not just dictated each step of the way, the trainer really made you think and consider different approaches to situations which really help me to learn. Thanks!

Testimonial from Aidan Robson
04/12/2008A very enjoyable and well ran course. Will use Pete and his company again in the future. Cheers Tony & Isobel

Testimonial from Antony Karl Pull
03/12/2008Great course! Really informative and enjoyable. Pete was a fantastic teacher.

Testimonial from Rebecca Harris
05/11/2008Superb course, highly recommended

Testimonial from Tom Booth
16/10/2008Pete is a great trainer. He made the 2 days fun,and his emphasis on practical experience also means you really learn a lot. i was on a course with him 3 years ago, and i hope i will renew my ticket with him. Thanks Pete.

Testimonial from Aileen Wright
12/10/2008Thank you very much Pete. I really enjoyed the course. I think particular strengths are having so much opportunity to practice and repeat procedures and so feel confident with what we need to do. Assessing each other is great because it required us to constantly reflect on what we were doing and so reinforced the learning. Your style of delivery, and confidence in our ability to succeed is very affirming. Thanks.

Testimonial from Kath Lupton
06/10/2008excellent weekend despite the rain! A really nice group of people, very relevant information, and extremely well informed instructor who could answer any questions!

Testimonial from Emma Moonlight
12/09/2008Excellent course - content and delivery.
Time well spent and a very enjoyable experience.

Testimonial from Lance Greenhalgh
29/08/2008An excellent course, very practical and sensitively delivered.

Testimonial from Claire Hendrickse
28/07/2008The course was carried out very well, with a relaxed approach, however it was still packed full of information and I think everyone felt like they learnt something new.

Testimonial from Catherine Turner
25/07/2008The course repeats lots the "arrive at the scene what to do" bit witch is very useful when faced with a real situation. I have realised that i would do things differently if I ever was faced with the real situation i had to deal with again.

Testimonial from Stuart Carter, Director Mountain instructor, Climb365
25/07/2008Another great course the second day is great. Better space and fewer numbers is good. We enjoyed there being a good mix of girls and boys.

Testimonial from Stuart Carter, Director Mountain instructor, Climb365
21/07/2008Pete used his extensive practical experience to make the sessions interesting and informative. He coped admirably with the wide range of experience in the group and still moved us all on.
Thanks for the training.

Testimonial from Cheryl Wiseman
18/07/2008Quality, informative, educational and enjoyable two days. My wife has also been a very good practice casualty though complains that i don't need to shout "open your eyes please" as loud as i've been doing.

Testimonial from Keith Dalton
15/07/2008Excellent course, I learnt a great deal

Testimonial from Antony 'Vic' Seed
13/07/2008Excellent well presented and thought provoking.

Testimonial from Martin Stitch
01/07/2008Excellent course presented in a lively, engaging friendly manner. Will recommend you - in fact you are coming for a session in the school

Testimonial from Simon Mumford, teacher, clitheroe royal grammar school
26/06/2008thanks....really enjoyed. Feel much more confident.

Testimonial from Katherine Paton
24/06/2008Very helpful and practical, the course was run with a great deal of enthusiasm, care and practical knowledge. Thank you.

Testimonial from Bryan Rothwell
24/06/2008An excellant course which was extremely well presented. Will be recommending the course to friends and work colleagues. Many thanks.

Testimonial from Guy Whitton
24/06/2008Fantastic two days...really enjoyed every minute. Although I have been doing First Aid for years, there is always something new to learn...or a new way to learn it. Thanks again.

Testimonial from Paul Wheelhouse
01/05/2008I had a wonderful time and I'm really glad that I learnt the skills. I would recomemd anyone who is planning to do sport in the outdoors take the course

Testimonial from Suzy Howat
28/04/2008Really enjoyed the course, I was expecting to learn lots of stuff about how to deal with broken ankles/legs head injuries that I might get climbing. But putting all the heart attack/stroke/diabetes stuff in context makes me see that this is probably more useful.

Learning how to prioritise breathing/neck injuries was particularly interesting.

Cheers for a good weekend.


Testimonial from Andrew Blackett
27/04/2008An Excelent all round practical first aid course that gives a realistic method and look on first aid in the outdoor enviroment!

Testimonial from Douglas McTurk
23/03/2008I really enjoyed the course, it was the second I had been on at this venue. I find the pace and structure of the course excellent. I feel the course really concentrates on the basics but more advanced information is available if you need it.

Testimonial from Joseph Maguire
20/03/2008A great hands on course. I think the session where you got us to train each other whilst managing a casualty really helped. It forced us to think about what we were doing and by vocalising it to someone else also meant that we had to put the sequence of treatment in a logical sequence. A very useful training aid. Hope to see you in the future - Kind regards Chris
comment left by Chris Petrie.

Testimonial from Chris Petrie
20/03/2008The course was well delivered and showed a good common sense approach.

Testimonial from John Nicholls
17/03/2008It was very enjoyable, usually I feel very nervous about these courses but the instructors put us at our ease and were willing to go over anything you didn't understand. I especially liked the mini talks we did on the various illnesses and conditions.

Testimonial from Catherine Brooks, Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School
12/03/2008A great course, very enjoyable. I will certainly be recommending it to others. Sarah

Testimonial from Sarah Leggett
12/03/2008The best First Aid course I've done for years

Testimonial from Les Anderson
03/03/2008First aid courses can often be very dry affairs. Pete made the two days very enjoyable and informative. His enthusiasm and encouragement made for a very enjoyable weekend and I will highly recommend this course to my Duke of Edinburgh colleagues. Thank you

Testimonial from Doug White
25/01/2008A very enjoyable course with a tutor who was fun, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable.
Lunch and refreshments good too.

Testimonial from Alison Chapman
22/01/2008My 3 yearly update, and as usual it was a great course and delivered in a memorable way. Pete's vast experience and his teaching style made everyone feel relaxed, and eager to learn.

Testimonial from Matt Beresford
21/01/2008Absolutely fantastic course - really enjoyed it. It was pitched at the appropriate level with enough practical sessions and a healthy dose of laughter!


Testimonial from Geoff Houghton
07/12/2007I really enjoyed the one day course and would enjoy the second day to it

Testimonial from Suzanne Chapman
07/12/2007It was a very good course, would happily advise anyone to take the course. Very helpful and useful people to have training you.

Testimonial from Gemma Louise Grewar
07/12/2007Probably one of the most interesting, informative and enjoyable first aid courses that I have attended. Thanks.

Testimonial from Arran Holsworth
07/12/2007Enjoyed the training a well balanced delivery with plenty of hands on practice, all questions answered,a brill venue with good grub.

Testimonial from Leonard Farnsworth, Owner, Bowland Adventure
05/12/2007I have no hesitation in recommending your course. many Thanks
Terry Hubble

Testimonial from Terry Hubble
29/07/2008Well-run couple of days, which did what it said on the tin. Pete demonstrated great diplomatic skills in managing a diverse group. I'll do the same course next time my qualification comes up for revalidation. Thanks - Andy

Testimonial from Andy Gill, Head of Consulting, Brathay
22/01/2008A first-rate course. Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging instruction. The trainer left us with a methodical and professional approach to treating an incident. A proper pub lunch made it a sociable way to learn. Thoroughly recommended.

Testimonial from Simon Stevens
07/01/2008Informative and focused on the essentials.

Testimonial from PETER FRY
07/12/2007An excellent course covering the essential topics that through practical activities reinforces the key actions to cope with an emergency.

Roger Payne- President of the British mountain guides

Testimonial from Roger Payne
07/12/2007We all enjoyed the course. Itwas well run and presented in a way that suited a whole range of learning styles. We were all kept active and the practical sessions were relevant. I would reccomend this course to anyone. Petes delivery was interesting and his experience in the outdoors gave real credibility to the theory presented.
Nual Dunn Joint Head of Centre OAKLANDS OUTDOOR Education Centre

Testimonial from Nuala Dunn
07/12/2007A useful hands on ( all over!)course, a positive but calm atmosphere was created.Well organised, good equipment, Pete did a great job. Essential course to keep up to date, would be good to offer one day refreshers too.

Testimonial from Philippa McMurdo
06/12/2007Particularly impressed with Pete's personal experience of real first aid that backed up an incredibly thorough medical knowledge, and excellent delivery. He managed a group superbly that had a mixture of 'never done a 1st aid course' to some of the most experienced British Mountain Guides in the country. Pete is far more than someone who has been on a first aid trainers course! Highly recommended. Loz Colyer Deputy Head of Centre, Tower Wood LEA.

Testimonial from Laurence Colyer, Deputy Head of Centre, Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre
Link to student's website
12/03/2008An excellent course - well delivered

Testimonial from Les Anderson
07/03/2008I often come away from courses no better than I had when I went in. I came away from this first aid course with the confidence and understanding to respond for real should the situation occur. Many thanks to Pete and Steve for an excellent educational, inspirational and fun course.
Pete Munford.

Testimonial from Peter Munford
01/01/2008Great Venue, Great Trainer, Great Soup, Great Atmosphere.
Appropriate Teaching Techniques, useful similes.
Thanks Pete!

Testimonial from Dan Robinson, Director, Real Adventure
07/12/2007Well considered, practical and enjoyable First Aid course aimed specifically at those taking part in outdoor activities. Not just a certificate, something that might genuinely help you if faced with an emergency situation on the hills.

Testimonial from David Stewart, KSMRT
06/02/2008Over the last 20 years I have attended many 1st Aid Courses and I have to say this was the best of the lot. Thanks!!

Testimonial from Matthew France
13/12/2007Always a pleasurable experience learning first aid with Pete. relevant, Practical and dare I say 'Enjoyable'. sessions pitched at appropriate level to the studentsbackground and experiances. I found that Pete's method suits my way of practical learning. Venue: always good food.

Testimonial from Joe Beaumont

Just a quick word to say how much I enjoyed the first aid course. I guess I am like many clients who take part for NGB validation - I booked because it is a requirement of my BASI licence to say up to date. Having said that I would recommend your course to all, particularly outdoor enthusiasts and will be passing on your details to those at the NPA who deal with health and safety. You created a very positive and supportive atmosphere and the coaching progression and variety of styles and activity were great. I was intrigued by your idea of first aid training as a group development activity and I could well be in touch to talk about that in the future.

All the very best.

Dave McGowan
Lake District NationalPark Authority

Testimonial from David McGowan